Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The September Issue

To the movies we go......
Tonight a coworker and I went to Chelsea Clearview Theaters to see

"the September Issue"

, the documentary behind the making of Vogue's Sept. '08 issue and Anna Wintour.

While it was good, and I'd recommend it to any fashion girl and/or someone interested in fashion journalism, it may be OK just to wait until it's on DVD.
But if you've got $12.50 to spare (yeah, whatever happened to movies being $6.00, like when I was a kid?)and 90min. available to dedicate to this movie--then go see it now.

If all else fails, just shove fistful after fistful of popcorn in your face--Yum!
Wait, I do that anyway!



I'm dying to see The September Issue!!

...I hope I enjoy it!

Thanks for follwoing my blog too, VERY much appreciated! :)

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg omg i wanna see too!
thank you for your comment.

besos (kisses)

Divinity Avenue said...

It's not showing in my town, so I'll have to wait for DVD!