Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning of the End


Tomorrow is the beginning of the end.

It will be Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end to summer. How will you spend your holiday weekend?
In addition to my weekend agenda, I will be welcoming the end of summer with open arms.  I mean seriously, I need to wear sleeves already-I have absolutely no tan....time to cover up in sweaters, scarves, and my favorite fall staple: 


*necklace,soho,Uniqlo,Forever 21,Turtleneck sweater,cowboy booties,skinny jeans
Today was still that same great weather we've had all week, so I took it as an opportunity to wear my first turtleneck of the season.
*Gray sleeveless turtleneck sweater-Forever 21
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown booties-Steve Madden
*Brown leather rope necklace-Street jewelery designer (Soho)

I have so much on my plate for this weekend, which sadly does not include the Weardrobe weekend retreat thingy.  No time for that when you've got a friendly acquaintance in town, an all-day birthday party to attend on Saturday, a college BFF's wedding on Sunday (see bachlorette post from last week's "Weekend Rewind"), and possible trip to Governor's Island on Monday.  Phew--busy girl I plan to be.  But just more of an excuse to wear something semi-fun, not just jeans and t-shirts.

Oh, and how did I forget?  Tomorrow,  BF is taking me to one of my very guiltiest of pleasures:
(maybe if you're lucky, I'll document my gluttony--and it's gross!  I eat as much as any man I know, maybe more).


UnoCosa said...

the all you can eat shrimps sounds so great - i don't think i've ever been to red lopster since i've moved here - you got tell me where it is and how's it :D - btw: thanks for sharing the obsessions ... and let's see if we can all catch up next week after a long, busy and lovely weekend, xoxo

idée_géniale said...

Oh I really like this top! Maybe it's the print? I don't think I've seen you in anything like this YET! Well have fun this weekend. See ya when I get back.

FashionJazz said...

Luv this!! xxx