Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

In the spirit of Shark Week (which by the way was a few weeks ago)on the Discovery Channel,

I went to town during my own little seafood frenzy!

It was a battle to the finish, who would win?
By the way, this feeding frenzy I speak of was a self-imposed eating contest, of which no others took part.

In this corner, at 5'7", 127lbs
 (clearly I do not need to be partaking in this eating contest)

The one, the only......NICKIE

*Black studded vest-Aryn K 
*Black v-neck t-shirt-Target
*Boot-cut jeans-Express
*Black heels-Nine West
*Gold bangles-Forever 21
*Gold acorn necklace-gift from friend (thanks Jewel!)

And in the other corner, suspended from the entrance

I give you LOBSTER....

Don't judge me.  
Yes, I live in an awesome city with a million different restaurants of any cuisine right at my front door....but sometimes the "midwest" in me wants some good familiar 
Especially when it's


time at


I'd been waiting eagerly all week.  My taste buds were in such a tizzy anticipating what Friday night had in store.  And my belly was ready to expand as need be.
Yet, I wanted to make it a little tougher on myself, exert a little "self-control" if you will.
(This is where the fashion part comes into the post)
I chose to wear my super tight in the waist jeans-the ones I just bought that I can barely wriggle into.  I figured this would help keep my appetite in check, because I am not going to bring myself to unbuttoning my pant if it got to that wear the tight jeans and eat less right?


Let the game begin:

Course 1-Caesar Salad
Course 2:  The main entree
Serving#1-Shrimp Teriyaki served on a skewer over pilaf rice
Serving #2-Shrimp Scampi (my favorite!) 
-and chips
let it be known I asked for mashed potatoes--oopsie on the waitress' part
Course 3-Breaded Popcorn Shrimp
Side Note:  BF was more than willing to take this photo--he wanted to capture the classiness of Red Lobster by documenting what was going on behind me as well--still not sure what was going on, but he assures me it was Red Lobster dining at it's finest.
Course 4: More Shrimp Teriyaki
What?  It's new....I had to try it again and indeed I liked it! 
Course 5: More Shrimp Scampi 
(remember?  It's my FAVE)
After 1.5hours at Red Lobster, with plenty more space in my tummy to go, BF cut me off. 
He was tired of waiting and waiting, and waiting.  Their kitchen was backed up and it was taking about 20min for each shrimp dish to come out and reach my greedy hands.  
And now folks, I'm sad to report, that I did not see my full potential as I fell victim to

impatient BF syndrome!

At this point, it was best he told me, "NO MORE".  I was due to meet up with my college friend's girlfriend who was in town visiting this weekend.
As I walked to the subway, I began to feel more and more full, and my stomach was less than attractive.  
I got really tired on the 3 block walk from Red Lobster to Bryant Park, so I had to inform her that sadly, I'd be calling it a night.
Does this mean Red Lobster beat me, they got the best of me?  
if that's the case, I so have to go back next year to avenge the Lobster, the Red Lobster!
Of course, waiting for the train in the subway station just begs for more picture taking because there's nothing else to do while you wait.
Don't worry, while BF takes a lot of pictures, I can assure you there were plenty I took of him--a boy's got to update his facebook pics once in a while, and he needed some new ones!
But I really like this crazy one he took below-the passing train is giving off some glow-y vibes!!
Oh, and check out these crazy cars and their hydraulics that we passed on the way home! 
(oh, maybe it's not so clear what's going on with the cars, sorry...but they were all up on one side and all this wierd stuff)
Sure, yeah, there's a MJ impersonator there too...which is always awesome!

And that my friends....that was a feeding frenzy that kicked off my Labor Day Weekend!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg stop it there, first the vest is freacken adorable, second i love your hair, third your eyes are so beautiful, fourth you just made me crave all this seafood dishes, and i want it eat right now.
no fair hahha.

Leproust Vintage said...

hahahaha I love this post! My family calls me a bottom-less pitt, because I can pack the food away too! It has only been in the last year that is has started to catch up with me, but it hasn't stopped me! You definitely do not need to worry about over-eating! I completely understand the midwestern appeal of Red Lobster...I remember a few family birthday dinners at the Red Lobster back in Ohio!!! :)

FashionJazz said...

Hey hun! I am now on bloglovin and im following u too! Luved ur post! Did u get my email on Friday? xxx

syd vicious said...

Ahhh you are making me crave delicious seafood. :)

I love your vest!

Indiana Adams said...

I went to Red Lobster for prom. It was 30 minutes away in Columbus, Indiana, and I did not know it was not a "fancy" restaurant until I had moved to California for college!

Lu said...

LOVE your vest!!! Oh...Red Lobster...reminds me of Nashville. How awesome are their cheesy biscuits?? But since I have been vegan (off and on) for about 5 years it's been a while since I've had them...