Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vintage View #5

Vintage tunic,vintage,Beacon's Closet
It's been a long time since I've shown you a


So here you go....I've come back out of hiding
(A.K.A.--I was ill with a nasty stuffy, runny nose cold and not feeling up to par)
*Vintage printed tunic-Beacon's Closet
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
*Gold octopi earrings
*Brown leather rope necklace-Street Jeweler in Soho
Vintage tunic,vintage,Beacon's Closet,Skinny Jeans,Suede Boots,Uniqlo,Carlos Santana boots,Philadelphia store,Jeweler in Soho,necklace,octopi earrings
I found this lovely tunic one Saturday while shopping along 5th Ave. in Park Slope.  Of course that means a stop in my neighborhood Beacon's Closet.

I was drawn to it by the cut/silhouette.  Forgetting that I am not petite, I assumed it would make an adorable dress.  Too bad you have to be like 4' tall to make it a dress-and for that I am not willing to trade in on height-I'm ok with it being a tunic.  I can slap on some jeans, some leggings, some whatever and be just as happy.
I also have to say I dig the color combo of the top.  The green with brown is an obvious go-to for me, but the pink piping and little pop in the print-oh swoon!  It's a bit unexpected, and all the more worthy of my $15.

And this reminds me, a few people have asked for suggestions on where to shop when in NYC.  I promise you I have not forgotten--I am compiling a post in my head, editing my finds, styling the wardrobe from memory, and figuring it all out--soon I will have you a list of my top store choices, why I think they're important, and of course my many finds from each store to back up my selections.  I really will try to have it up for you kids in a week or so....because some of you have Fall trips to NYC planned, and it's very important you hit up at least one of my store mentions as you will surely find they will not disappoint.

Have a great weekend....oh, and stop back as I'm sure to post more frequently now that I'm feeling a tad better.  
And next week.....well there's some Fashion Week parties in the works, so that means more exciting outfits and lots of randoms if I can muster up the courage to capture them with my cruddy camera.  
Overall, just Wowzas!  I'm stoked to wear some new dresses I pulled from work, they'll definitely add a spark of life and color which sometimes I can desperately use!


UnoCosa said...

this top is so ethnically wonderful - i just love it so much .... the sleeve shape is so pretty, echoing perfect with the hem ...and can not wait for your post on the shops ... :-) enjoy your weekend, xoxo

btw: i think we can get pretty dress-up for monday - have you thought about what to wear?? xoxo

Danielle Sing said...

Fabulous find!

FashionJazz said...

Luv this hun!! xxx

Indiana Adams said...

JEALOUS! That top has me swooning like three different ways!