Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Wear: THE SKIRT

Remember in my Weekend Rewind,

I was saying I bought a skirt for $7.99?

Yeah, I Marshall's.  And here it is!
For $7.99, how could I leave it behind?  Even if I'm suspicious that it's from last year.
I think it's last year's Fall season because at that time last year, where I work, we made jumpers and other such dresses in the same color and with big black buttons.  This could be a sister to the ones I bought at work last year.
Whatever the case, it was rather exciting to come across it.  You know how Marshall's just has long racks and racks full of random shit; rarely do you ever come across the same piece twice, that's how this was.  So when I saw it was in my size, I snagged it--even if I wear it only once (which is doubtful), it was a deal!
Luckily, this week is supposed to be pretty mild, easy to deal with weather-wise...just like today.  All I needed was a little jacket and I was out the door.
I chose my favorite black bomber jacket of course!
*Black bomber jacket-H&M 
*Black t-shirt-Target 
*Black chiffon beaded necklace-Forever 21
*Black wool scarf-Target 
*Fuchsia wool skirt (Express)-Marshall's 
*Black opaque tights-HUE 
*Black leather boots-Anne Klein
And that's how I do my first day back to work after a 4-day hiatus....lucky me I was so busy playing catch up and trying to be on top of things; well there was just no time for a "Case of the Mondays".

Although, is it wrong for me to admit I'm excited for the weekend to get here already? 


Leproust Vintage said...

Oh my gosh! $7.99?! I love it! I also love how you toned it down with all looks adorable on you!

Now I am seriously convinced that we were friends in a former life or something! I loved hearing your "band-aid" story......doesn't it make you nostalgic of those crazy carefree college days?

alya said...

Usually in Marshall's they give a reason on the tag for why it's marked down...many a time I've bought things tagged as "past season" so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case with your skirt here. But who cares? Something looks good it looks good.

FashionJazz said...

Really luv this look on u hun!! Hope u are well and had a good weekend xxx

Anonymous said...

No, you didn't get that skirt for $7.99?? It was too cute to be $7.99... WOW, deal of the century right there! It looks so cute on you and that color is so fun! I love it paired with your bomber jacket and boots too. FANTASTIC!!


missDTM said...

cute skirt!!!! i love this that you got this skirt for so little.

and OMG those target boots that you commented about on my blog are to. die. for. i want. now, i just need to save some money to get them (ummm i have a vacation fund which is sucking the majority of my cash out of my pocket...booo).

eednic said...

that's a pretty sweet find for $7.99! love the color.

Mila said...

Beautiful skirt!

jane st. clair said...

it looks great on you! $7.99? of course you had to get it.

missDTM said...

i just wanted to FYI you to this--

i'm probably going to do it and have my boo write some stories for me. you should too!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

i love this pink skirt on you, and yes thats true marshalls has random shit all the time,
i havent been there in awhile
i wanna get me some jeans from there.
they are so cheap but it needs a lot of time to look for them.

you look so cool! with the leather jacket and those boots.
i want your haircut too


Indiana Adams said...

SELLER'S REMORSE! I just sold that same skirt to Buffalo (in black) because I was feeling so scandalous in it (sooo short!). Um, I should've tried tights, boots, and long sleeves with it. Le sigh. If were were in person buddies, I'm sure you would have steered me in the right direction.

BY THE WAY, I'VE MISSED YOUR BLOG WHILE I WAS GONE. Now I'm back and all caught up and all is right with the world.
Adored Austin adores you!

claulovesfashion said...

i lOVE UR LOOKKKK... THE PInK SKIR is ammazing!

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