Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage View #7


Today's Vintage View=Velvet Box-cut Jacket

-Pretty color
-Rich texture
-Lovely details
-Classic silhouette
Ever have one of those articles of clothing that you just absolutely love, and you'll love it until the end of time?
That's how I feel about this jacket.

I came upon it several years ago when I first moved to NYC.  It was my first venture to the Beacon's Closet in Park Slope, Brooklyn .  And from that moment, I was smitten--not only with this jacket, but also with Beacon's Closet.  
I mean, to come across such a great item for so little on your first visit...what's not to like?

Side Note:  funny thing--I wore it to work about 3 years ago, and my coworker at the time excitedly pointed out that she had this EXACT SAME JACKET as a child.
WHAT?  Back up there girly--"As a Child"??  
Meaning to say this is not an adult jacket?  Sooooo, maybe it's not supposed to be 3/4 sleeved?
Yeah, maybe that's the case--but is anyone the wiser (except for the fact I just told you)?
*Purple vintage velvet jacket-Beacon's Closet 
*Gray v-neck t-shirt-Forever 21
*Dark denim skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown suede slouchy boots-Carlos Santana
*Brown leather cord necklace-NYC street vendor 

So, do tell, what's one of your favorite, "never gonna give it up" items in your wardrobe?


calivintage said...

haha, i wear children's clothing all the time. it still looks great. i loooove the details!

jennieL said...

im so excited to tell you, im about to start working on nyc internship apps for next summer!!! if i get any of them, we'll definitely need to meet up!

idée_géniale said...

Hahahaha, thats too funny. at least it fits though and 3/4 sleeves are in so there.

Hows the slope? whatcha been doing without me? See you next Saturday at the craft fair!

Anonymous said...

HAHA too cute! I love child clothes, I don't care. I always find myself shopping in the girl (and boy) section of places- they sometimes fit better than my own clothes and are so much cheaper! LOL

Child's jacket or not, it is beyond gorgeous and looks absolutely amazing on you!


UnoCosa said...

darling - thank you for the lovely wishes :-) love this outfit with 3/4 sleeve velvet jacket! love beacon's closet though i hardly ever go there! and boy, don't you just love being able to get into "children's" cloth, haha!

btw: have your 11th night open - tell mel too!!! will email you later! Hint: party time ;-) xx

missDTM said...

LOL hilarious story about the jacket--it's really lovely!!!

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhhh I love the look of the jacket! It is perfect for cooler weather! That is a pretty fancy jacket for a child! I have a few children's jeans jackets and little boy's suit jackets that I wear as blazers, so there is no shame in that!

FashionJazz said...

I luved everything about your post!! : ) xxx

Phyllis said...

children's clothing is the best! i lovee your jacket - so beautiful