Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Rewind: November 28th-29th, 2009

Yea! The Weekend,

and my regular REWIND is here!

Saturday: November 28, 2009--

I finally had that hair appointment I had been talking about for a while.  Thank Goodness!
Just look at my haphazard self, the haggard look in my face, and the overgrown bang...not to mention the microscopic split ends that were driving me crazy!

Now, when I say this--it might all be in my head, but seriously--lately I was feeling so intensely bitchy looking, very unapproachable, and very much my age.  And I attribute this to the HAIR.  I think it was just doing something to my appearance that made me look like a "not so nice" person.  (Although I will admit, I usually like it that way--the less approachable I appear, the less annoyed with others I have to be).
I chose to go with a very basic, all-American getup for the day.  Knowing I would be doing some more shopping and jaunting around the city after the hair appt. I figured a plain-white-tee would be the perfect backdrop for a shiny new 'do.
*Black bomber jacket-H&M
*White V-neck T-shirt-Uniqlo
*Dark Denim straight leg jeans-DKNY
*Black leather booties-Daffy's
*Silver vintage necklaces-Leproust Vintage and Thrift Store
*Black leather purse (new purchase!!)-Giani Berninni
--The purse, I've been dying to get a black Across-Body bag for schlepping around on the weekends.  And alas, I purchased one on my "after work Black Friday shopping excursion"--

After the hair appointment, I found myself in Soho (mainly because I thought I was meeting BF at the Best Buy there later in the day) where I continued on with some weekend shopping.

Side Note: I found a great bandage skirt at Express.  It's Black and very what I was looking for!
(I had a coupon/reward for $10 off...thankfully a jackass manager rang me up.  Being that he was too busy worrying and concerning himself with who was going to help him on registers, he did not realize he swiped the $10 reward TWICE!  Yea--I saved $20, SCORE FOR ME-LOSS FOR EXPRESS!  I'm sure they'll get over it.)

And I took a moment in the dressing room to snap a shot of my new hair!  (gone is the assymetry, back to my old look of heavy bang, and two matching sides--or as much as possible at this growing out state I'm experiencing)
Honestly, again maybe in my head, but I look so much more refreshed, nicer, and dare I jinx it--but perhaps a year or two younger? (could  this my first mid-life crisis I'm going through?)
Back to shopping...
Turns out I was NOT supposed to meet BF at the Soho Best Buy.  WHOOPS!
So upwards I trekked to meet him at another Best Buy.  (Remember folks--he kept me from posting all last week because he was researching flat screens.  Well he purchased one and needed help carrying it.)

At Best Buy, not only did we purchase a tv, but I was a lucky girlfriend who snagged (on BF's wallet)
a new Wii game!

Side Note: You know what I'll be doing in my free time for the next 1-2weeks
And, a LAN ADAPTER so I can do things on the internet via the Wii (like showing BF the blog-reading capabilities on the new tv at 1:00am)
If you've got one kind ounce in your soul--you'll forgive my pajama ensemble and late night make-up and hairdo mistakes.  
Side Note: this is SOOOOO a typical "Christmas at Nickie's house" photo--which indeed it felt like with all of BF's tech purchases, I mean...who doesn't love an X-mas in November?

Sunday: November 29, 2009--

Laundry Day....Boo!  I skipped out on it last weekend though, so I had an overly large amount of clothing needing a good wash.  I hate when I wait 3wks to do laundry, it's the pits!

And that's also about the time where I stare blankly into my closet and utter those familiar words,


And yeah--not quite sure what I chose to wear today, a total mish-mash of nonsense for sure!
*Pink vintage Jordache blouse-Beacon's Closet
*Camel scarf-H&M
*Brown braided belt-Thrift Store
*Blue straight leg jeans (cuffed)-DKNY
*Brown booties-Steve Madden

BF also set out to purchase more items all revolving around his new tv.  Soooo, I came home and helped him put together the new stand.  It cleaned up clutter, hid some ugly wires, and overall just made our space a bit more livable--Thank Goodness!
So.....lots of shopping, lots of Wii fun, and a new haircut....that was my weekend.
Now excuse me, I'm in desperate NEED of a Mario Bros. FIX before I go to bed.



Looks like a nice busy weekend :) Congrats on new purchases and haircut!

Elaine said...

"(Although I will admit, I usually like it that way--the less approachable I appear, the less annoyed with others I have to be)" Hahahahaha, I totally laughed at that! I'm so with you... ;) And I LOVE your hair! It does make you look more fresh! And looks like you and your BF are Wii champs! ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHA OMG Girl, every time I read your posts you make me laugh and totally make my day. You have the best side comments EVER!

Love your new haircut! You look awesome!!


missDTM said...

love the new 'do!! i've been worrying lately that i am looking old...then some 18 yr old hit on me. there goes that theory.

love your outfits...they're cute! that bag in the 1st pic is really really really cute.

kellywanhainen said...

nickie you're going to love the mario game. it's amazing, and my boyfriend is obsessed, so be ready for yours to get sucked in as well.

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