Monday, November 2, 2009


Although I'm a day late with my Weekend Rewind, I'm hoping you'll find the wait well worth it.

All I can say is, 

"Choo Choo....All Aboard!  Total Trainwreck coming through"

My halloween costume...
Above shot, courtesy of Mel. 
I like to think of the above pic as my "money shot", I feel like I'm in a music video--really it's just the mall at Caesar's; because DUH! We were in Atlantic City for the weekend!
Oh, if only everything the rest of the evening could've remained as innocent as this.  
It really just went downhill as the rum and diet coke fueled my system from afternoon until the wee hours of the evening.
And if only I had the right sunglasses, A less monstrous-more petite frame, a wig I did not fry w/heating appliances, well then I would've been in Lady Gaga PERFECT-LAND.
Above shot, Mel's photography
*Black PVC catsuit-purchase at local sex shop 
*Black belts-H&M
*Black sunglasses-Rayban
*Black gloves-Another local sex shop 
*Black peeptoe booties-Steve Madden
*Blonde wig-Halloween Store
*Blonde bow-Ebay

Yes, skeezy and DOUBLE Skeezy that I had to go into sex shops in the West Village just to get my costume complete.  

Oh, but the pains I'm willing to go through to get a pretty decent costume; because Halloween to me should be no less.

Oh no, looks like Katy Perry and Amy Winehouse joined me for some gambling and cocktails!
And some more....
pirates, devils, flappers--OH MY!
Ok, so as well thought out as I figured my costume was not enough for some folks in Atlantic City.
For some reason, all night long, I kept getting called CATWOMAN!!!
Seriously, if I wanted to be a cat--I'm pretty certain I could've at least managed some ears!
I mean, do you see a cat anywhere?
Maybe when my drink ran out, I should've just called it quits.  
Luckily I was a little more lucky with my gambling 
(I did quite well, if you call breakin even "quite well")
than I was with my balance.
(Yes, let it be known I fell on several occasions--I cannot dance while lacking motor skills)y
And for the best part.....brace yourself.....
At some point, not sure when, 
(and fellow friends w/me, not sure if you know this--as I certainly was unaware)
Yes, I woke to pack up the next morning and realized my catsuit had a big open seam down the center back seat....oh well!  What happens in A.C., will just have to stay in A.C.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween! 
I can't wait to make my way thru blog-land and see everyone's costumes.


jane st. clair said...

aaaaaaaah! i love it! i should have guessed lady gaga from that picture you showed of your legs earlier, but i didn't even consider it. your costume looks AWESOME and it sounds like you had fun, even if your ass was hanging out.

Delightfully Tacky said...

Haha! I was going to be Lady Gaga for Halloween! Unfortunately I did not have somewhere fun to go, like AC, or fun people to hang with, like you and Mel. Oh well. I was Amy Winehouse in 2007 and people kept thinking I was Elvira or something. LAME. I was so obviously Amy Winehouse. I guess she was too obscure back then.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! This post was the BEST!! Your costume is out of this world FABULOUS!!! You look just like Lady Gaga- Love it!!

Hey, that is what AC is for. hehe Glad to hear you had a great time!!


missDTM said...

what an awesome costume!! there are so many gaga looks to choose from but you definitely picked the right one.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg that is so awesome, you do look like lady gaga, love your costume, you guys look like you had tons of fun.
you do look a bit like amy winehouse in the last pic.


Leproust Vintage said...

You look spot-on Lady Gaga!!! Incredible!

I am sitting in Starbucks, and nearly peed my pants when I read that you busted the butt seam and was not aware of it until the next morning! That is awesome, and totally something that I would do! Glad you had a great time! :)

idée_géniale said...

Bahahaahahahahaha!! OMG Nickie I had no idea! I swear! I would've told you if I had noticed, oh and I like the fact that I'm getting this info via your blog even though we sat beside each other for the 3 hour train ride!!WTF?
So I guess we'll just have to go back to that sex shop and demand a refund!!! You think they'll believe us when you say it was an accident?LOL

eednic said...

ahahha! perfect costume! i knew several people who did Lady Gaga but yours is the best!

somedaynewyorker said...

You did a great rendition of her outfit. And its hilarious that it was you as gaga, someone as amy whinehouse, and someone as katy perry.

UnoCosa said...

you totally rocked this look .... loveeee so much, xx

by char C said...

OMG the pop star group pic is priceless. you guys totally rocked and love your wig!!