Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Ain't a Beauty, but Hey You're Alright....

My all time favorite line of Mr. Springsteen's, ALL-TIME I said!  
(In fact, it's very worthy of being a subtitle to my blog, but it's long enough as it is, so I'll spare us all more wording in my blog title)

Ok, sorry to gush about "boys", or should I say "men"....after all he is an old man....
But c'mon....me, and every female body in his home state of NJ cannot be wrong.  Or can we?
(Then again I have a somewhat questionable taste in the male species, Present Day Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee, C.C. Deville-circa 1980s, Rod Stewert-circa 1970s,  so yeah--maybe I am not the one to listen to when we talk about "cuteness")

But whatevsies.....what ill words can one speak about The BOSS???
(Didn't you see him at the superbowl half-time show....ummm guys, he's 60yrs old and he was all over the place!!!!)

I will have a whole lot to say, and a ridiculous t-shirt to match.....come Sunday.
Sunday, I lay eyes on this very man!  Thank you BF--best birthday present you've gotten me so far!


jennieL said...

i have a lust for the boss as well. he oozes 'american man'. he is THE american man.

syd vicious said...

i love him! he's so cute.