Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Wear: A Splash of Color

Not much to report today, just wanted to post my little dress I so rarely get to wear.  Well really it's by choice that I so rarely wear it--although I'm not quite sure why I choose to leave it on the hanger in the depths of my closets.
It was a rainy, messy, rather ill day here in the big apple--so why not add my own dose of cheer?  A rainbow of color was my retaliation to the icky weather at hand.
And I wore some new booties that I bought on Tuesday.  You see, I like to keep a few staple items in my closet at all time.  Since my usual booties are rather tattered and torn, I've had my eyes peeled for a new pair (classic, easy, but a little detail here or there would be perfect)at every turn I take.  
Lucky for me, I went to the Atlantic City mall to pick up X-mas ornaments and "just had" to pop in DSW.  
I forced myself to pick a pair because the ones I have are a poor excuse for appropriate footwear--and a purchase was made!
Overall, I'm happy I made an attempt at my wardrobe when everyone else opted for their usual wellies and practical rain gear.
And the new booties turned out to be comfy--I will walk miles around this city in these babies and never complain at all.  I'm already thinking I made the right decision to buy the shoes.
-Black boyfriend jacket-Zara
-Multi-color silk printed dress-BCBGgeneration
-Black opaque tights-HUE
-Black leather booties-Nine West
-Silver necklace-my own creation
-Silver earrings-H&M

I'm really tired's midnight, and I have to be up in about 6.5hours!  Why can I never find time to fit in a full 8 hours of sleep?  



Love splashes of color! Looking great :0)

Dirty Hair Halo said...

How do you miss that beautiful dress in your closet? It's such a bright idea on these dreary winter days!


junebabie said...

that dress is super cute, and that looks like the perfect boyfriend blazer.

Anonymous said...

Lookin awesome as always, girl! Love that dress!!


Second Skin said...

I love the construction of this dress! And sounds like such a hardship buying those boots! Ha ha! Those earrings look pretty amazing too! Your just so awesome!

Style of a Fashionista said...

Dress looks amazing on you I love the colours, Great photos too xx

Megan Wolf said...

oh man. that dress is phenomenal! you totally killed it. love it with or without the boyfriend blazer, which is totally rockin by the way. so hard to find the perfect fit in the blazer, but that one from zara is fab. so adore how you used the black tights and black booties to make the colors in the dress pop. and the totally did. fantastic outfit post! hope you had a wonderful night off from blogging last night as well! love me some thursday night nbc. 30 rock =hilarious.


Simona said...

Amazing dress! Is it still available? And the blazer, did the sleeves come rolled up or did you do that yourself? Just started reading the Idee Geniale blog too. You guys are both killer. :-)