Thursday, December 3, 2009

I thought we called for ICE-SKATING

Yea...internet is up and running; must've just been a one-time glitch.  (Knock on Wood).

Here's what I was GOING TO POST yesterday...
(I apologize in advance for my lackluster attire, it's been this way all week.  Sorry, work is killing me--long hours, not enough sleep, no time to get cutesy while I snooze thru my alarm in the morning(s)
Let me preface by telling you on Tuesday, the work gals and I, planned to go to Bryant Park to get in some

FREE ice-skating.

 (I'm unhappy to report, work kept us late, and ice-skating was a no-go! BOO)
So, what does one wear when it's a high of 45degrees, she has to work, then off to the rink?  A cozy, classic, winter get-up of course.  
And that's just what I consider this.  In fact, for years now, I've worn some sort of variation on this everytime I feel like jack frost is going to nip at my nose and a little hot cocoa might be in store.  
And yeah....just tell me who doesn't like a chunky knit cap, a cozy scarf, and a oversized neck on your turtleneck sweater?

Side Note: After wearing this hat-purchased and worn to death last fall-I realize it's high time I get a new one.  There's chunks of yarn sticking out at all ends!  Soooooo, needless to say, it's the next-most recent obsession- I'll add to my ongoing list of "must buy" items.  
Nickie's "Almost Ice-Skating" attire includes:
*Black chunky knit cap (complete w/pom-pom on top)-H&M
*Black sweater-Banana Republic
*Black/White wool scarf-Banana Republic
*White wife-beater-Hanes
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black booties (in place of ice-skates)-Daffy's

And did I mention just how EXTRA-disappointing the ice-skating no-go was?

Yes, extra disappointing because ice-skating was going to be my FIRST HOLIDAY ACTIVITY of this festive season!

 Aargh....I guess there's always the beautiful lit-up tree at Rockefeller Center left to visit before the holidays leave.


Leproust Vintage said...

Awww I am sorry that you did not get to go ice skating! :( You looked way too cute not to go and instead having to work late!

syd vicious said...

Yay glad your internet is functioning again! Ice skating sound so fun. Digging those black boots. :)

Malu said...

I really love your style!
Cool blog!


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Mel. said...

those black booties are great! Adds that touch of chic to your outfit.

I'm still looking for my booties. *sigh.


WILDasaMINK said...

Test...testing 1-2-3

jane st. clair said...

those jeans look great on you. so sorry to hear you didn't get to go ice skating.

missDTM said...

CUTE! sucks that you weren't able to go ice skating. boooooooo.