Saturday, December 5, 2009

Craftacular! Hey you, NYCers!

DONT FORGET, mark your calendars for TOMORROW!

The Craft Fair is Finally Here:

Are any NYCers, or those within possible traveling distances going to attend?
I'm going to be there--bright and early at 10am, 
(cause I want a goody bag before they run out!).

If you're going, let me know!  It's high time I meet some of you. 
 It could be fun, no?


idée_géniale said...

I'll be there @ 10am! Holding our place in line. I just found out about the goody bags and I sure don't want to miss out.
Shitty weather we're having isn't? I haven't left my place all day. I hope it looks better tomorrow!

Second Skin said...

This sounds like so much fun! Do you two (idee_geniale) work together or are you just friends? I wish I was meeting you at 10:00 too! :(