Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Wear: Is This Even Acceptable????

Here's the situation...
Or should I say, "THE SITUATION" for all you Jersey Shore fans out there
(yeah I watch it, it's freakin' hilarious! and trashy tv at it's finest!)

The weather guys every morning and every night have been promising me a warm-up of sorts here in the Big Apple.
But I have yet to feel any inkling of a rise on the thermometer.
It's still pretty darn brisk in NYC!
So, being that this outfit does not go well with BLACK,
(due to my orangey-brown accents)
it was not a good idea to pair my trusty black knit cap with this.
And therefore I dug down deep into my "winter gear bin", and this is what I pulled out:

The Trapper Hat!
Are these even acceptable to be worn anymore?
They were kinda big here about 2-3years ago...
you could see at least 10 people/day wearing them if not more;

To the point where I was a little mad at myself for even owning one
--kinda like I'd be upset with myself if I owned a pair of UGGs.
(yeah I said that...I loathe UGGS, like I loathe CROCS)

*Trapper Hat-???
*Pink oversized sweater-H&M
*Really OLD skinny jeans -Uniqlo
*Brown booties-Steve Madden
*Brown scarf-H&M
*Vintage cameo necklace-Thrift Store
*Bracelet-gift from BFF


J said...

It looks very comfortable! I love these boots.

Delightfully Tacky said...

Oh man. I'm watching Jersey Shore RIGHT NOW. So ridiculous. I can't even believe those people really exist.

Alexandra Hoover said...

I'm a fan of the hat. Particularly the balls!!!

Indy said...

I found you on Weardrobe, and I love your style!

Your blog is lovely!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

I vote in favor of the trapper hat.

Spacely Peniro said...

like the hat miss!

calivintage said...

totally acceptable. i don't live in ny so i don't know if that would make me feel differently, but you look damn good!!!

p.s. i totally got sucked into jersey shore. so bad but so good!

FashionJazz said...

Hello hun! Luv ur casual and chic outfit! Hope u well, have a lovely day xx

ANA said...

I think it works! I hate uggs and crocs too. They drive me nuts!

Kelley Anne said...

I like it...and your blog is so great! I love reading your posts.

alya said...

Jersey Shore brings much shame to my people. I promise you nobody in Jersey really behaves that way.
Unless, of course, they're being videotaped.

Isquisofrenia said...

you look so warm and cool
those boots man awesome

hahha i was kidding about the crashing at your place hahha
but hey if i do go which i doubt =(take lots of cool photos
and tell me how it went
ps: i would love to party with ya

Clare said...

It's more than acceptable, it's awesome. I LOVE that hat!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love the hat on you! Definitely acceptable! ;)

Second Skin said...

uuuuummm, Ya. Acceptable and fabulous! I love this sort of western look! Is my location showing? Shh, but ya it freaking adorably fantastic.