Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage View #10

This dress is just one more reminder why I need to hop on a plane
(with Idee_geniale in tow) and get back to Ohio.

Oh Village Thrift...I'm coming to raid your aisles!

--I thought I'd go in February, but all you Chictopians rest assured I will be in town for the conference--so yes, let's hang out and I'll show you my city!

--I think I'll try Ohio in March instead.

(uh hmmm....Meri, if you're reading this, I will take you up on that offer to go thrifting when I'm "secretly" in town. I'll make sure to fill you in on my travel details; hope you don't mind driving because I will not have a car--but I'm all up for going to all your thrifting hotspots, then for some cocktails of course! I'll pay you for the gas with "liquid assets"!)
So Ok...the dress!

A vintage 1980s zip-front goodie, w/SHOULDER PADS!

Found it while perusing the racks of the Akron, Ohio location of Village Discount Outlet.
The great thing is, Village thrift has 4 different color price tags
-and everyday they choose two colors to be 1/2-off!
Can you imagine? I mean it's cheap as is, regular price a dress like this is $3.00.
When its a lucky day, a dress like this is the right colored tag, and look-at-that, it's only $1.50!
So I've worn it as above on several occasions
(before I started this blog, that's why its never been viewed here, until now).

It's a little big in the waist, and a little short in the sleeves--darn dress and its "petite sizing"!

--So I just tighten it up with an '80s belt (also from the same thrift store), and I could've put on some bracelets since the wrists are overly exposed,
but hey, I think I already had enough accessories going on.
In an attempt to liven in up , and make it into something new for myself-I chose to top it off with a fur stole.
-now I wore this fur stole on the outside of my coat for some extra dosage of flair,
but off with the coat once indoors and keep the fur stole.
It's ok right?

And this is what I skipped down the street in last night when I met up for some blog-gossip talk over drinks with my friend. Yes, we talked blogs--I mean we're friends in the real world, but we still choose to discuss things that are only alive in cyberspace.
(maybe my life is more exciting on the internet than it is in reality???)

-1980s vintage dress, thrift store
-Fur stole/collar thingy, H&M
-1980s slide belt, thrift store
-Opaque tights, HUE
-booties, Nine West


Charmalade said...

I'm in love with your fur stole/collar thingy. :) Plus, I'm so envious of how ridiculously cheap you got that dress! It makes me want to go vintage-shopping even more.

Kelley Anne said...

You look fabulous! Village thrift sounds like heaven to me:) I only find dresses for 1.50 at a summer church fair that we attend every year. What a great color and shape that dress has.

Lara said...

I live thrift stores. Ours has 1/2 Price Mondays where half the store is 50% off! I love it and it is where I typically find treasures.

I am so jealous of the Chictopia conference! I am in the process of pitching it to my boss for social media experience.

meri said...


Sarah K. said...

the dress looks awesome with the fur.

Lara said...

AGh... believe me. I am going to be trying to work a business trip to the conference from every angle I can find. I actually got my boss onto the idea (she thought it was great!)...we just need to get her boss onto it! I am playing the 1/2 price on the admission, sharing a hotel room and even flying cheap. I'll even pay for meals! Maybe he will see its importance... haha

Indy said...

I LOVE thrift store sales! One by me does the "bag sale" - everything you can fit in a brown grocery bag for $10, no matter the price on the price tags! Last time I went I averaged price of every item and it was $.76 for each piece! Woot!

I loooove that beautifully color look fab and I love how you added the stole!

Jade Purple Brown said...

i love that fur!

ZANAH said...

OMG I LOVE your vintage red dress and the fur collar finishes it lovely :) Mon Mode Blog

Unknown said...

This dress looks amazing on you ! Love the fur detail

Kristin said...

I am totally loving your fur collar. Times like these I get so mad that Nashville doesn't have a H&M. No clue why......we just got an UO last year. Craziness.

Jennie Going West said...

this is insanely beautiful/sexy. i love it!

Isquisofrenia said...

omg love love the fur i want one too hahha
you can wear that with almost everyitng ha.
and that coat looks amazing on you!

Second Skin said...

VA VA VOOM Lady! This is freaking Awesome! You look so amazing in Red and the stole is PERFECT with it! OH MAN I hope I see you in FEBRUARY! Fingers crossed!