Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bat Out of Hell (and Nickie should NOT try out for American Idol)

When I came across this on the racks at Dusty Rose Vintage's studio,
you better believe I snagged it right up,

"Like a Bat Out of Hell!"

Ok, I could go on and on with more Meat Loaf references...
such as this t-shirt is like "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" for me, but I'll "stop right there".
(...I gotta know right now. Do you love me? Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life, will you take me away, will you make me your wife?.....ah yes, Meat Loaf! Not gonna lie, I'm a fan!)

Obviously, this was a no-brainer, considering I've got a HUGE penchant for vintage rock tees
See here and here,
(and I'm sure there's more hiding within this blog, just can't remember when/where)

So I snagged it right up with a ga-gillion ideas of how I might style it.
(I'll only showing you 2 ideas today)

Option 1: Wear it as a dress(see above), its a tunic length-so why not?
-Oh yes, why not? because this is one time when being shorter might've come in handy.
(as a dress it's a bit too tarte-like for my semi-conservative demeanor)

Option 2: Wear it as a tee, paired up with items oozing a "rock n roll" vibe.
-ah yes, this is how I could wear it if I were to step out of the comfort of my own home

Too perfect for a night out on the town-at least my kinda nights out.
But alas, I had to give it back.

And now it waits for a lucky owner to snag it up for themselves:

You know, just in case you wanna rip my style. Or perhaps do it up your own way.
"So what's it gonna be? YES or NO"
(ok, wayyyyyyy too many references)

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jennie Going West said...

gah! when i saw the title i thought, oh this is gonna be good. meat loaf is the jam. paradise is the BEST! i want the shirt dammit!

Kelley Anne said...

This so works on you! I like it as a tunic the best. I remember loving Meat Loaf in the 90's when I used to watch MTV. Sigh. I think I might have to head over to UTube right now to check out some classic videos.

Indy said...

He. Could. Go. All. The....

Oh my gosh, we sooo have such good taste in music! I looooove these songs by Meatloaf! Wooooot! What can I took the words right outta my mouth...! Haha...

Great shirt!

FashionJazz said...

I am so luving this outfit on u hun!!! Hope u had a good wkwnd xxx

alya said...

Let me sleep on it.

Isquisofrenia said...

youlook amaizng . love the top, i love how you paired with that skirt
hahhah i know vomit is no bueno!

Clare said...

I do love option 2, and any Meat Loaf tee is an awesome Meat Loaf tee.

Second Skin said...

you always make me giggle! Hot stuff!

Leproust Vintage said...

Awesomeness. Serious awesomeness! The abundance of meatloaf references was fabulous!

Lara said...

Haha. I love the meatloaf references! And the meatloaf attire tops it of completely!

PS. Boss didnt go for the Chictopia Conference idea. :(

Alexandra Hoover said...

I truly feel as though I could give you ANY article of clothing and you could somehow make it work. I love all these vintage posts with the different outfits!

Django et Coco said...

Great look; I like both version!

Im so behind on my blog reading... I just came across your comment.. that you came across mine on chictopia.. Great blog; I enjoy browsing around! ;)

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

andrea k said...

ah you are gorgeous! and excited to meet you and mel (I believe her name is! :)) I got a kick reading your about me section. I need to grow a pair and leave Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Meat Loaf is the man! And this tee is adorable. Nice design.