Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blood, Sweat, and Beers--a story of the vintage tee

A Staple Item--and for once it's not my skinny jeans!

Oh no....I think it's better:

The Quintessential Vintage Concert Tee

This time around....it's my "Blood, Sweat, and Beers" WARRANT shirt! (yeah...I've got some stories about them, I've vaguely touched on the subject of past "groupie" moments--all of which are G-rated I assure you--but we'll save that for some other time).

I've got my beloved Ohio Thrift Stores to thank for my plethora of rock t-shirts. While a few years back it may have been "the cool" thing for those hipster-types to
wear, those ironic hokey bands spattered across your body, I still think it's cool to wear said shirt when you genuinely LIKE the actual band.

And liking (or LOVING in most of my cases)the band on the shirt you scored for about $0.25 makes it all the better--or FREE in the case of this Warrant t-shirt (thanks Nativio for donating your older bro's tees to me back in college).

And that's just the case with my 15+ tees (probably about 14 more than I actually need to own). While I could entertain everyone moreso by showing all my beloved shirts in one post, I'll spare you (and my dignity, I've got questionable taste in music--since when is thinking Tommy Lee's freakin hot, THEN and NOW, a crime?). Instead, I invite you to keep your eyes peeled, from time to time check back, and see if you can spot yet another concert tee I'm sporting (rest assured I'll be knowing 90% of all lyrics to their songs!! Do you need me to sing "Cherry Pie" to prove it?).

*Black vintage WARRANT concert tee (diy)-from friend
*Black studded vest-Aryn K
*Black velvet skirt-Behnaz Sarafpour (for Target)
*Gray wool tights-H&M
*Black peep-toe lace up booties-Steve Madden

And if really you cannot wait to see what other bands I've added to this collection (although I doubt that' s the case), you can look HERE, HERE, HERE.

While I clearly have enough, I just cannot stop. I will forever be on the hunt for the next best vintage concert tee! (soooooo, if you come across a real gem and you don't want it--buy it for me, I'll gladly take it off your hands).


Spacely Peniro said...

great look!

Style of a Fashionista said...

Fab outfit and I love your boots amazing xx

Clare said...

Warrant, yeah! Love this look!!

Second Skin said...

You are so lucky you look SO HOT in the rocker look! It just fits you so well. I look absolutely ridiculous in anything even remotely rockerish. That studded vest is seriously amazing! But don't get me started on hair bands!! We would have A LOT of fun together!! You go in your band tees and I'll go hick style in Cutoff shorts and cowboy boots and well tear someplace apart to Cherry Pie! :D

Tessa said...

your t-shirt rocks :)

Alexandra Hoover said...

I'm a fan. Just ask Kelly about my band t-shirt collection. I finally broke down and started making a quilt out of a bunch of them because there's no way I would ever possibly wear them all on a regular basis. A few were vintage Crue shirts my dad got me for Christmas one year. Come to think of it, I've got to finish that quilt and put it into action!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur tee and shoes soo much!! U look soo chic here!! : ) xxx

kendal croix said...

always love for a good t-shirt especially with a skirt.

by char C said...

love that vest!!!! totally rocking it :)

Meg said...

LOVE this outfit! Very rockstar. Those peep toe booties I want, too! Vintage concert tees have always intrigued me. They're just so cool. Like you're automatically cool if you wear one. Ha! But really...