Friday, December 18, 2009

Member Spotlight--WHAT WHAT????

Sorry about my poor photo quality, but have I ever been one to have immaculate picture? no.
Really it's more the case of I don't know how you copy and paste an entire web page into blogger.
The real matter at hand is;I've been a member of the sight for a little over 2 weeks. It's very similar to the other style sites out there, although here I feel a bit more individualistic. Maybe because on Streetstyle my style is not the norm, not like Chictopia or Weardrobe where I'm easily lost in a sea of similar styles.
Whatever the case,

in 2 weeks time I got the coveted "Member Spotlight" position!


Although I find myself to be a bit of a black sheep on Streetstyle, it's OK--I'm most definitly going to continue posting. Everyone so far has been really supportive and fond of my style decisions (except for say, maybe 1 girl....but we'll leave that be). So just as I find the other members' of Streetstyle to have refreshing style because it's different from my own, perhaps they think the same of me?

And now my day has truly been made!
Have a great weekend everyone!


jennieL said...

woo hoo! congrats! that's awesome. i will have to look at that site.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! That is awesome news- Congratulations!! Love that dress you are wearing!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

congrats girl!!!
thats so awesome
i think your style is never boring and you never look the same like other girls
who is this person who disagrees????
i wanna know hahha

Style of a Fashionista said...

Well done you have great style and deserve xx

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Congrats, love that outfit btw!


Second Skin said...

WOW! Congratulations! This is huge! I have to check this out, though my style is most definitely no street style, I love getting ideas! and any site that would feature you must have impeccable taste!