Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Ring Obsession

Have you ever seen something that you can't get out of your head?
It plagues the mind sorta like one of those annoying headaches you can ignore,
but it never really goes away.

At the Chictopia conference on Saturday, there was a moment where The Glamourai was sitting in the row in front of me. When I wasn't ogling her precision cut 'do, I couldn't take my eyes off her ring. It appeared to be a rough cut amethyst, extremely large, and something I would love to own for myself. I imagine someone of her caliber (I think she's got amazing style, so chic and put together, way beyond my comprehension, so I put her up on a pedastal-in the realm of fashion)would have the real deal-as in an item I can only covet but never own, oh bills and real life how you mess up grand plans I have for my wallet.
(Now just about two weeks ago I made an internal, private decision that I needed to wear rings more often, and the majority of those I own are dainty vintage costume pieces bought at an antique store while I was still in high school-so I've been keeping my eyes peeled for rather large, cocktail like, rings...rings...and more rings. So you can imagine what this lady's ring did to my brain; besides the bewitching factor it had on me, it was an "a-ha" moment where I knew that her ring was right on target for something I should have for myself)
Ok, so life goes on...I exist day to day without her amazing ring. I keep thinking about it, and I keep remembering that I want some rings, but no big deal.
After work on Tuesday I had all intentions to stop by Urban Outfitters, instead I was sidetracked and ended up spending 2 hours in stupid Forever 21.
Just as I was about to purchase my frivolous finds, I figured why not scan thru the accessories section really quick. Yeah, why not?

And BAM! There is was!
A complete, cheap, knock-off version of the very ring I had been thinking of since Saturday!
Ok, so I'll be the first to admit this is such a horrible excuse for her ring, but at $10.50, am I about to pass up the very look I'd only coveted days before?
Hell no!
So yeah...this will work for me. Especially considering I am not one to own nice things because I usually break them, discard them, lose them, or grow tired within weeks.
So this little cheapie version will suit my lifestyle very well.
I just can't believe out of nowhere this thing in the back of my head that I could not shake was sitting right there in a little crystal bowl at Forever 21.

My lucky day!

On another note, my bangs were in my eyes!
I almost can't see, and they're sooooo long that I don't really keep them in their position for long. Usually after about 2 seconds I flip my head so the bangs naturally swish to the left. And/or they take it upon themselves to split in sections all of their own choosing, whatever the case they never lay like this on my forehead when at this length-I just can't work with them tickling my lashes.

So out with my crappy scissors, and snip-snip!

I suppose my newly trimmed bangs will make their appearance this weekend-being as how that will be the next time I have a post.
(and oh man--what a busy weekend I have ahead of me. A baby shower, a birthday party, and an all day photoshoot for my friend's clothing line. So much for thinking I'll get to catch up on my much needed sleep. And to top it all off, none of the subways I can/need to take are running this weekend-supposedly a shuttle bus is what NYC thinks is a suitable replacement. Great!)


urbanrhetoric said...

your diy bangs are so cute...and i'm in love with your ring. i might just go into f21 and stalk it myself...


Charmalade said...

Haha, I'm a huge fan of the Glamourai too. I know that they're all people, but I do sort of see her on this pedestal because she has this high-end NY style that seems effortless.

And you're rocking that ring (pun intended)! I know all about certain items bewitching the mind like crazy; how lucky you found a cheaper version online!

The Daily Fashionista said...

I'm feeling a little ring envy going on right now! I too wish I could afford the nicer things in life, but I guess that's why Forever21 exist.

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Aww, my bangs are that long and they all sway in ten billion different directions, lol. I should give them a trim now that you mention! =D
Hope you have fun this weekend, even tho it sounds you'll be mondo busy!

PS: You won my hat giveaway dear! So I'll be emailing you for your addy. =D

Indy said...

I love your new bangs! You look so chic!

I love it when you find stuff you've coveted...and for a great price - that ring is gorgey!

Anonymous said...

Your bangs are very pretty!
Rings are great, yours in so nice.

Hipstercrite said...

every time i cut bangs for myself, i end up looking like someone from the band Heart. it's bad news.
great ring!

Jessica said...

I love finds like those!

syd vicious said...

I'm glad you bought that ring! It's lovely!

Clare said...

Yeah, I'm very much obsessed with the Glamourai's rings, too. Forever 21, eh? Just might have to make a trip down there this weekend... :)

Michelle said...

love the ring!!! lucky find.
ayy these trains. such a pain they need to "work" on them. service is horrible and prices just keep going up.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous ring, I love the color!
lovely blog, will def follow~

Kelley Anne said...

Great knock-off! The color is so beautiful. I love rings, but I don't like my hands so I'm not so inclined to draw attention to them. It sounds like a weird thing to not like about myself, but my sister has the most beautiful hands. Sigh. She thinks I'm crazy:)

daisybabie said...

oh my gosh! i just bought that ring in purple and there's a loverly green version too on the F21 website! i thought it was eye catching on their website, but it's even more rocking worn by you! awesome!

Little Ocean Annie said...

Oh, I love how huge that ring is! you could totally win a fight with it if you wanted to.

Sonya said...

Beautiful ring! Nice blog, too.

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhhhh that ring is perfection, and for such a great deal! You look so gorgeous with your hair style like that!

Barbora said...

Looooooooooooove the ring! WWhat a beauty:)

Jennie said...

Great find on the ring! I collect big rings myself, but had no luck at Forever 21 last week.

New obsession: double finger rings!

Neekoh said...

Great find on that ring. I'm definitely envious.
And loving the bangs, they suit you so well!