Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vintage View #11: 30 going on 13...

On occasion I've been known to shop in the juniors department--aack! I've always been afraid of becoming one of those moms that wears items her 14 year old daughter should be wearing, not her.
Nowadays, the only thing I've figured I got going for me in this realm is that I may not have to worry about having that 14 year old daugther.

But let's face it, looks like I've become that woman- too old to shop in the juniors department.

(Actually, a moment of triumph came about last year when I finally passed up the 4th floor of Macy's because I had officially decided the juniors' department offered nothing of my liking, and that I had finally "grown-up" to the contemporary floor. Now mind you I will still shop the juniors dept. anywhere else, its just something with the one at Macy's that makes me fret).

So as I try and try to put back that pair of doc martens, or that Betsey Johnson bracelet, or this or that....sometimes its just too powerful and the juniors' force takes hold!

And bam! I buy something that I wear a few times only because I feel a bit silly in it. (ummm such is the case with 95% of what I buy at Forever 21. Yep, pretty certain I don't belong there these days either--but its everyone's guilty pleasure right?)

So what was it when I was at Beacon's Closet that convinced me this dress would be different? Oh yeah, the fact that it was vintage.

I obviously was convinced, just because there were plastic buttons and a tiny little-girl floral motif, it was still perfectly suitable for a 30year old.

And after a day of wearing it to brunch with the ladies...its pretty obvious it was made for a 13 year old girl--but one with a big chest! Yeah; it's a juniors' vintage dress right? Short arms, short length, juvenile print...what possessed me?

Whatever the case, and whatever age I may be, too old or not-I still think its cute.

*Vintage dress-Beacon's Closet
*Felt applique headband-Bust Craftacular (craft fair)
*Argyle wool tights-unknown origins
*Wedge boots-Old Navy


Leproust Vintage said...

I am totally the same way! Junior vintage dresses are my absolute favorite! I am so afraid that I am going to be one of "those moms" someday too! haha! :)

Indy said...

That dress is too cute!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

You are my SHERO :)! I thought I was the only one who as this LOVE forjunior clothing ::smiles::.....don't have some of the cutest trends? Not all, but definitely most. It's like; if I can fit it, AND it's cute on me? ---Sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner moment hehe. I like Forever 21's (21) outlet better... :) Cute outfit as always...loving the RAD tights :)

jane st. clair said...

i think this is an example of when having rules is good but they occasionally must be broken. i don't think it looks too young. for me, the worst offenders are logo tees, too-low-rise pants, and ultra-trendy items. i think your dress is chic and fun.

Kelley Anne said...

I love it....but I'm totally in love with anything girly. You look amazing and when I saw the pics, I definitely did not get the feeling that it was 'too young.'

ANA said...

I love it, I definitely don't think it's too young!

- Ana

June Paski said...

loveee ur vintage dress!


xoxo Kellz* said...

love it babe and that headband super cute!!!

Charmalade said...

I dunno, I think that you brought the junior style into your own-- I'm actually reminded of a playful version of the mod look! It's very girly cute, but in a grown-up way. :)

Krimly said...

I love so much your headband!!!


The Daily Fashionista said...

Well, you definitely rock this look so I wouldn't worry about it. Just don't tell Stacy or Clinton. They hang women over 30 shopping in the junior's dept. Is 25 too old for that too? Cause I still do it.

Clare said...

You are NEVER too old to shop in the junior section, especially when it's vintage, especially when it's as awesome as that dress. You look adorable!

Anonymous said...

That dress is fantastic!!! I still shop in the little girls (8-10 years old) department, I recently found the best floral dress there and I also tend to shop in the little boys department for plaid button ups. I'm pretty sure they have better options.

Super cute headband

missDTM said...

SO CUTE! i always worry that my style is too "little kid/teenager" and that i should be "more mature" with my clothes. but...screw it! you look cute and i think it's still age appropriate...

Isquisofrenia said...

this dress is too cute
love how you paired it with!!!

Isquisofrenia said...

what? really hahha
i usually go to my emails and reply to everyone ,but i havent gone to the latest comments yet
but thank you for telling me =)

alya said...

I don't think the junior's department is inherently evil, given that you are small enough to fit into the clothing.

What really bothers me is some of my friends that are ten years older than me - putting them in their mid-thirties - wearing low rise jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts explaining what store they were bought in. They look like my younger brother for God's sake. Grow up and buy some real clothes, not something meant for study hall.

As you're not wearing anything close to that, and it looks adorable, I say to hell with what department it belongs in.

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

The dress is absolutely sweet! I unfortunately cannot shop anywhere else but the junior's department because I am just too short to fit in petites, besides the clothes there make me look like I'm 40 so not cool. =)

Btw would love to invite you to join my giveaway!!


Anonymous said...

great dress girl! That color looks FAB on u!


anne fernandes said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love the vintage look!


Anonymous said...

HAHA I am totally going to be one of those Moms! I have this thing... as long as I fit into Junior clothes, I am going to shop in the Junior section... just tweet it a little to match my age. Is this bad? Oh well..

Anyways, this dress is adorable! It fits you so nice and I happen to love plastic buttons. ;D