Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Rewind: February 12-14th, 2010--PT. 1

This Weekend Rewind is going to be a Two Parter!
first part tonight-The EVENTS
second part-next post-The OUTFITS

Let me preface for any of my new readers-there was a huge, I mean HUGE amount of fashion bloggers all over NYC this weekend.
If you're unaware of it all, well there was a blog conference organized by Chictopia. Needless to say we all just HAD to attend.

Although let me tell you, I enjoyed all the time together OUTSIDE the conference best!

(Actual conference,ummmmmm not so much! Let's just say I dozed off SEVERAL times!)

After seeing the below, you'll know exactly why our FREE TIME together was much more exciting than the poor acoutics and a ill-advised seating arrangements @ Chictopia 10.

Friday: February 12, 2010
3 of Cups-Blogger Meet-up
Mel and I had been discussing for over a month where we should attempt a blogger meet-up. I went with my trusty, please everybody, fave bar about town-THREE OF CUPS.
I'll be the first to admit I was more than delighted by the turnout
(actually, I had all but given up on having anyone other than myself, Mel, and our out-of-town friend, Christina being there. Clearly.....I was mistaken! But that's a good thing.)
3 of Cups-Blogger Meet-up
Merl from ClydesRebirth and Christina from SecondSkin
Redhead Mel
Mel from Idee_geniale (of course) testing out red hair courtesty of Merl.
(Oh and can I just tell you that not only does ClydesRebirth have some of the most beautiful and fun jewelry EVER-check it on her blog....but her personality is amazing! This girl is top-notch fun. Love her!)
Lil' Rocker kid
And then out of nowhere, the youngest rock star known to man popped up on the scene.
(seriously, don't know where he came from or why his parents let him act like this in public. Pretty certain had this been me and my parents when I was 8, well I'm not sure...we were never allowed to leave the table and ever do something rambunctious in a restaurant to begin with. But, I'm not gonna lie--he was entertaining!!)

And out came my inner groupie!

And after the performance, he left a rich man. I gave him a dollar!
(but only after asking for change from the bartender firstly. Haha, I know....class act Nickie!
C'mon I was not about to give that lil' punk my $10!)

Saturday: February 13, 2010
Breakfast before Chictopia10

Saturday morning came about much too soon after all of my fun on Friday.

Yet, I was not about to miss a chance to have a little blogger brunch with girls from some of my favorite blog reads.

(I'm a geek w/a few really FAVE FAVE reads obviously)
She's such a fun girl w/great style.

And they were all super nice...since I have to admit I was a little shy about the brunch knowing that really I was only invited because I was tagging along with Mel. But everyone was very sweet and great to talk with, so it turned out just swell!
(You all know what I'm talking about right? You know like when you were friends with the popular girl in high school but not really any of her friends. Haha! Yeah, that's how I felt going into it! In the end I'm happy--and I felt kinda cool when everyone seemed to enjoy my suggestion of going to the legendary Economy Candy Store afterwards and they had to rely on my navigation skills to get us to said Candy Store.)
Breakfast before Chictopia10
I didn't manage to get everyone in attendance on camera in my little random shots, but if you're curious to know it was Me, Idee_Geniale, Second Skin, Selective Potential, Delightfully Tacky, Blonde Bedhead, Orchid Grey, and Jen Loves Kev
breakfast before Chictopia10
oh, Oh , yep....Mel and I AGAIN!
By now my Weekend Rewinds should just be called "What Mel and Nickie did this Weekend"
After the blogger breakfast, it was onward to the Chictopia 10 conference....where I didn't feel the need to ever pull my camera out of my bag. Sorry readers.
I just wasn't feeling it, oh UNTIL THE LAST SEGMENT. I have to admit the fashion show(s) were the highlight of the day!

Saturday Night:
The Chictopia 10 After party...
Kim from Crowded Closet (you might remember Mel and I met those ladies a few weeks back)
-is it me, or does Kim have the most flawless skin EVER?

By the time I arrived, about an hour and a half late (fashionably late of course), people were already on the dancefloor. Showgirl Godzilla (my new long lost friend...can't wait to hang out again) and I decided it's because they were from out of town :)
Just kidding ladies!
Dancing is fine by me....I was born to dance.

Just wasn't born to dance at swanky hotels like the Tribeca Grand.

I'm much more of a dive bar and jukebox kinda girl. I barely know Lady Gaga songs, let alone whatever else they were playing last night. So yeah....not my thing.
(So pretty much a half hour after my arrival I bolted back home and ended the night with Apollo Ono and some speedskating Olympic style--LOSER!
-me, not Apollo Ono)
Blonde Bedhead and Delightfully Tacky had no problem cut'n the rug though!

And my trio...Mel, me, and Christina.
I feel like I'm standing between two sisters, aaaah. Or maybe 3 sisters, only if that were the case I'd be the milkman's baby by the looks of this! haha

So there you have it. My crazy Blog-O-Mania weekend!
Sunday: February 14, 2010

A Day of Rest! and Valentines' Delights (for some)
I did nothing but laundry, not even a Valentine's surprise for me :(
BF failed BIG TIME on that front! oooopsie boyfriend-way to go!

But........ if it's Valentine's Day.......doesn't that mean it's time for my FAVE RAVE GIVEAWAY?

Yep-it's time!

Actually as I type this it's 11:40pm, so let's get this show underway.
ahem....cough cough.


Woohoo! Congratulations!
I'll contact you tomorrow and we'll get this Fave Rave Surprise underway and shipped out!

(winner was chosen @ random by having BF give me a number between 1 and the # of entries I had. His # was 17)


showgirl godzilla said...

obsessed. more hanging out ASAP, please!

Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

OMG! Fun! I'm totally on board with you on the shy thing and the dive bar thing. That chictopia after party was way too pretentious for my blood.

Oh, and that one male model... Yummy.

Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

P.S. You make me feel so popular!

Jessica said...

These photos are so so fun to look at. I wish I could've been there! I hope I get to meet some of my favorite bloggers someday. Thanks so much for sharing these!

merl said...

You are a darling. Thank you so much for the sweet comments! I had SO MUCH fun with you girls!! I'm about to sell my kidney to come live there!! Xo

Hipstercrite said...


Lara said...

It looks like you girls had the best time! I am so sad i could not make it out. :( Maybe next time. Or maybe one day someone will hold something in Chicago (yeah right...because our fashion scene is so in...)! Then I can make you all come here!

Lara said...

Oh an if you want a dive bar...Chicago has them. We aren't really that awesome enough to have something "swanky". Swanky actually refers to many places that ARE divey and the owner is trying to be sarcastic with the name.

urbanrhetoric said...

for the 103rd time, thanks so much for being so sweet to me. i felt a the whole experience.

oh! and i was stuck in front of the bathroom door and had to deal with people basically climbing over my shoulder the whole time. not fresh. at all.


Kelley Anne said...

This sounds strange just writing it, but its so novel seeing all of you together:) It looks like you had a blast this weekend. I can't wait to see part II.

Isquisofrenia said...

so how was it
tell me more about it hhahha
did i miss something good??
did they serve cocktails there or beer ? hahha

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Loved reading this entire post! So so great to meet you!

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

yay, looks like you had an awesome time. sorry i missed it all. i'll tell you all my dc fail stories next time we meet up. xo

Amanda said...

Ahhhh, I remember a few short years ago, listening to Dolly on the jukebox watching Michael Phelps win (although I'm still convinced he didn't win them all) his 7 gold medals while making fun of bratty girls in NYC with you dear friend.

Unknown said...

so great meeting you girl!! and I felt the same way..I was tagging along with Tieka! I LOVED the candy store. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Aww your weekend sounds and looks wonderful! So glad you had a great time...and got to meet some wonderfully amazing people!

Much love,