Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Rewind: February 12-14th, 2010--PT. 2

Part Two of the Weekend Rewind:

The Outfits!

Friday: February 12, 2010

Rough Night out...came home too late after a long day of work.
And this photo, everything about it, it explains the state I was in-
fuzzy, poorly focused, messy, too much clutter in the background
If only I had managed to have one of the blogger ladies to take an outfit shot at Three of Cups I could've refrained from what I've posted here. Too much fun meeting them to stop and ask if someone would take my pic though. I'd feel too silly at such a request, even if that's what we're all into, no way could I have posed in front of semi-strangers and gotten much better results.

The outfit:
*Purple blouse w/black fringe-BCBGeneration
*Black turtleneck-thrift store
*Black pencil skirt-H&M
*Black opaque tights-Hue
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Silver vintage owl necklace-Thrift Store

Saturday (morning/day): February 13, 2010
Off to breakfast with some of the blog girls (see previous post)
Then onward to the Chictopia 10 Conference.
The Outfit:
*Black 3/4 sleeve jacket-H&M
*Black dress-Nicole Miller
*Printed fringe scarf-H&M
*Black/Gold skinny belt-Forever 21
*Black leggings-Flexees
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Gold bangle bracelets-Forever 21
*Gold vintage earrings-a past bday gift (thanks Laurie!)

Saturday (night): February 13, 2010
Chictopia 10 afterparty @ the Tribeca Grand Hotel.
Making good use of my Fashism contest winnings, courtesy of Rent-The-Runway!
(Don't forget if you want to join Rent-the-Runway, it's invite go here)

Too bad my dress was a size too big in the waist and hips--darn ill proportioned body of mine!
It bothered me all evening that in reality a dress like this should've been altered to fit skin tight. It's a pity that I had to return it, therefore being unable to snip and sew, pin it, fix it.
Subtleties like this make me fidget all evening-it really bothered me, I hope no one noticed.
The Outfit:
*Black vintage velvet jacket-Vintage Store in Kalamazoo, MI
*Gray optical illusion dress-Robert Rodriguez Collection
*Black opaque tights-Hue
*Black patent-leather maryjanes w/crazy heel-Jessica Simpson
*Silver chain necklaces-H&M
*Silver vintage necklace-Thrift Store
*Silver sequin cuff-Wet Seal
Hey Jess--clearly I'm a fan of your shoes;
as silly as it may be to admit to liking something Jessica Simpson related.
But your shoes--they're fun, comfortable for all their height, and never a blister!
More please!

Sunday: February 14, 2010
(Valentine's Day = Laundry Day)
As I already mentioned, BF let me I saw no reason to get all spiffy in hopes of a dinner or movie, or flowers, or chocolates.
Instead, it was me and the laundromat.

Curious, as I've always been about this subject, but what do you all wear for laundry day?
(or do you wear your pjs cause you're lucky enough to have a washer/dryer in your place?)

The Valentine's Day Outfit
("hopelessly romantic" I know-psshhha!):
*Gray chunky sweater-who knows
*Beige t-shirt-H&M
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown cowboy booties-Steve Madden

(Large Forehead Alert: could be as bad as my Friday nite outfit pic...sorry)


alya said...

I love those heels! And I agree, it makes me feel just as silly to admit it, but every pair of shoes I own from the JS line have turned out to be super comfortable despite how insane they look.

Charmalade said...

Sorry to hear that Valentine's Day didn't fall through for you... but the photos from your last post look amazing! I have to admit, I did fangirl over them a bit, woops.

I love your Saturday outfit, but the Sunday heels are to die for! They're insane, in a great way.

Anonymous said...

oh I really like your Sat morning and evening outfit!!! Super cute!

I'm the same way about ill fitting clothing, I pull on them all day and wiggle and most likely look silly.

missDTM said...

i am LOVING your saturday during the day outfit!! and those saturday night SHOES! i'm drooling over here...

Michelle said...

its such a gorgeous dress, but from the picture it doesnt look SO huge. really pretty.

i wear pjs because we have a washer, but my moms friend use to say her friend would do all her makeup and wear stilettos to do her laundry. isnt that insane?

merly k said...

please tell me you disciplined him appropriately? sucky sucky :/

in other news, your outfits were even cuter in person and i can't believe i missed seeing those sat night heels!! im (im)patiently waiting for some j simpson wedges to come to marshalls ;)

Isquisofrenia said...

omg so many awesome outfits love your jacket the fringe detail is killer
love your shoes , your dresses, jewelry everything.
this rent a dress thing, is it free or you have to pay something??
that dress looks perfect on you
and lastly hahhah you look beautiful with no bangs too!

FashionJazz said...

Luv all ur outfits hun and I just caught up on ur blog and the chictopia pics!! Awesome! xx

The Daily Fashionista said...

The dress you wore on Saturday night was truly fantastic!! Oh and I would've taken your outfit photo on Friday night! I was trying to get a good photo too, but ended up not getting any:( Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Those JSimpson shoes are killer! I know what you mean I always feel so self conscious looking at them in department stores, but they're AWESOME!

LOVE your style, subbed! <3

Indy said...

The second outfit is my favorite...I love the tiny pop of color that the scarf brings!

RETRO REVA said...

my valentine's day was sub-par, but my hubs makes up for it in so many other ways. i did get my fav. chocolate covered cherries today (tues.). about the wash day at my house, i wear my p.j.'s but hate to go to the basement to wash. too many steps! i am very lazy! i kinda miss the simpler days of laundry mats and tiny apartments with less "stuff". i am going through a simplify phase. good to meet you!
The Feb. 13th shoes are gorgeous!

Indiana Adams said...

Every outfit of yours is perfection! Even your laundry outting outfit! How do you do it? Oh, wait, that's right. You were born awesome.