Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who Gives a Hoot?

Dear readers (I love you so)...

Your mission, if you so choose to accept:


(the one I wear several times a week-from thrift store)

It's common knowledge I've got a thing for owls-I'd like to think this goes back way before they became a crafter's cute staple go-to animal.
In fact, I know my little "thing" for the avian-kind came way before I got into crafting myself.
(small lil' guy from Leproust Vintage, larger guy from thrift store)

A quick investigation through my Daily Wears will prove that this is not just a one-time thing. And for all my routine readers (I thank you big time!)you know I'm wearing them all the time!
(the little guy that got a "Marie Antoinette-style" beheading before my first wear, successfully glued his head back on. From Brooklyn Flea)

So as I've had a solid 6 owl necklaces for some time now,
let's work together to expand my collection.

I desperately want, to find some unique vintage owls...

and I need your help!

(gift from friend when visiting the Ohio thrift stores--thanks Adriane!)

So friends, if you'd like to aid me in this search, just keep your eyes peeled.

Anytime you're at a flea market, a thrift store, an estate sale, or rooting through some dead person's loot-

keep my penchant for owls in mind.

I am more than willing to pay you for your findings, no problem!
(although please keep in mind the most expensive owl I've purchased rang in at $20, don't be a sucker for vendors like the ones at the Chelsea flea markets that will try to convince you they're worth $50-75.00+! Heck no!)

So, if you come across a Mr. Hoot Owl that you think I MUST HAVE, give me a head's up...
I will repay you the monetary value and you'll have my undying appreciation.
(Oh and you might just find yourself on my list of BFFs)

And if you've got cold feet about rushing into this, snap a quick picture and email it to me:

Thanks friends!


urbanrhetoric said...

deal....as long as you look for turtle necklaces (or rings, i'm not picky!) for me...


Lara said...

I clearly have an owl obsession... I have a lot of owl items. I have collected them from all different places. To the point where my family and friends just buy them for me whenever they see something trinkety that they know I would like.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Some of the best jewerly comes from the Thrift store! I find beauty there--from trendy coats to "omg?! I've been looking for that CD!"! Great Finds all the time. I'm an expert there...whenever I choose to go. the Owl is unique. I'll see if I see any online, I'm still trying to get over the fact of my left eye catching a cold in it.

Francy said...

I love the owl with the turquoise stone. Very pretty! I love thrifted jewelry. You can find the quirkiest stuff!


Alexandra Hoover said...

I'll keep any eye out! I used to have an owl, but have NO clue what happened to him! My animal guy now is a cute little elephant I bought in India, and he makes me want to collect a variety of animals, so let me know if you find any random cute little ones!!!

jane st. clair said...

i am ridiculously obsessed with owls. i just got my niece a onesie (she's 1 and a half) from the store where i work that says "hooooo loves you baby?" and has a cute little owl on it. i bought her the stuffed owl rattle too but then i couldn't part with it. (weirdo alert!). i think it's b/c my grandma has collected owl figurines since before i was born and even though she was picky about what we could do when we were little, she let us hold each and every one despite their breakable quality. i just got her this one from swarovski: http://www.ross-simons.com/images/301033c.jpg (i mean, what do you get for a rich old lady who has everything?) anyway, this wasn't supposed to be about me. my point is, i love your owl stuff and owl love. fabulous.

jen lainy said...

I don't know if you have a Jo-Ann fabrics there by you or not but I got a really cool owl from there and just put it on a simple chain. If you want I can get one for you just let me know. My email is: chocovanillakiwi@yahoo.com

You can check out the necklace at:

Kelley Anne said...

I used to collect owl jewelry too. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

Hipstercrite said...

craziness. a fellow blogger here in texas just blogged about same necklace! http://www.adoredaustin.com/2010/02/ruts-can-be-good-as-can-be-anchovies.html

Hipstercrite said...

p.s. really love the top pic.

urbanrhetoric said...

guess what? i have a gift for you....unfortunately, it is not on a chain, but its pretty darn cute...


LovelyLeigh said...

OMG!!! YESS!!! MORE OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so fantastic!!! Love love love love!!!

Indy said...

I love owls, too, and have also started a collection! My first one I found at an antique store and didn't buy it. Then, I was so worried someone else would buy it that I went back and thank goodness it was still there! It was only $6 and is my favorite one!

I even did my first blog post ever about it.

I love your collection, and I hope fellow bloggers help increase your collection!

missDTM said...

LOVE these owls!!! P and i have one here that we were supposed to put on another chain but we haven't yet...and i have a few that i got from f21.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oooh LOVE LOVE LOVE the owl jewelry!! You have a beautiful collection. I love finding gems like that at thrift stores and estate sales. :)

F21 is going through an owl phase too it seems. I just bought a really cute silver owl ring from there, plus a turqoise owl necklace. They also have another silver necklace where the owl has a clock in the middle. Soo cute!

Hannah said...

A few people have suggested this already, but F21 has some cute owl jewelry under $10!
I loooove owl jewelry, what a fun collection you have!

anna marie said...

I'm an owl junkie too. You know where I found a large chunk of my owls? At a nursing home! I worked there for a few years, and vintage jewelry always came in for Bingo prizes, and I was allowed first pick. I have the exact same owl as your gold one with the gold swinging eyes - in silver!