Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daily Wear: The Boys' Club


Today I looked like One of the Guys...

I say that because I'm pretty certain my BF and I dressed within the same realm today, as in our outfits were probably 90% the same. Uhhhhh.....
Sometimes he wears off on me, classic style and all.
(its true, BF does not take nearly the time, effort, or chances that I do in terms of fashion, this classic look is a complete rip off of his everyday style; minus the skinny jeans tucked into boots.)
*Brown Sweater-H&M
*Peach vintage plaid YSL mens shirt-Thrift Store
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
*Gold vintage cameo ring-Ebay (I think, can't remember)

I did take the time to add-on one of my cameo rings; I thought that might be a little dose of femininity that this outfit needed. I could've used some more accessories-but too late now.
Did I ever mention how much I adore cameos? Yes, for real...they come in a close 2nd to my vintage owls. It's the antique-ness, slightly gothic vibe, and the romanticism of each that really gets me everytime. I see one and I instantly want it!
This is just one of those items I couldn't resist:

Oh....and some more fun random facts about my day
(you know besides me dressing like my BF and talking gibberish about cameos),

-I brought home my vintage owl necklace that Clyde'sRebirth scored for me on Ebay. Not to mention that she felt so inclined to send him with a little friend (another owl!). I'll be sure to wear both soon (not at the same time) and to give her a well deserved shout-out

-I also got a package from La Chouette en Dimanche; lots and lots of makeup! All because I swapped a skirt with her. Who doesn't love loads of make-up? Certainly not me--thanks pal!

-And I stopped by Other Music after work to pick up a copy of She & Him Vol. 2--can't wait to go put it on my ipod right about NOW!



Indy said...

I looove those boots! Can't wait to see your new owls!

Little Ocean Annie said...

LOVE that ring!


chelsea rebecca said...

LOVE this outfit!!
that ring is too cute!

Mel said...

I love your casual look, those boots are lovely!

The Daily Fashionista said...

Sounds like a good day:) I can't wait to see what Meryl sent you! Owls are crazy cool, especially vintage owls.

Pierrot le Fou said...

gorgeous look, very annie hall :)

great blog!

a-man-duh said...

How's the album?

Neekoh said...

Hey, if he dresses like this every day, you've got one well-dressed boyfriend!


Isquisofrenia said...

this outfit is so good, love the sweater and boots obviously!
love she and him
serioulsy they are the perfect couple(music wise)she should sing with her husband too ,no?
m ward is amazing!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You look fabulous! I love this outfit. And that ring is gorgeous. :)

I hope you are having a lovely week, my dear! xoxo

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love the way the collar shirt peeks through the bottom! I should try this layering style sometime, thanks for the inspiration!