Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Rewind: March 19-21, 2010

What a fun weekend!

Friday=The Runaways
Saturday=Dusty Rose Vintage photoshoot
Sunday=Breakfast and Shopping

Friday: March 19th, 2010
I've been talking about it for nearly a week, and the big day finally arrived.
The big day= going to the movies for "The Runaways".

Holy schnikeys! What a good movie. Good if you like that sorta thing.
And pretty much the only thing that could've kept me from liking it was the cast.
But let me just tell you...Kristen Stewart nailed it!
I don't care what people say about it, all I know is I will finally give that girl a break.
It's official--I like you, Kristen Stewart!!!
(unfortunately, I do not feel the same about lil' Dakota Fanning. She's just a bit too innocent and still a bit too child star-esque in my mind. I'll never be able to shake that notion for sure.)
*Black bomber jacket-H&M
*Black studded vest-Aryn K
*Gray t-shirt-Forever 21
*Multi-color scarf-H&M
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Beige purse-Makowsky
*Gold necklace-Forever 21

As I look through my weekend, I'm realizing it was one of many layers...I really just kept piling it all on. Starting with Friday; the t-shirt then the vest then the necklace(s) then the scarf...

Saturday: March 20th, 2010
Saturday morning started out meeting the girls-Idee_Geniale, Showgirl Godzilla, and Dusty Rose Vintage for brunch.

We needed some grub and cocktails in our system for what lie ahead...
Once we were full in our bellies, and the cocktails had us giggly, we headed over to Dusty Rose's studio for a photoshoot
(more on this + photos + lots of laughs to come in the following days...stay tuned)
*Blue chambray blouse-Forever 21
*Cream knit dress-Urban Outfitters
*Multi color mesh print leggings-Jean Paul Gaultier (for Target)
*Chartreuse fishnet ankle socks-H&M
*Beige snakeskin peeptoe booties-Rachel by Rachel Roy
*Cream vintage belt-Thrift Store
*Red beaded necklace-Forever 21
*Tortoise shell shades-Old Navy

Saturday was such a beautiful day, lovely weather, and full-on SPRING!
I chose not to go overboard with the "summer-time" threads...I mean its still March. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
So I layered in lightweight items, but brought my jacket just in case.
I did let my leggings and the peep-toe booties make their debut. I was a little worried about the comfort-factor of the booties; I knew we'd be walking around a bit. But we all know me and shoes don't do practicality all that well. What am I supposed to do...I don't really own any flats, especially any that would work with this outfit.
In the end, plenty of walking did occur and I'm happy to report those shoes are pretty comfy for what they are. No complaints from me!
I'm smitten with these booties.

Sunday: March 21, 2010
Sunday, BF and I decided we needed a "big breakfast" as we like to call it. Basically, "Big Breakfast" just means we gorge on lots of hardy breakfast items, toast-sausage-bacon-omelettes-loads of coffee, etc.
However, if I was to partake in "big breakfast" I was told I was not allowed to shower because I take too long getting ready. Nice, BF--thanks.
But a little dirt and grit isn't going to keep me from "big breakfast", so I took one for the team (what team am I talking about???) and I just poofed up the hair a bit and threw on a few items I've worn throughout the years. (to the point that I don't even have to think about what goes with what...I've been wearing the scarf for instance since I was 21, same for the t-shirt. And the outfit is such a no-brainer for me because I've been doing this look since I was about 21. Not sure when that time will come when I rid my life of some of these items that I hang onto forever??)
Almost immediately after "Big Breakfast" was over, Mel texted me to see if I wanted to hit-up Target with her. YES PLEASE!
Who doesn't love a trip to Target? (Apparently the city bus doesn't love it, as I waited for over an hour to take it to Target...aargh! I hate you public transportation!!)

After Target (no score on the Liberty of London goods--everything in stock was too big), we headed over to Urban Outfitters. I do have to say, I need to put a stop to my excess spending. With this warmer weather, I'm in the mood for a brand new wardrobe, and it seems I cannot stop buying skirts! I bought 3 new skirts at UO!!! And I can't wait to wear them all-but honestly, I do NOT need to be buying this stuff.
(But do we ever really need to be buying what we buy? No. I'm a shop-a-holic, I don't know what else to do with my free time. Ok, I know what to do with my free time, but I don't want to do chores, sewing, cleaning, NO WAY!!!)
*Gray bomber jacket-H&M
*Black vintage concert t-shirt-Thrift Store
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown booties-Steve Madden
*Black polka dot scarf-Express
*Beige purse-Makowsky
*Black shades-Ray Ban

Hope everyone else had a splendid weekend. I'm assuming its Spring-like almost everywhere, at least a little bit, no??? I hope you all got out there and enjoyed it!


Indy said...

Wow, I love your scarf in the first outfit and your boots in the last! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

Indy said...

Oh yeah, would you like to trade links?

Tom said...


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

"The Runways"? Heard of the movie, but I didn't like the direction, so I won't be seeing it...besides, Kristen Steward is only LOVEABLE in "The Panic Room" and the sequls to New Moon, ...other than that? NO. Dakota is "cute" nuff said--next. .....can't wait for the new one in June! I still haven't seen the second one, smh.

Anywho, lovin' the 3rd outfit from Sunday...and the art on the Friday :) Have agroovy day :)

kellywanhainen said...

if you're ever getting rid of your "since i was 21" items, pass 'em on down to me! you know i love that kind of stuff!

Alexandra Hoover said...

A+ on that last outfit. Very rock and roll of you ;-) Not that I don't love all your outfits, because clearly I always do.

Leproust Vintage said...

Your weekend outfits were rockin! I love them all, especially the colors of Saturday's outfit!

I am glad to hear the the runaways was good....I am going to have to see it!

Mel said...

Oh wow now I REALLY want to see The Runaways! But I agree, it's difficult to imagine Dakota Fanning as an adult actress when we've grown up seeing her, well, grow up with us. AHA I knew Kristen Stewart had to have acting chops under all the Twilight mania! I love your leather jacket and those lovely tights!

lamia said...

Very cute outfit!! Your pictures are very nice!!!

jen lainy said...

OMG!! I'm so in love with your outfit from Saturday, I love the textures and all the layering! Fantastic!

The Daily Fashionista said...

Well I'm glad you gave The Runaways a good review. I can trust your judgment so now I'll have to go see it:) And all your weekend looks are super cute, as always.

idée_géniale said...

Ah hum (cough* cough*) my, these are lovely pictures! Who does your photography? well, all but Sunday I guess! hahaha just kidding. i don't need to be "credited" as they say, because i'll just say that i took them here in the comments! I can't wait to start posting our photoshoot pictures!

Sarah K. said...

I love saturday's outfit, and your steve madden boots. can't believe you walked around in those heels all day! your an inspiration, haha.

honestly, one of the things I feel like I really miss out on in Canada is Target. that may sound funny, but it seems to have so much great stuff for cheap, and I can't get to it! walmart just isn't the sameeee.

Kate said...

*looks out at the pouring rain*

Maybe not so much.

Some lovely outfits there! :)

Kate x

Anonymous said...

Hey dumbass, Dakota is portraying a 15 year old cherie currie in the movie so it's pretty fitting that she was 15 at the time of filming this movie. I see you have a t-shirt the poser band poison {gag} but do you own any of joan and/or the runaways. I'd like to see.

Little Ocean Annie said...

Haha "dumbass" you looked awesome all weekend! your bangs are looking so good!

Alexandra Hoover said...

Goddd Nickie you're SUCH a dumbass. Clearly these people regularly read your blog and know SO much about your liking for Joan Jett. I know what you mean about Dakota... she's just such a "child star" and seems so annoying and young, and I think there is probably a huge difference between these famous young rock and rollers and this bratty little actress.

urbanrhetoric said...

love love love these outfits...and i'm still unsure about seeing the movie (mostly b/c of dakota).

and i'm sorry about the above post. some folks are just jerks.


Dusty Rose Vintage said...

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that first "dumbass". Who says that???

So, have you been having fun checking out the photos? I've narrowed it down to about 250 favorites, but it's gonna be REALLY hard to pick the best out of those. You all just look too hot!!!

Lara said...

I can't agree with Dusty Rose Vintage. I say dumbass...all the time. I also say jerkface, and butthead. I am quite ok with how incredibly 80s/dorky that is.

Now I really really want to see The Runaways! I imagine I will not like Dakota Fanning in it much either. I mean, I just saw her in the War of the Worlds like 2 weeks ago on HBO and they movie is practically new. I just can't see how dressing that cute little smidgey child in a bustier and fishnets can equal to Cheri Currie.

merly k said...

seriously I'm glad someone said it.. It's been on the tip of my tongue since I met you... I mean honestly how cute can you get??? what's that? someone called you a dumbass?.. and left it anonymous? ohh.. that's nice too I guess..

Clare said...

I love all the layers in all these outfits!

Anonymous said...

These are some badass outfits. I especially love the scarf and the boots.

Sounds like a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

diggin ur SATURDAY belt girl!

xo, Kim

Lisa said...

I'm going to sound all teeny bopper here, but I am a huge fan of KStew and love her edgy-casual-I-don't-really-care sense of style. Too bad I can't pull that off.

I completely love your Fri look - great boots and bag.

Neekoh said...

OMG, I need to go find me some of those JPG for Target leggings! They're too cute!


kim said...

Don't give a crap about kristen or dakota or new moon sagas BUT the runaways movie was FANTASTIC! Will Probably go see it again.
Go to for film footage, etc & check it out for yourself.

Jessica - Wardrobes and Whimsy said...

So cool! I really love the scarf and jacket in the first look.

P.S. I tagged you in a recent post!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I really love the patterned floral scarf in the first pics! It adds a lot of interest to the outfit and is very pretty as well!

Spacely Peniro said...

love this