Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily Wear: A Hazy Start to the Usual

I was running late today; thanks to my snoozing and constant dream-like state I couldn't get out of. What a haze when I woke up.

I threw myself together a bit more hastily than my usual so-called haste.

When time is short, a t-shirt is my way to go.
And a simple color palatte too.

It all turned out ok.
Despite leaving my house 5min later than usual, I still managed to get to my destination at my usual time. Usual time being 5min. late. I can never be on time, try as I might.
It's a vice I always tell myself I've got to remedy.
Any tips?
(I've tried nearly everything: picking my outfits out at night, doesn't work-back to throwing things together in the morning. I've tried setting my clock 5min fast-doesn't work-I know its 5min fast therefore I snooze 5 min more. I've tried not putting on as much make-up-doesn't work, I play with my hair moreso instead. What can I do???)

Ok, so its not the end of the world. Just something to work on.

Once the day got underway, it was as it always is. No worries about my 5 min tardiness. And its expected at this point in my life.

After work, I trekked over to the camera store where a nice guy helped me get some film for my new Diana camera. He asked me a few questions, which I could not answer because I am beyond dumb when it comes to me and my cameras.
Luckily he was kind enough to offer up his time if I ever have any questions--as long as I agreed not to ask about anything related to the camera store. DEAL!
(You know who you are camera-man, so look out--I might bombard you with questions and constant ramblings)

Then my dear ol' pal Mel asked me if I was still in the area (we both work in the garment district of course; our offices are 2blocks apart to be exact). And yes, yes I was still in the area. So we got together for a quick lil' dinner and some catching up/girl talk if you will.

By the time I got home, I was looking WRECKED!
and now I'm tired, ready for bed. Ready to wake up and do this all over again.
Surely I should learn from today's snooze-fest, but I'm willing to bet it's going to happen the same way all over again come 7:00am.
I did it all while wearing:
*Black cardigan-???
*White t-shirt-Uniqlo
*Gray sweater skirt-H&M
*Black chiffon scarf-H&M
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Silver vintage necklace-thrift store

Oooooooh tomorrow is The Runaways! And the high is 70 degrees.
Wish me luck that I wake up when my alarm goes off so I can maybe have the time to survey my closet and put together something weather appropriate and tinged w/a hint of Joan Jett.
Um....ok, we'll see about that one; I'm going to work-how "rock n roll" is that? yep, not much.


Indy said...

I loooove your necklace! You look so great for having gotten dressed in a hurry!

Charmalade said...

I agree, you still look pretty smashing while in a hurry. Sometimes it works out nicely that way, doesn't it?

I'm terrible in the mornings too; I'm not quite sure how I'm going to revert back to waking up before noon once school starts again. D:

Toast with Charmalade

heather said...

you look really great for running late. absolutely put together and stylish. i love the turquoise necklace it really just adds that little bit of something extra. love.

The Daily Fashionista said...

I'm glad your gonna get to see the Runaways. Have a fun Friday:)

Clare said...

Well, for just-thrown-together, this looks AMAZING! I love the cardi and the shape of that skirt! Hope things calm down for you this weekend.

Neekoh said...

The skirt is gorgeous!!!
I wanna see the Runaways too. Looks like it's right up my alley!


Mel said...

Oh lovely cardigan! I can't wait to see The Runaways too!

Charlie said...

always a little late as well... you look great!

Tracy said...

Wow is that ever a great outfit! I love it and I want to wear it! :D

Delia Ann Kennedy said...

I looove the bomber jacket.