Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ah.....a "Seriously?" moment

And WTF to this comment (in regard to my love of Joan Jett's style):
"...I don't want to hear all this talk about how Joan inspired everyones look but they don't own any of her music."
My question in return:
Did you READ my post? or just glance at the pics?
Maybe you missed the part where I said,
"So with my Joan Jett album in tow, I headed off to see my stylist"
Times like this, I really really appreciate my loyal readers that have come to know me, know what I like, what I listen to, and would not even question such a thing.
And even if I were one of those teeny-boppers that's fallen head over heels for the Twilight franchise and now I just can't wait for the next Kristen Stewart movie, what's wrong with liking someone's style? More power to the 16yr olds out there that are going to take on Joan Jett's threads after they see this movie.
She looks awesome, so why wouldn't you want to covet that look?
Well thats my little giggle for today. While I appreciate everyone's comments, its funny when you get one of these semi-snarky ones once in a while.
Because really? Take your doubt on someone's legit-ness elsewhere.
Oh, and I have no more to blog about today--or yesterday--or maybe even tomorrow.
Sorry but I'm a bit preoccupied with a pest in my house (and I'm not talking about the BF), and he's consuming my time, efforts, and energy at the moment.
I promise something to come later this week. Not sure what, but something.
Later Gators!


urbanrhetoric said...

its great that you have such an awesome sense of humor. i would take that way too personally and then be sad.

like i said via twitter...that's the chupacabra!


Erin said...

that pic is creepy. oh, and... tell em' girl!

missDTM said...

You tell them, girl! Snarky comments are not allowed I hate snarky comments)

Little Ocean Annie said...

Ugh, that person can suck it. :)

PS: WTF!!!?? Is that a tiny little raptor!!?

Mel said...

Haha that picture is odd! Hmm, I confess I have heard of Joan Jett but never listened to her music before! But the new film looks really intriguing (and this is not coming from a Twilight fan). I agree, Joan Jett does look pretty cool, but I think the film would be a good way to sort of become acquainted with her music and style!

Meghan V. said...

Bless you for being intelligent and in some manner mocking the Twilight franchise!

blackorchids said...

Girls that go out & spend $$ trying to look like joan or cherie whether it's hairstyle or fashion after going to see this movie but do not buy at least one runaways album or cd can go suck it.

Candycane said...

LOL what the hell is that on that pic????

CC xXx

Alexandra Hoover said...

What an idiot. That's all I have to say about that. This kind of just reminds me of when we had to do peer critiques on our advertisements made for my Creativity/Communications class. I LOVE that class and pay so much attention, and not to toot my own horn but I kind of know what I'm doing. When we critiqued, 90% of what the girl told me I should fix was stuff I already had done and she just didn't notice.

But anyways... you and this little mouse saga are cracking me up. I hope you get that taken care of soon, let me know the outcome!!!

Leproust Vintage said...

Maybe it is el chupacabra.

You rock btw! Was it an anonymous comment?! snarky anonymous comments are always so ridiculous!