Saturday, March 13, 2010

Style Crush: Ms. Jett of course!

It's safe to say, if you know me...then you know where I'll be next Friday night:

You're not surprised right? I hope not.

The Runaways are Ah-MAZ-ING!
And I've been a big fan of theses ladies for a long long time. Of course!
They're the original badass girl band!


But I have to admit, Ms. Joan Jett is where its at! I've got nothing but STYLE-ENVY w/this one!


Somewhere in college I traded in my cookie-cutter wardrobe of teenage Indiana threads, to a typical "Cleveland-girl" look (I'm sure its a look elsewhere, I just happen to notice a lot of girls from Cleveland take on this particular style)-skinny jeans and t-shirts, lots of belts, heavy eye makeup, and an armful of cuffs and/or bracelets. (at least this was my take on what I thought the rock girls of Cleveland dressed like, and I wanted to be one of those--w/Ms. Jett as my style-icon)

Why wouldn't I want to dress like a lady that has a Barbie molded after her?

At the time of my college years, I vowed to one day have my hair cut like Joan Jett's shag. Unfortunately at the time, while it would've completed my overall appearance perfectly, my hair was short and spiky; no shag for me.

about 14 months ago, my hair had finally reached the length (yes, like 7 years after the fact) and I was ready to take my boring shoulder-length hair UP a notch.
So, with my Joan Jett album in tow, I headed off to see my stylist. When I pulled out my record cover and showed him the cut, he decided it was best if we took Joan's style as inspiration and go for a bit more modern approach. Probably a good idea.
I have to admit, this was probably my best style to date, and I've not loved my hairstyle nearly as much since then --maybe I should do it again. (Although on way to many occasions it would look a bit more Rod-the-Mod "rooster-cut" than Joan Jett "shag"; luckily I'm pretty ok with that too.)
-me, January 2009 (and ok, it looks nothing like her shag...but her style was my starting point to my best cut ever)

-Joan, looking like everything I ever attempted to be back in the day

I have to say, somehow this is always my go-to style when I'm at a lack of something to wear, or I feel like going comfortable, or I just want to be ME, or I feel like looking my best--funny that THIS is what I look best in; but its true. Put me in a nice dress and I don't look nearly as good as I do in a t-shirt, scarf, leather jacket, and a neckerchief for good measure.

(BTW-this is that "Cleveland Girl" look I mentioned, or my take on it. At least I got one good thing out of college; a sense of MY PERSONAL STYLE--even if it is what everyone else is wearing)

In this typical uniform of mine, I will tell you I always feel a little more badass than when I'm wearing some skirt or being "girly".

In fact, to this day, wearing this makes me feel like I've got rights to the dance floor when "I Love Rock N Roll" comes on the jukebox.
I come out there, and its like I silently tell the jock meatheads and the sorority gals to MOVE ON OVER--
me and my air guitar HAVE ARRIVED!

So yeah Joan, you're my hero! And I long to get your style right.
(so much so I was frozen in my seat at the airport terminal when you sat down behind me. I couldn't even turn around and shake your hand, you're the only person that has made me 100% star-struck! I love that you were flying on! TOTALLY TRUE STORY!)

And the Runaways, you were true MAVERICKS! You're the girls we all wanted to run with, the girls I'd like to THINK we were when I tell stories of my "glory years", but lets face it...we can all just sit back and only take style cues from you. None of us will EVER come close to the awesomeness that is YOU.

And NO ONE, not even lil' Kristen Stewart, will EVER be as cool and perfectly geared up in her rock n roll threads like the one and only Joan Jett!

However, let me just throw in just a little something that I shamelessly love!
-Lita Ford's ONE awesome song--glad to see she did something for me after the Runaways (and I'm not talking about her crawling across the floor and suggestive moves)

So note to Kristen and Dakota--I've never cared much for you two before, so here's your chance to sway my opinion.
Don't let us down!
(You two actually look pretty BAD ASS in this movie, and that's probably a first for Dakota)

And on that note...I'm going to make like Joan and Jett
Goodnite!!! (And admit it, you just giggled a bit at that one)


Mel said...

Haha this was a fun post to read about! I've heard about Joan Jett and I'm kind of excited about the new film! I should probably go listen to some of her songs too!

FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post hun!! Hope ur well! xx

urbanrhetoric said...

i definitely thought of you when i saw the trailer. i'm actually a little nervous to see it b/c i SO don't like either dakota or kristen. but this post is changing my mind!


Lara said...

Wow, I am SO behind in commenting back so this may be a long one!

Yes, I was in NYC but for only about 10 hours. :( I tried to get an earlier flight out on Wednesday so I could call Mel and get together for coffee with the both of you but, it was more expensive to fly out so my boss nixed the idea. However, I am crossing my fingers that I will be travelling there more often and if THAT is the case, I will just schedule to earlier flight last time we the three of us can definately get together.

Secondly, I have to admit that I am a copy-cat. I sort of, kind of copied your hair style in a bit longer version because I liked it so much (its in my newest post). So it is funny you just posted about your hair influence of Joan!

Thirdly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt in the post below this!!!

merly k said...

i can't believe you're dissing on my girl dakota.. that owl might take a few days longer to reach you... ;)

you crack me up, ps

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, Joan is fantastic. I am really excited for the new movie too.

akaCola said...

Hey thanx so much for stopping by our blog and commenting...btw love your banner..def following!! follow back :)

Leproust Vintage said...

Holy crap, how did I knot pick up in the JJ inspiration sooner!? Your hair totally looks like a fabulous modern version of hers! I have always loved the rock edge to your look!!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I cannot WAIT for this movie to come out. So stoked.

jettster said...

This is all fine & dandy but do you own any/all joan jett/runaways albums or cds? I don't want to hear all this talk about how joan inspired everyones look but they don't own any of her music.