Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Wear: Another New Skirt

Today is the last day of nice weather as per our local weathermen.
Tomorrow is RAIN, RAIN for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT! Yuckie

Therefore, I jumped at the chance to incorporate a few more new spring items into the Daily Wear mix before the nasty weather comes this way.

One new item I'm fond of is yesterday's skirt purchase:
An Alberto Makali Spring 2010 skirt at that!
(My first purchase this year from work--not much I had my eye on to tell you the truth, just this skirt.
Maybe when Fall rolls around I'll find more to use my clothing credit on.)

-If it's not clear, the skirt fits like a paper bag skirt.
(Is that the name for this silhouette? I should probably know this.)

-It's made out of this wonderful stretchy luxe shimmery fabric.

-Being that it's a black and white plaid, it lends itself quite well to adding a pop of color.
(hence the new yellow blouse I paired with it)


I've got big plans for this skirt:

-To work as I styled it today

-Casual weekends w/tucked in vintage concert tee

-maybe even my strappy FLAT sandals and no tights come this summer
(yes, I said FLAT--Me in flats? On occasion, if you look fast, you'll catch me in them)


I think it was a purchase well made!

*Black blazer-Zara
*Yellow blouse-Target
*Silver skirt-Alberto Makali
*Black tights-HUE
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Silver vintage owl necklace-Thrift Store

PS- R.I.P my 3rd grade crush!

All the BOP and BigBopper mags I spent my money on were well worth it just to see your dreamy face alongside your best friend of the same name.
And even though you turned into a total douche of a man in your recent years, I'll stick to remembering only your teenage hotness of the late '80s , way back when.

Excuse me, I have to go add "Liscence to Drive" and "Dream a Little Dream" to my Netflix.
I miss you Corey Haim!


Jessica said...

Great purchase! I like it. It will look so great styled with a concert tee!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Fab outfit. I especially love your vintage owl necklace. So pretty and perfect against the yellow shirt.

And yes, so sad about Corey Haim...sigh. Mostly sad because it's not surprising. :(

Anonymous said...

Great shots today! I love wearing band tees.

kellywanhainen said...

it isssss a paperbag waistline! :) and i realllly like this skirt! i started my "new york trip" fund, and at least half of my first paycheck will go into it! alllso, i'll be calling or texting you sometime this weekend to talk about some stuff to do with summer!

Anonymous said...

super purchase! Holy cute that skirt is adorable! What a great fit on you as well!

missDTM said...

love the new skirt! i like how you matched it with that yellow top...totally unexpected...

and UGH i hear you about the rain. i hate rain. i am totally pissed it's going to rain but i guess that's a sign of spring in nyc......?

lamia said...

Great boots!!! I like them!!

The Daily Fashionista said...

You look awesome! The skirt is really fabulous. Oh and Corey Haim's death was so sad to me. He had a lot of promise when he was child. Too much access to drugs makes it difficult to quit, I guess.

Isquisofrenia said...

love the new header!!
that skirt is awesome on you
love the yellow tee!

merly k said...

you know what would look really good with that outfit?? the owl I won you. go figure it STILL has not come yet. annoying.. that ebay seller will get a pissy rating fro moi.

also digging the new header dearling

Hipstercrite said...

love the skirt! so unique and original!

Mel said...

Such a cute skirt, I love the stripes!

ZEUS said...

Great job on the skirt!

Anonymous said...

love the skirt, and the pretty owl necklace!
Corey was my child crush too :(

Clare said...

SUCH a great skirt!