Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daily Wear: the Girly-Girl


Today was a bit of a girly-girl day in terms of dress.

It's the silk, the lace, the chiffon, the pearls, the pale blush tone of the skirt, my cupcake pink lipstick,
It's all way girlier than I've been in a long time.

It's ok, sometimes its good to remind myself that next to black, Pink IS my fave color
Yep, believe it--the more "Barbie-pink" the better too!
(I should do a post on Barbie, hmmm--lots of good stories tied up there w/me and my Barbies)


I don't even know where to begin,
other than I think I'd like to start dressing like this more often than not.

I've been wanting to try out nude tones for a while
and this pale of palest pink skirt was calling for my credit card--so I bought it.
It's such a light pink blush color, it almost just looks off-white
(such as in my poor excuses for photos)

I think next I'll try to remix it with some pale neutral colors for a springier approach-that'll have to wait until after this Sunday's laundry day though.
(stay tuned...)

*Black jacket-H&M
*Black lace blouse-I.N.C.
*Black chiffon scarf-H&M
*Pearl necklace-Topshop
*Pale pink skirt-H&M
*Black tights-HUE
*Black suede shoes-BCBGgirls


merly k said...

barbie was my first best friend. One of my facebook profile pictures is me sleeping as a little kid, with barbie laying on my arm. My mom would try to tell me she wasn't a good role model, but that obviously fell on deaf ears.

lurrrrve the skirt.

Dream ChYmEc!nDy** said...

I like that black top. Its gorgeous!

Lucy Marmalade said...

That is, in my opinion, the perfect shade of pink, and I think the outfit is perfect for it!

The Daily Fashionista said...

That skirt is dreamy:) I love flowy stuff like that. And if you do plan on heading to Williamsburg, va, let me know! I live about 40 minutes away, and I have yet to experience Colonial Williamsburg. Crazy huh?

Clare said...

So sweet, I love it! And you totally make girly fit with your own style. Love this!

girlxoxo said...

Love how you styled this and especially digging the skirt. Pink is surprisingly up there as one of my favorite colors to wear (even though I'm definitely not a girly girl).

Anonymous said...

aww I love your girly look! Did you recently get that skirt from H&M its perfect! You look adorable!

Isquisofrenia said...

you look so adorable
love the white skirt with the lace top!!!
i wanna be girlie too, next post ill be wearing a skirt too
its good to be girlie sometimes ha.
your necklace is beautiful!

Candycane said...

Love that lace top - i've just worn a similiar one!

Love Barbie too :D

CC xXx

Wanderlusting Fool said...

WOW I honestly adore this outfit from the lacey top to the black jacket and the silky skirt. VERY chic! :)

Wanderlusting Fool

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