Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Rewind: A Perfect NYC kinda Day

My weekend was exactly as I had envisioned it to be.
Saturday turned out to be the perfect NYC day
A day I was in great need of, a day that means Spring is right around the corner, a day to remember even when really nothing out of the ordinary occured.

The only plan was to meet up around 12:30pm to browse the Brooklyn Flea,
since it's winter-time the market has been located indoors
at the beautiful Clock Tower in Ft. Green
(unfortunately I did not think to snap a picture of the actual flea market well underway, instead I borrowed this photo just so you can see the gorgeous interior, this was a treat in itself, the shopping/browsing was the icing on the cake)


Those who chose to partake in the awesome day were Mel (above)
and my good friend/former roomate, Bridget (below)


And ME of course!

I'd like to think we were quite the fashionable, uniquely stylish, trio that day.
Everywhere we went it seemed as if someone took notice,
-whether it was the questionably crazy man on the sidewalk that nearly lost what little wits he had left when he was enamored with Mel's beauty;
-or the nice vendor at the flea market that complimented my tights,
-or the patrons at the bar that all wanted to give up their seats, have a chat, suggest beverages, or encourage me to put quarters in the juke box


Of course, I don't consider a day to be much of a day unless there's some cocktails involved,
(ok that's a lie, I'm not a drunk I swear...just saying, some nice strawberry 'ritas being poured in my presence, in the company of friends, at the much beloved Burrito Bar is quite the way to go)
and pretty much after we lost our attention span at the flea market, the rest of the day involved just that--cocktails!






And down right hilarious!
(seriously, the old man bar we ended up at, they could stand to raise the price of their beer just slightly--you know, in order to afford a proper poster? Although, this is actually the way I like it, clearly a bar I am meant to frequent--Puttin' the "ass" in class!)


Oh, just a great day all around...
The weather was awesome (all weekend long actually),
The friends were fun--after all I hadn't been out of the house in nearly 2 weekends,
And the flea market finds were quite excellent (they'll be worn by MOI before too long).

So when I say it was the perfect NYC kinda day, I mean that tenfold!
-It was that sorta "first day of spring let's spend it outside all day long" kinda day
-That "let's have no plan and see where the day takes us" kinda day
And that is the essence of NYC in the spring/summer!
(So I'm thinking, if I can have that kinda day in early March-just imagine how much fun the actual Srping and Summer are going to be!!!!)

I spent the day wearing:
*Brown turtleneck sweater-H&M
*Peach vintage YSL menswear shirt-Thrift Store
*Blue denim shorts-Forever 21
*Ivory leopard print tights-H&M
*Camel color scarf-H&M
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
*Brown tortoiseshell sunglasses-Old Navy


Somehow every single shade of this outfit worked together, tied in to another piece, from my hair color down to the polish on my nails.
-This matchy-matchy matchiness is very VERY unlike me.


And that was my perfect day--it sums up my weekend for you.
How was yours??


Alexandra Hoover said...

Well I am most certainly loving all the leopard print this post has to offer! And, those drinks look delicious... and I'll probably need one when I come visit. Haha.

Lara said...

Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! I am hoping NYC will be just as beautiful on Wednesday night into Thursday because I will be there for business!

alya said...

LOVE the tights - you're on point with this ensemble. So glad to see you enjoyed yourself.

And I totally agree with your "it isn't much of a day unless cocktails are involved" sentiment. I won't deny that I'm a drunk, however. ;) said...


Anonymous said...

I love your shorts and tights!

The Daily Fashionista said...

Super cute tights! You all looked like you had tons of fun and those margaritas are making me really thirsty. I wish I could have one now actually;)

jen lainy said...

I really really love this look! You look so great!! Amazing!!

Lemondrop Marie said...

The mtachy matchy is very much me, I love blended colos which must be why I loved the whole look!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Isquisofrenia said...

you guys look so awesome
those drinks look delicious! and i like how your wearing those tights
with shorts.
im not even irish but i do celebrate st patricks day
with friends!!!

Boomka said...

It was great in NYC this weekend wasn't it? Granted I didn't get out until about 11 on Saturday because the good weather got me all excited to spring clean. Wow. I can't believe I just wrote that. But spring is here. I can feel it in my bones. But mostly I can feel it in my coats, which I am pushing to the back of my closet. Shoo, away with you!

Clare said...

Sounds like an amazing day. You look great!

Leproust Vintage said...

What a fun sounding weekend! Probably the three most stylish girls out and about in NY that day too!!

I told my husband that I have been feeling geriatric in regards to my weekend activities as of late, so we ended up drinking a bit too much (sparks is my afternoon drink of choice....classy, I know) but anyway, we ended up drinking then walking around and meandering around the city and shops.....much better than sitting at home per usual!!

PS- the word verification I am about to type in for this comment is "spermish" kind of hilarious right?

Charmalade said...

That whole feeling of spring a-comin' around the corner when you want to stay outside and bask in the sun all day long-- it made me smile. This is a lovely post, and I love those tights! You don't see spotted tights everyday.

I also gave you an award in my latest blog post-- it's a little thing, but I hope you enjoy the little ray of (figurative) sunshine. :)

Toast with Charmalade

Jessica said...

Way to make me want to pack up and move to NYC!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds perfect! Now, I want to go out and grab a frozen margarita...

Adorable outfit- those tights are the BEST!