Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daily Wear: A Small Bag, A Small Change

In the Backyard
Two things about today
1.) When wearing a pretty basic outfit like a t-shirt, spike it up a few notches with a cool pair of shoes
2.) A little bit of change in the form of a little bag is sometimes a good thing.
I'm so used to lugging around my life in a huge bag; usually that huge beige one you see in nearly every photo of me and a purse. Ever since I got back from Ohio I've been eager to use my vintage Coach bag I scored at the Thrift Store. It's not a problem on a Saturday for instance, when carrying less is easy and best. But a weekday, downsize??????

Until today! I realized that carrying just my phone, my small tiny wallet, my keys, face powder, and lipgloss was not as bad as I imagined. Usually I carry 20x the makeup, lots of styling products, coupons, a huge heavy wallet, and probably more coupons. Throw in a magazine and you've got a 15lb bag I call my everyday purse.

So imagine how CAREFREE and LIGHT I felt today! It wasn't so bad, so good in fact I think I'll try it for the rest of the week.
Small bags and small changes, this is looking to be a good thing.
(Now let's work on changing my daily wardrobe already, I cannot seem to ever get rid of my jeans and t-shirt habit).
*Green jacket, F21
*Coral t-shirt, Target
*Skinny Jeans, Uniqlo
*Beige booties, Rachel Rachel Roy
*Scarf, Old Navy
*Vintage purse, Coach (thrift store)
Does anyone else find themselves harboring a natural aversion to small purses?
Or are you already pretty much a minimalist so much so that it just extends to the contents of what you tote everyday?


Stephanie said...

I should probably follow your lead and start using a smaller purse...pretty sure the one I have now weighs at least 10 pounds!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I always carry a giant bag with loads of crap I don't use! I've been thrifting a lot of small purses w/long straps for the shop, I think I'll try one out for a day!! I love the color of this one you found!

Alexandra Hoover said...

You took the words right out of my mouth with the whole big bag explanation. I'm guilty as charged. Even with small purses you should see all the stuff I try to cram into them. And the bigger the purse, the more stuff I carry and forget even exists in there! It's really a problem.

Alecto said...

there is NOTHING wrong with your "daily outfit". the bright tee + the printed scarf + heels = wicked hot. i wish i could get into the purse thing. but i always carry my camera around with me and it takes up so much room. if i did carry a purse it would definitely be a tiny one like yours. and leather. definitely leather :-)

girlxoxo said...

I'm carrying around a smaller purse these days after having a large bag for about a year. I have a notebook, pen, wallet, lip gloss, phone (sometimes clipped to the zipper on the outside though) - and that's about it.

There's actually still room for some more stuff in it, but I love being able to actually find stuff in my purse, as opposed to digging in the bottomless black hole of a bag that used to eat all my stuff.

JP said...

You will fill a bag regardless of it's size... so the larger the bag the more crap you'll put in it.

Marina e Camilla said...

wow, love sooo much your shoes and bag!! *_*

jane st. clair said...

whenever i carry a small purse i feel like i'm in 7th grade during the week of my period in which i must awkwardly carry one of my (not at all hip) mom's spare purses to hide my "feminine products." however, then i see how chic yours looks and i realize it's not so bad. i have to admit that i carry a mary poppins-type carpet bag about every single day. gee, and i wonder where those back problems come from?

Isquisofrenia said...

thats so true, shoes can make a difference, love your boots and the bag is so cute!

Neekoh said...

Love this look on you -- the shoes are killer and small bags are the new "it" thing, I think. Great choices all around!

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