Monday, April 26, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: a Long Lost Photoshoot

I was sorting thru all my random photo files that I never really organized. And what's this?
It's one of my Dusty Rose Vintage looks I never posted!

Maybe I didn't post it because if I'm not mistaken, this cute dress flew like hotcakes off their site. Maybe I didn't post it because I lost it in the randomness known as my desktop. Maybe I just don't know why I never posted it.
It's can't even buy this dress anymore because as I said, it was SOLD!
Good for Dusty Rose Vintage though, right? RIGHT!
I'm such an uneducated dumbass sometimes too.
You know, when I put this dress on I immediately felt like Raggedy Ann. And I went with that.
Pigtails, little girl looks, tried to make myself as much like a "doll" as possible
(that's no easy feat when you're a salty sailor like myself).

And as it turns out, this dress is NOTHING like Raggedy Ann.
I was informed that it was a vintage African garment.

And here I am dumbing it down with my shallow, not-so-intelligent, take on Raggedy Ann.
Eh, its ok. I guess the whole point was to let me borrow it in order to see how I'd style it.
It's always an experiment in personal style when you let others interpret it how they please.
These photos aren't the only thing long lost about this outfit.
Oh no, there's plenty more.
A.) the shoes; I have never worn these shoes except in this photoshoot. I even bought them long before the sorta menswear-ish oxfords or whatever these are were in.
(Yea for the clearance racks at DSW years ago)
B.) The navy tights. I didn't even know I owned navy tights until this day. And then after the photoshoot I lost them again (can someone organize my life, not just my closets, for me please?)
Since, I've also lost some of that hair, right?
Seriously, long gone are the days of my thick bang. True story-I have such fine hair, so little thickness to it that my old stylist (now I've got Cristina to sort out my hair woes) used to have to start my bangs like 3/4 of the way back into my head. I had bangs starting at the crown practically. So all you full-headed hair gals-be thankful for the lush fullness you've got atop your pretty little noggins.
Ok, but in a nutshell, I just wanted to post this outfit when I came across it tonight. It's freakin cute! Raggedy Ann-style or I'm sure, in its genuine African form.

Blue vintage African tunic, Dusty Rose Vintage
Blue DIY cut-off shorts, Uniqlo
Navy tights, Conway
Brown shoes, DSW
Red necklace, Forever 21

How would you have styled this?


Alyssa said...

Love your shoes & what a UNIQUE dress!

Carrie said...

I have the same problem with my bangs. They start so high up but still aren't as thick as I'd like. But I'm worried cutting them any thicker will take me into mullet territory...

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

God, you looked SOOOO cute in that dress!

deekkyy said...

nice picture..
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happy blogging