Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Rewind: May 1-2, 2010

If this weekend is any idea of what this summer is gonna be like, well then summertime is in full swing!
The thermometer was rising, I had friends galore to spend time with, and we hung out a bit in the park.  My idea of FUN!

Saturday: May 1st, 2010-
The day was spent with the girls for yet another Dusty Rose Vintage photoshoot (and I'm not even done posting pics from our last photoshoot, now I've got 350+ new shots to review, edit, and smile about).
With all the vintage dress-up goodtimes, I didn't find the time to take a proper outfit shot of my get-up for the day.
Instead, after the photoshoot, an impromptu hangout session occurred at my place, in which I rather quite tipsily requested my outfit shots be taken.
We all noticed how Tom, one half of Dusty Rose Vintage, was dressed in the same color scheme I chose for the day.  So of course I had to include him in the outfit shots.
I'm wearing:
-A Vintage Dress, from Buffalo Exchange
-Brown leather platforms, from Target
-and a bit too much Self Tanner, Neutrogena Spray Mist (is that the name?)level 2.

Tom is wearing something along these lines:
-Plaid shirt, maybe vintage?  Maybe just from some men's line, -Gray jeans, not sure from where, -and cool Boat Shoes, again not sure from where.

And apparently he smells like Roses.
This is what happens when I offer up unlimited mimosas and bloody marys, followed by beer ALL-DAY-LONG.    Geez.

Sunday: May 2nd, 2010-
Sunday Girl
Today I spent it as I do every other Sunday; doing laundry.
After laundry BF and I walked around the 'hood and settled on dinner at the Burrito Bar.  It was his birthday on Saturday so I treated him to the place of his choice for a day-late birthday dinner.  I had mini-burgers, nachos, and two delicious strawberry margaritas-YUM!  He had a burrito of some sort; pretty certain I polished off way more food than he did, I'm a bit of a swine sometimes.
Mel took it upon herself to rip my jean shorts during one of the Dusty Rose sets the day before--I could not wait to take my newly distressed shorts on a test-run.  I mean I liked the DIY of the fray from the summer before, but now I'm excited to let this little rip do its thing next time I wash them.  Thanks Mel for taking my shorts from FINE, to AWESOME!
(I know, the distressed mark is so small, but I've got big plans for making the most of it and making these shorts one pair of a fine broken in gem!  They'll be perfect come summertime)
Now, I realize that today I took my style to the trailer park.  Yeah, I look like a piece of trash right?  Ah it's fine, I'm pretty certain some other hipster girl was running around in something similar somewhere in Brooklyn, so maybe being "trailer trash" is in.  Fine by me.
My Sunday Laundry Attire included:
-Vintage pink Jordache shirt, Beacon's Closet
-DIY "newly distressed" Cut-off jean shorts, Gap
-White canvas tennis shoes, Keds
-Bronze octopus necklace, from some boutique in Cleveland
-Purple sunglasses, Forever 21

So Happy Weekend to you all!  Hope it was a good one!
Was it hot as heck anywhere else?  I think I melted a few million notches everytime I stepped outside this weekend, it was kinda gross!  But exciting to think what this summer will hold in store!

And if you're not yet following Swappy Seconds, please do so.  I'll be posting up lots of summertime clothes and finery throughout the next few weeks.  Tonite I just listed a Coral vintage crochet dress.  It's pretty cute--a perfect poolside cover-up!  Check it out-and let's make a swap!
Vintage Crochet Dress, circa 1990s


alya said...

If you're trailer trash, I'm pretty sure you'd be the one that hitchhikes to Hollywood and gets discovered big time, only to reflect on your days in a mobile home. My imagination runs away with me sometimes - what I'm trying to say is, at least you're pretty trailer trash. :)

Alyssa said...

Those jean shorts are fab!!! I also LOVE your brown heels in the first pics. Nice! Your pictures are so vibrant and have this excellent energy. :]

Charmalade said...

It's getting pretty muggy here, too! :/ All day today I was worried that the sky would break open and pour buckets of rain, but it... didn't. Oh Midwestern weather, art thou a fickle creature.

And can I say that I loooove the first dress? It's so child-like, but not childish. So adorable. :)

Toast with Charmalade

Alexandra Hoover said...

Hooray for the Marcia Brady dress and it's second appearance!

Indy said...

Yeah! Loving those Keds, girl! Work those poses...your pics make me smile!

Isquisofrenia said...

omg you look so cute with the b.e dress reminds me a bit of zooey d. cuz what she wears. you look totally vintage ,adorable and the distressed shorts are really cool,yeah once you wash them theyll look more distressed
and what is this swap thing, i need to check that out
that crotchet dress is killer
i want it
i serioulsy do!!!

Style of a Fashionista said...

Great tan cant believe it is from a bottle. Love your sunnnies in Sundays outfit what an amzing shape xoxo

Ashley J said...

That first set of tipsy pictures are hilarios!!! I gotta try that:)

Anonymous said...

I love love that dress!! It's so cute ^.^

girlxoxo said...

Lol - loved this post and the weekend looked super fun. Can't believe I missed the 1st hot weekend in NY!!

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

bwah ha HA! those pics are hilarious! it's kind of amazing how much you two matched. usually it's us doing that, completely unintentionally. i think all the lady action rubbed off on him because he looked at the pics and the first thing he said was "i look fat". poor chap.

Alecto said...

i LOVE the color yellow on you! I'm completely impressed with your distressing techniques.

Jamie said...

Love the Keds so much on you!!! Can you do a few more outfits with them? You are so cute and have amazing legs!

Anonymous said...

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