Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I Want NOW: Breton Stripes

We've all seen the nautical, sailor-style, stripes here-there-everywhere this spring.
But I cannot resist it myself and for the past few weeks I've had my eyes open, just in case I come across an oh so classic Breton Stripe top.

-I have to admit, I have not been actively seeking for the perfect top, just moreso a "mental note" of sorts to myself when I've been out shopping.
-So if you've got any suggestions, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Topshop, H&M, any of those price ranges work for me--please suggest away!

Because, as it is now, I still do not have such an iconic sailor striped blouse.  
And its high time I jump on this trend.

"Trend" but in a classic silhouette--that would be great.
Think Jean Seberg, classic!

Or these other classy ladies we all know and love.

With this style, I'd prefer a classic look over a trendy silhouette.  
Moreso because with a classic, we all know that means you can wear it for many many years to come.  And with stripes, it immediately makes me think more "preppy"--and I equate preppy with classic.

Of course I'm no prepster, so I might have to try a few of the following:

-Add my BF jacket, skinny jeans, high booties, and yep-I'll call it a day.

-And I think I would pair it with some shorts since its almost summa-time!
Yep, this seems about right...just minus the guitar because I can't play an instrument worth crap.

-And if I could ever get my act together, maybe I could dress it up for a night out??
This would be like if BF and I went on a date...besides down the street to the neighborhood cinema.

But until I randomly come across that classic staple, I might have to "accidentally on purpose"
make a paypal purchase and go with this little tote:
So cute, right?  I can already see myself carrying this all over on a Saturday of errands, or shopping, or just hanging out.  I love the bow.  
Well ok, actually you can purchase this one at Peaceloveenpolkadots, because I'm thinking I might email them about making me a larger size.  A little custom bag-making action?? Sounds great. let me know if you come across any cute classic breton stripes.  Lead me in their direction, but think under $50 because I'm not sure how long this "let's be classic" streak is gonna last.  
But for now, I WANT SOME STRIPES in my life!
Help me out friends.

Oh and on a side note...I'm stoked!  My BFF from Ohio is coming to NYC tomorrow thru Sunday!  Yes, I was fortunate enough to see her just last month, which is unheard of!  But, you can never have too much BFF time!  It's gonna be awesome and lots of fun this weekend.  Maybe my next post will come in a few days since I'm gonna be out and about and not around my computer all that much.  
Hang tight and bare with me.


Mel said...

Haha I know what you mean, I'm addicted to stripes :)

Charmalade said...

We shall bear with you, but only because you're so spunky and fun. :D I'm mad about stripes, too! Always classic, always chic, you can't really go wrong with those. I'm digging the bag (reminds me a bit of Beetlejuice?) and I totally did accidentally purchase a pair of sandals from UO once. I swear, it CAN and did happen.

Toast with Charmalade

liyana said...

omg..i was procrastinating to where stripes and i have my stuff already.

oh ur best friend gonna come!! i know that feeling when u get to meet ur bestfren!!
enjoy ur day with bff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I was looking at Forever 21 recently and they have a ton of cute breton striped shirts, all for around $10 - I'm kind of tempted to get two or three!

Stacey said...

Recently picked up 2 at Target. I forget exactly how much they were... but, definitely under $20 each.

Little Ocean Annie said...

Man, I have way too many stripes in my closet! Last time I was in H&M, you couldn't turn around without bumping into a breton stripe! all sorts of silhouettes, too.

Cheryl Clarke said...

jean-paul gaultier had some for his target collection. i'm looking around for spring/summer tops myself so if i see anything i'll let you know where! thanks for commenting by the way.

Robyn said...

I picked up a black and cream striped one at Target that is absolutely perfect. 3/4 sleeves. 12.99. Amazing. I literally wear it once a week.

WildBirdVintage said...

I have several that I like but my favorite is a military issue sailor shirt that a friend picked up at a Dutch flea market. And every time I visit F21 I am dazzled and surprised by what seems to be an entire nautical section in their store.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg I love all those photos. Such perfect inspiration for wearing stripes this summer! Yay!

Leproust Vintage said...

haha! I love your "accidently on purpose" purchase! I have those quite frequently!

Hooray for an Ohioan in NYC! Have a fantastic weekend!