Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Rewind: May 7-9th, 2010

I am no spring chicken anymore...as this weekend surely proved to me.
I am still trying to catch up on my zzzz's, and much needed beauty rest, after all the activities and late late nights (Or shall I say mornings) this weekend brought about.  So much so, I fell asleep at 9:45pm last night telling myself I had to post...I just couldn't do it.

But I'm back!!!!  Now let's Rewind...

Friday: May 7th, 2010-
As mentioned, BFF and her husband were in town...so on Friday I had to rush home and straighten up a bit around the house because all the friends were gathering at my place before the night's festivities.  Cleaning left little time for me to put myself together--and when short on time, nothing works better for me than the not-so-surprising vintage concert tee.

But seriously...how many of these tees do I own???  Doesn't it seem I'm always popping up with a new one on?  (well not new I suppose considering this one is from 1990...)

This time around I opted for an oversized Warrant, via CHERRY PIE years, t-shirt.  It was clearly one of those XXL sized tops, but instead of cutting it down to a teeny-tiny size as I usually do, I left this one Large--LARGE AND IN CHARGE!
I slashed the neckline open, cut off 1/2 of the bottom, and a crop top was born!

Jani Lane...eat your heart out!
Unfortunately I did not capture any pictures from the night's outing.  Although it did involve a trip to Instanbul (just a restaurant, not the actual city) where the waiter/owner proceeded to have only about 25% of what we ordered available.  And Idee_geniale and BFF got wayyyyy to many Falafel Balls on their plates to which we all resorted to being foul-mouthed dirty talkers about balls on plates and shoving balls in girls faces, and yeah-you get the idea.  YIKES!  Sorry.
Then it was off to a bar, where the conversation veered between reminiscing about said balls on plates, way too much talk of Chastity, I mean CHAZ Bono becoming full blown male, and me belting out my very best Cher impersonations...
Ahem.   "IF I could turn back time..."
(It went something like that, sorry you missed it.)

Oh, and the waitress just happened to catch a glimpse of my Warrant tshirt, because really how could you miss something awesome like that, to which she proceeded to tell me how she saw them back in Strongsville.  And I replied with, "Strongsville?  As in Ohio?"
Of course as in Ohio!  Turns out the girl was from Kent...and we all know I went to Kent State.  Love it when I can jive talk nonsense w/the staff.
Oh, btw, Jani Lane is from Brimfield, OH--right next to Kent, this is why Warrant is such a big thing-or was a big thing, back in Ohio.
Friday Night Attire Includes:
-Vintage concert tee, Thrift Store
-White wife-beater, Hanes
-Skinny jeans, Uniqlo
-Leopard print scarf, H&M
-Black booties, Nine West

Saturday: May 8th, 2010-
Obviously Saturday is already lookin' pretty good.  "Used Cars", "the Garage", and margaritas!
After a quick jaunt uptown to visit some museums, we all headed back downtown to Chelsea to hit up an Etsy Street fair.  Unfortunately the wind was nuts, and mother nature was going bananas on us--and the vendors, so it was a bit of a bust.
No problem...onward to the Trailer Park Lounge for some frozen goodness and sandwiches...
I really wish I was rich, and lived in a trailer park...I want to live there by choice, not because of a financial situation.  I'd love to have a souped up trailer, some fancy lawnchairs, and a never ending supply of umbrellas in my cocktails.

Let's See...Saturday's Attire Included:
-White tshirt, Uniqlo
-Black tulle skirt, Forever 21
-Black tights, unknown origins (uhhhhhh)
-Black booties, Nine West
-Silver vintage necklace, Thrift Store (it's off the hook HUGE by the way)
-Printed scarf, Forever 21


Mind boggling bluriness, brain freeze, and kitschy awesomeness!

And my BFF...HI Amy!  You're on my blog!!!!
Later on in the evening, BFF departed and headed off to a show, and I headed downtown for some pure sleeze and gritty bathroom shots w/my other buddy, Cristina. (I cannot post my shots because its a conflict of interest at the moment--much on that in the coming months, but I assure you the bathroom shots are very cool; that wall just elevates all pictures by about 50)

Keep your eyes peeled for her, BTW--I'm trying to persuade her to start a hair blog! EXCITING!
Mars Bar
Ok, so after the sleaze that is Mars Bar (one of the oldest rock n roll joints to grace the streets of the East Village) with all its dirt, filth, and old(er) bartenders (of which cannot drink anything more than a wine spritzer because it's 'not good for his ticker' as he told us) the rest of the night just turned into one whirlwind of fun that lasted till 7:00am Sunday morning.
YIKES--but that's what happens when you meet new friends and they make you shoot snot bubbles out your nose because they're talking some sort of hilarious gibberish. (and then new friend proceeds to offer up his sleeve as a tissue...these are my kinda people)

So needless to say I was pretty much useless and unfashionable come Sunday morning when I woke up at 10am (yes, 3 hours of sleep people!!!) to meet the BFF and her husband for brunch.  And therefore, I've got nothing to show you from yesterday because I was running on empty.

Now excuse me, I think I could use some more sleep.  I'm not quite caught up on my fatigue.
 Until next time....bottoms up!


Alexandra said...

I love your weekend rewinds. And I love drinks that come in Mini pitches. Downed a few long islands served that way at Sports last thursday. Also- this proves you still have that wild college late night ability, so get your ass on over to Bloomington!

Carrie said...

I love your blog & I love that you represent Ohio on here! My roomie went to Kent too. I live in OH, I love Ohio, & I <3 your blog!

Unknown said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! love that first outfit a lot.


Isquisofrenia said...

love this 2outfits but my fav is numero 1 you look so badass.
i love it ,hey i just saw your email you sent me about the swap thing,it went right straight to junk mail i dont know why.
i never check that but sometimes i get emails sent there.
anyways i think the rock tee is just fabulous the way your wearing it here!

"j" said...

Niki your hair is so spunky - its like its own party - great job to the talented stylist who did it and it looks like you had a fantastic weekend. I love those little umbrellas.

amynilsen said...


No said...

wooowzies. i don't think i've stayed out that late (early?) in years. but then again, i haven't really had any motivation to do so :-( and the graffiti on the bathroom wall is legendary.

Lara said...

You are hilarious in your tee. Haha. I wish i could pull off a cut up concert tee. But I have a feel I would look pretty dorky in it.

Sounds like your weekend was fun! I love hanging out with my BFF. She still lives in Chicago and now I am in the burbs so we dont see much of each other. We are actually completely opposites. If you saw us, you would never guess in a million years we were best friends. But, honestly, no one can make me laugh as much as her. She is just a nut.

WildBirdVintage said...

Rock Star Style. I love cherry pie.