Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of town: Poconos Style! Pt. 1

For those of you who did not, and do not, follow my daily jack-assory via twitter or foursquare or any other social media outlet, you may have not known I went out of town during my little blogging hiatus.
Out of town for Memorial Day Weekend...whisked myself off to the Poconos.  (Rest assured I did not stay at Caesars, and I did not have a giant champagne glass shaped hot tub in my room; unfortunate as it may seem)
It was a nice getaway, just nice to get away from it all.  And man oh man...did we hit the jackpot in terms of vintage, loot, and getting our thrift on!  (when I saw "we", I mean Mel came with me).
Flea Mkt style
When going out of town on a little holiday, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a light packer.  Do you think I could really fit this many accessories into one little bag?  Hardly!
But a girl never knows what she's going to feel like wearing, and I definitely do not want to be that girl stuck without options.
And options come in handy, especially when you want to keep things interesting, but not too overly thought-out either; this is vacation after all.   Exactly my starting point for "my day at the Flea Market" outfit
I think its superb for shopping, even if the shoes are a little high--fear not, I call these comfortable!
The Flea Market Sifting-worthy Attire includes:
*Yellow vintage dress, thrifted last time I was in Ohio
*Beige belt full of notions, picked up at vintage store in Kalamazoo, MI
*Brown suede sandals, Target
*Beige leather bag, Makowsky
*Black shades, Kensie
*Printed scarf, Old Navy
*Vintage owl necklace, ebay purchase via ClydesRebirth

And just a few of the incredibly awesome  purchases I made while trolling the Pocono Bazaar (that's the name of the flea market)--
Leather Friendship Bracelets!!!!
(much to my dismay I later found out the girl selling them indeed did NOT make them herself!  I felt duped...duped when I saw the very same ones at the very next flea market we attended.  And for less!  Zoinks!)
I'm over the whole being duped thing; I'm still very proudly sporting these.  I never take them off, in fact I plan to keep them on till they rot off my wrist--summer camp style. (although I wouldn't know, I never went to summer camp)
I also picked up some BLING--2 rings, $2.00!  That's what I'm talkin' about!  (sorry you can't see them up close and in glorious form, maybe next time I wear them).
The one on my right hand is sooooooo cute, its tiny!  A tiny little wishbone actually.  How could you pass that up, for just a buck?
And in addition to these sweet gems, I treated myself to a new bottle of Patchouli.  Thanks to the man peddling his essential oils! Oh Nickie--you hypocrite of a dirty hippy you!  (true story, I used to DESPISE patchouli back in college--mainly because my campus was overrun with wannabe hippies reliving 1970, all soaking away their filth in heavy patchouli baths--go Kent State!) But oh how the tables have turned.  Is it wrong that I like to slather it on when I find myself out all day, and well into the night? Or who am I fooling, I like to slather it on all the time, I might just be slathering it on right now! It's divine
Seriously, I find that this new bottle I purchased layers over the top of nearly all of my many perfumes to add a nice level of spicy heaviness to it.  It's great in the heat, let me tell ya!  I'm sure everyone on the subway just loves when I sit next to them in the mornings.  Muahahahahahhahaaha.
(but just wait, I've heard from two people now about the orange patchouli scent--I think I gotta get me some.  Citrus mixed in there, I'm thinking that's probably pretty good.)

So yes yes, this was my flea market style.--What I wear on a little excursion in and around the Delaware Water Gap. Just wait till you see me in all of my "vacation outfit" glory later this week when I roll out Pt. 2. I am pretty certain I looked like a soccer mom on vacation...its a good one, or er...a boring one like that, but I promise the travels in the Pt. 2 post will be a bit more exciting. Stay tuned....


Spacely Peniro said...

hot outfit Miss!!

Those Tricks said...

the yellow dress kills

Pierrot le Fou said...

love your outfits and purchases! this post made me giggle :) you've got a great writing style

The Daily Fashionista said...

Well you look fabulous!! I am really digging that belt!
Oh and I always take about 3 bags with me where ever I go. One for clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous accessories. My husband loves it!

So are you from Akron? I'm visiting my uncles there in September and I wanted to get some recommendations on thriftstores. They haven't ventured out to thriftstore land yet, but they want to take me when I visit.

Alecto said...

good vintage hunting days are my favorite. i feel like i've almost accomplished something...even though that feeling of "accomplishment" is often accompanied by the spending of money. ha. that dress (and color!) are gorgeous on you.

Hipstercrite said...

I used to go to the Poconos as a kid.
And the Jersey Shore.
Sigh. I miss NY.

Isquisofrenia said...

that dress with the belt look amazing together, and that place sounds like my kind of place
i bet you guys had tons of fun! lik you gals always do
you look gorgeous here!

Clare said...

Okay, I'm kind of obsessed with that belt. It's fantastic!!

Isquisofrenia said...

hahha thank you, yeah those earrings are so cool, i love them!
yeah rememeber that jacket? long ago when i first started bloggin!

pizza'd to death said...

That belt is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

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