Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Rewind: June 12-13, 2010

Well well well...Look who it is!  Yep, in case you forgot what I looked like while I took a little bloggin' break, let me refresh your memory--ITS ME!
I'm Back-Muahhahahahahahha!

Since a lot of you read my gibberish, keep tabs on me in the social world of cyber-space, and all other ways you find me "interesting" , I think its only fair I share a little tidbit as to why I was away for a month.
-First things first, sad but true--longtime BF and I called it quits, and remain friends.  that's the way it should be and no one's crying, singing Roy Orbison tunes, or second guessing the decision; so we're doing fine.  (at least I hope so--you're fine right ex bf?)
-Second thing, I had to move out, find a new place, and restart my life.  (not easy when you've become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and spending and shopping and spending as you please).  Well HELLO--wake-up call!  I might be wearing a lot more of the same outfits; but I'll try to keep it "fun" by making silly faces or winking at you or something lame like that-ok?  deal!
-Third, I moved to Williamsburg, where everyday is like a thrift store fashion show--so let's see what this does for me; or how much of an old-lady hipster I become.  YIKES!

And now you're caught up.  And I'm caught up.  And let's get down to it--how 'bout a Weekend Rewind????
I thought so!

Saturday-June 12, 2010
New stompin' ground
(This is not my front door, or even my street--so google map it all you want creepy stalkers.)

Ah Saturday...I chose to go with my little chambray number that always slightly reminds me of a mechanic's jumpsuit.  In fact, I always slightly wish I had a pants version/jumpsuit thingy like this so I could be more full-on auto mechanic.  I'd roll up the pant hem, wear some heels, I think it could be a look.

Oh, and this is also a dress I wore last summer, ONCE.  I had first started blogging and doing the Chictopia thing, and some old man on there felt the need to tell me my shoes did not go with the dress.  To each his own, but I will never forget his comments...they were not hurtful, but humorous, considering  who he was and his lack of even one outfit post for himself.  However, Mr., you've forever engraved your words into my mind-this dress will always make me reminisce.
And I took out my new tote, gave it a whirl, a little go if you will.  I love it!  I think its fabulously cute.  You might remember a few posts back, I talked about how I wanted some Breton Stripes...and I came upon this bag on Etsy; and I couldn't resist.  Thanks to the ever so sweet ladies behind PeaceLovenPolkadots, they whipped this bag up for me in a new fabric they had, put an adjustable strap on it as per my request, and overall were just really nice people to do business with.  Most definitely you should check out their wide selection of this bag in a bunch of different fabrications.  We could all have one and dress alike!  Buy one now........DO IT!
the outfit info--
*Chambray dress, Topshop
*Cowboy Booties, Steve Madden
*Leopard Print Scarf, H&M
*Tote Bag, PeaceLoveNPolkadots
And when in NYC on the must dress for a day that will take them god knows where.  So let it be known that this little chambray dress got its fair share of wear.  It took me from 2pm to way after 2am.

Thanks to my little friend here, Mr. Sangria, we just kept getting more and more into the idea of going out!  Oh--looks like it's SUMMERTIME, because this is what I do in the summertime!
My friend, Sangria
Yum yum yum yummy yum!
And my other little friend, Ms. Idee_geniale of course.
And a whole lotta "FLAIR" going on at the table next to ours.  Seriously?  That drink is all tricked out with umbrellas--so much for being a man.
A lotta Flair in There!
I should tell you; this fruity drink place, its called Surf Bar (or something like that, I don't even know the name of the place, I could be making this up).  I've always gone in there with the hopes of being whisked away to some far off tropical local, all the while remaining in my little borough of Brooklyn.  Yep never fails...that place always makes me say, "we're on vacation".  They've got sand covering the floors, beachy vibes everywhere, and obviously fruity concoctions--its everything you need to make believe you're in Hawaii, not the concrete jungle of NY.

And that's where the day turned into night, we always lose track of time.  No time to go home and change, by the time we were finished with Sangria, well it was time for dinner.  We ate at SEA, to which I was informed (probably been informed of this in the past as well)was the restaurant from "Garden State" (although I chose not to remember much from that movie other than how much I really don't care for Zach Braff; heck I don't even know if I spelled his name right.)  Then dancin...tearing up the floor, cuttin' the rug, and a whole lotta me thinking I know how to do the mash potato. (sorry guys, unfortunately--or perhaps more fortunate for me--the camera did not come out to capture what I call "dancing")

Sunday-June 13, 2010
In true Weekend Rewind behavior, my Sundays are never quite as exciting as the previous day, right?  Completely right--its a day of rest people!

Although, I ventured out in search of a real grocery store in my new 'hood.  Found I have some grub at home, thank goodness.
I decided to keep it casual, but "put together", in terms of my Sunday attire.  I even flipped my hair out in hopes of looking like Farrah Fawcett.  Yeah-didn't really work out that way.  Of course, I was attempting that "easy, low-maintenance, cool" look that really takes way more time than I'd like to admit.  And it doesn't even come out right on me.  Whatever, again, that's what Sundays are for--to play dress-up and take too long to get ready for no reason at all.  (remember, I was going to the grocery store.  Why spend more than 15min getting ready for that? A question I will never be able to answer)
I pulled out a blouse I rarely ever wear.  I think its just a little more bare than I'm used to...but again, its SUMMERTIME!  I think its a cute shirt though, light and airy, so why not wear it once in a while?  Although no big loss if I never wear it again, I think I got it super cheap on the clearance racks at Old Navy.  (PS-I was probably in there buying fleece blankets, that's all I seem to buy there, I'm addicted)
Sunday in my dorm room
The outfit info--
*Blouse, Old Navy
*DIY cut-off shorts, Uniqlo (started out as high-waisted wide leg jeans)
*Cowboy Booties, Steve Madden

Unfortunately, the heavens broke on my walk back from the grocery, I got a bit rainsoaked, the hair got unruly, and I headed for the comforts of my tshirt.
So much for looking "put together".  Especially considering I later had to meet up with my old roomate to meet his new little baby (by the way, cute-well behaved lil' guy!  I also bought him some little Ralph Lauren onesies, which are just as cute as the baby himself!).  Ah well, lucky for me our favorite restaurant is pretty casual, shorts and a tshirt are completely acceptable.  Especially on a soggy day like today.  I hate humidity and rain, really puts a damper on the day for sure.
I'd also like to take this moment to point out the obvious...
I'm in desperate need of a tan!  HOLY GHOST--look at those pasty whites called my legs.  YiKES

Ok, really, I need to get to bed.  Look for me to be back in my normal blogging habits now!  Until maybe tomorrow--goodnight!


Alexandra Hoover said...

Welcome back my dear! Hope you're settling in nicely to your new locale... and taking care of Mr. Owl and Miss Cosmo! ;-) And don't worry- Farrah is exactly what I thought of when I saw your hair flipped out like that. Last, but certainly not least: IN LOVE WITH THE COWBOY BOOTIES! But who would be surprised by that, I mean... they are Cowboy boots and Steve Madden all in one nice little package, clearly I love them.

Sarah K. said...

1) I love your boots!
2) I also love Garden State, I take it you do not? haha
3) good luck with the new place and everything! I'm moving right now too. I hate packing. :S

The Daily Fashionista said...

Yay!!! You're back:) I'm glad to see everything is working out okay for you. I hope your new place is something awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back. I'm loving all your summer looks. Especially the first one. I'm a fan of those boots!

missDTM said...

HOORAY! you're back!

love that you're still looking fashionable as ever...hope the new apt is great and you're enjoying those crazy drinks...

Alecto said...

i'm sorry to hear about the breakup but i'm glad it was amicable (and that you were able to find another place so fast!). i drank sangria for the better part of a friday afternoon and hated myself (only slightly) the following morning :-) welcome back!

Clare said...

Welcome back!!

Isquisofrenia said...

well well well, look who decided to blog again.
im sorry to hear about that and im not sure but i think soon i might be in your waggon too=(

love the denim top and the blue top second outfit is very 70s loves it and yeah i loved the dress
you should update that blog yes
and no i still havent seen it
i thought they were gonna play it for more time but i was wrong=(

i need to go to downtown LA and buy a bootleg, hahhahha
i cant wait until july19 although i already put it in my queue for nextflix

Stephanie said...

Glad you're back! :)

Little Ocean Annie said...

So many life changes! I hope you're adjusting to everything alright!
I have that Old Navy blouse, too, and I've never worn it out of the house...maybe I'll have to bust it out!
Glad to have ya back!

Anonymous said...

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