Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: Crochet Concoctions

Ok first things first--I NEVER wear things like this, I am not cool w/my stomach being on view this much. (There, I am telling you I'm human, I actually have some insecurities.  Just I realize I've got a lot more PLUSSES outweighing the few minuses so I don't dwell too much on these few insecurities.)  But for the sake of time travel--that being me dressing up and warping my mind back to 1970 something--I was willing to brave my insecurity a little bit in order to do this Dusty Rose Vintage 'shoot.
Ever since I put this top on, everytime I think about it, or look at the pictures, I just want to hitchhike out to San Fransisco...all the while singing that one line, "If you're going to San sure to wear some flowers in your hair."
And of course, I completely and most definitely want to put on some patchouli!  Duh--what other fragrance would I wear with this?  I talk about my love of earthy patchouli all the time!
Ah, but seriously--this top is so cool.  Too bad I don't have the confidence to wear something like this on a regular weekend day...say walking around Williamsburg.  Yeah right!  But all you skinny, flat ab ladies out there, GO FOR IT!  I think you could rock this 10x better than I could...just be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
(clearly I forgot my flowers)
*1970s Pastel Pink Crochet Bikini Halter Top -click HERE for details

Other articles of clothing include:
*DIY cut-offs, Gap
*Brown sunglasses, H&M
*Brown sandals, Target
*Vintage belt, Dusty Rose Vintage's very own.

And yes, by far my favorite photo from the 'shoot...Nikka and I...this is such a great picture; I can't decide what to do with it.  It's so fun.  I wish all my days were spent just lounging with the girls on rooftops, soaking up the sun, looking cool like we do here (ah but alas, this is all just a game of dress-up)
crochet tops
Note: Nikka's crochet top is still available at DRV's shop too!

Photographer: Dusty Rose Vintage
Photo Editor: Elle


Anonymous said...

damnnn girl! SMOKIN HOT! u look fantastic!!

xo, Kim

Alyson said...

Um you could totally pull that off. I love how much you love patchouli. I went to Whole Body the other day because, I have some patchouli and orange exfoliating scrub and I really loved smelling like patchouli the day I used it... but I couldn't find anything that either smelled as good as the kind you had, or as good as the kind in my scrub. It made me sad and then I thought, maybe I just have to have Nickie around?

Alecto said...

i have no idea what you're talking about! i think you both look amazing. and that one picture of the both of you lying down should be framed. it's seriously gorgeous.

Kelly @ blackdog finds said...

First things first: you look great!

Secondly, I don't know what it is about summer that makes me wanna dress 70s-cool but this outfit is just increasing my urge to listen to some Skynyrd and feather my hair.

Swalvs said...

Well, I think you rock this top 10x better than any skinny girl! You look awesome! You shouldn't have insecurities about anything but well, it happens to all I guess... So, you look wonderful it that top and cut offs... And the last photo should be a Runaways poster :D

Isquisofrenia said...

wow hot mama!you look so hot
and you have a perfect stomach!
and for some reason this is very 70s like summery vintagie.
how awesome,love the one of you girls laying there!

showgirl godzilla said...

i love that last picture of us. i want to frame it and put it on my wall or something!

emily viveur said...

i love the crochet top, it's such a nice color. and you look amazing in it!

Lara said...

I DO get told I look like Lily Allen! Especially whenever I wear a sweet dress with big funky jewelry. I also get Zooey Deschanel, the intern in the show Parks and Recreation and Katy Perry. I think it is the bangs though. Haha

Anonymous said...

You totally pull it off! No bravery required. Except maybe for standing that close to the roof ledge. Haha. I'm terrified of heights, so that was the first thing I noticed.

Wonderful photos and you look fantastic.

Viv said...

Ok, you are totally pulling off this look! It is gorgeous! These pics look like they are authentic, perfectly vintage- you both look amazing. Love the one of you laying down. UM, I could NOT wear that top. A. I don't wear pink or crochet. B. My boobs would be like, so, what else is getting into this top with us? Tissue? Socks? Water balloons? It would not be cute.