Monday, July 19, 2010

Vintage View #12

A new vintage #
This is a new vintage dress--I couldn't wait to wear it, and with this hot hot weather we've been experiencing for what seems almost an eternity now, I thought this chiffon lightweight tunic/dress was perfect for the weather at hand.
The funny thing with me and vintage, I'll buy it even if it doesn't fit me properly.  (It's because I assume if it doesn't work out for me, I can at least sell it one day in my Vintage/New Clothes boutique in Nasvhille, TN--yes, yes...dreams!  One day I tell you, one day!).  
This little dress was no exception.  As is the case with many vintage items, the sleeves are never quite long enough for me.  Were girls just that much more petite and dainty back then?  Or did they all just have stubby arms?  Or do I buy things constantly made for 13yr olds?
My quick fix to the sleeve length issue: Roll 'em up!
Not only were the sleeves too short, but check out the lining inside.  Um.....SHORT!
So quick fix solution: cut-off shorts underneath.  Yep, never would've guessed I was wearing anything under there would you?
Somedays I probably would've braved the shortness and gone about life sans shorts, but this particular day I was due to be out late for a night of dancing.  Hands up in the air, me raising the roof...yeah shorts were indeed called for.   It could've gone bad had I forgotten the shorts.  Instead I was comfy for dancing and cut'n a rug all night long!
That's one of the things I love about vintage-somehow I find it easier to take it from day to night without any problems.  Put me in a normal new dress, and I won't feel like its nighttime worthy enough.  Neither is this, but it works.  I think when its short I just automatically assume it's good for nights on the town as well.  But what can you do anyhow?  Once you're out for the day, you're out for the night.  There's no going home to change, no going home to get ready--at least 95% of the time that's the case.  Besides, who wants to waste precious time going back home just to change and get ready for the evening?  This would work just fine, and it did--believe me.
Wearing (this was on Saturday by the way):
*Gray vintage tunic, Buffalo Exchange
*Beige leather bag, Makowsky
*Brown suede sandals, Target

Sorry that I couldn't put together a Weekend Rewind this week.  I was so buy this weekend, running around here there everywhere, that the idea of somehow typing it all out into one post is just exhausting. The weekend was exhausting-I passed out last night in the middle of trying to upload my photos.  The late late  hour of 9:45pm.  Granny alert right here!
And now I do'nt know what my deal is but I'm super exhausted right now too and cannot for the life of me keep my eyes open.  I'm a tired little cookie, I gotta run along to bed.


Little Ocean Annie said...

LOVE IT. This is one of the most awesome vintage dresses I've ever seen! The colors and fit are absolutely amazing together. You look great, lady pants!

Tamara said...

That dress was a great find. I've noticed that the sleeves in vintage clothes do tend to be shorter also. But, I remember hearing in my anthropology class that every generation gets taller on average. So, maybe that's it.

don't eat my rice said...

I love this, absolutely and completely. Adorable and sexy. I use the cut off shorts trick too, makes the legs that much longer. ;)

Jana said...

You looked awesome! And who was that amazing photographer? ;)

The Daily Fashionista said...

That dress is so absolutely amazing!!! I love the color and the print. You did good!

Swalvs said...

Well, since you find solutions for smaller items, I think you can go for them! The dress is a wonderful choice for the day ad night especially in hot days! You look great! Oh hope you feel better soon, it should be because of the exhausting weekend!

Alyson said...

I thought I was the only one who had the problem of vintage sleeves being short. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

By the way, when you open up your vintage shop in Nashville, can I be your business partner? Seriously, that's what I want to do as well that is if Sam and I don't end up in Denver or something.

Isquisofrenia said...

i think this dress fits you very properly though .its been hot here too but this whole week is gonna be more cooler .
you look gorgeous ,this color of pink i like, those shoes i envy you

Isquisofrenia said...

i only wish to find a corset like that one!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

OMG, that is so cute. You always find the most unique clothing, that fits you perfectly, I'm getting better hehe.....also, I gave you a "Prom Queen" Blog Award :)

Alecto said...

regardless of sleeve length, you look gorgeous! i love the color, the shape and the collar. so pretty.

sartoriography said...

Ah, love those shoes! And that dress! You look fantastic.