Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Where's my Gatsby Finery?

Seriously, something is wrong with me...I'm beginning to worry I'm narcoleptic or something.  This is an outfit post from Sunday--what's today?  Thursday!!!!!!
I honestly cannot seem to stay awake past 10pm, I fell asleep in the middle of uploading these pictures to Flickr last night.  And not just like letting the computer do its thing, I mean I fell asleep while I was physically clicking which ones to upload to my photostream!

So I apologize for my random weekend posts during the middle of the week.  And my lack of consistency in posting.  I'm very unhappy with myself for this...but something is physically wrong and I cannot keep my eye open!  (I have a doctor's appt. next weekend for a whole slew of issues I'm finding myself coming upon...damn WebMD-it turns me into a crazy woman with a million health issues).

Ok, well let's backtrack to last Sunday...
I hopped on the ferry to Governor's Island with my friend Cristina, and her lil' man.  We were headed to a Gatsby-era Lawn Jazz party.  While most of the attendees were dressed in their best 20's and 30's garb, we knew we might not stay there all day, nor do we have attire suitable to this point in time, so we opted for our own little picnic-y finery.  (It's unfortunate that I do not own a single 1920's piece considering that one of my favorite books/movies of all time is THE GREAT GATSBY!  Oh that Robert Redford back in the day!  and what I wouldn't give to be Jordan Baker!  Forget Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanon, seriously--she's a whiny dainty little flower of a girl, so not my style...i'm all about being Jordan if I ever choose to go that route!)
It was awesome, parked along side of the great lawn party were a bunch of old cars.  "Lil' Man" immediately took a liking to them! He absolutely could not wait to get his photos taken with the vehicles.  (PS-cutest Kid EVER!  no?)
Then of course it was my turn...I couldn't wait to get my own photos taken with my favorite of the group...the Ivory Car.  It's a beauty for sure...and it happened to match my outfit better than the rest!

Since I didn't have any Gatsby-appropriate clothing, I went with a new dress I had found at Beacon's Closet last time I was visiting Mel in Park Slope.  I thought it was a perfect option for a hot hot day picnicing on an island in the summertime.
It was a pretty good solution for the heat, but it was also a little more open in front than I'm used to wearing.  I think I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself in terms of putting "the girls" on full display like that.  I almost left without the huge pearl necklace--luckily I remembered to put it on before I was out the door, and it kinda helped me conceal some of all that fleshyness. 

*Peach cotton sundress, Beacon's Closet
*Straw Bag, Thrift Store
*Pearl necklace, Topshop
*Brown suede sandals, Target
*Brown sunglasses, H&M
After the Lawn party, we headed back to Williamsburg so "Lil' Man" could be the total hipster-dude he was born to be.  I mean look at he not a mini-hipster or what?  He's gonna break some serious hearts when he's older.  We went to the free show to see some bands at the waterfront, where "Lil' Man" immediately popped a squat like a regular outdoor concert goer. 
And before too long, I took a cue and popped my own squat.  Then he proceeded to take off his shirt cause it was so freakin hot.  And we had a pretty feisty game of tug-o-war going on from then on out.
Ah was a good day.  I can't believe I've been so tired lately that I couldn't even post this until now though :(  It would've made for such a good Weekend Rewind had I put both Sat. and Sun. together into one post.
Maybe this weekend, considering it's only 1 day away!  I'm living in a haze, this week has flown by and now its almost time to create some more fun for this weekend.  Crazy!


Isquisofrenia said...

well yea sometimes i post outfits from 3 days ago i just dont say anything hahhah
this dress is so pretty on you
i wanna wear dresses like this too
but i cant seem to look right=(

jesse.anne.o said...

I swear it's this weather - I've been equally narcoleptic and if you want to go out and do anything in it, it takes you down.

I forgot about the Gov's Island thing last weekend! Dang.

jesse.anne.o said...

Oh, and I meant to start out by saying it's a cute dress and the necklaces work really well to not make it look like b00b-central.


no worry, ur weekend post here is awesome, the photos are really nice.
Keep up the good work.
Cool blog here!!!!!

Alexandra said...

Outfit pictures with cars are automatically the best outfit pictures. The dress is so cute! And so is "Lil' Man". Is this the one Mel babysat for a few times? He's definitely an up and coming Hipster!!

Charmalade said...

Haha, I love how you match that car, it's like a big vanilla and cream smorgasboard of chicness. Did that make any sense? I'm sure it did. Too bad there weren't any pictures of the people who dressed up 20s/30s, that's one of my favorite eras in style!

And I hope that the doctor's appointment goes well-- WebMD is a devious thing. Thanks to it, my friend once thought she had the Bubonic plague! Seriously...

PS: Lil' Man = so cute!

Toast with Charmalade

meri said...

He is the cutest ever. Jay and Cristina did good!

Isquisofrenia said...

hahhah, yeah but its totally cool
you know i was thinking the other day how weve been blogger friends since last year right? we met on chictopia and as soon as i saw your style i knew we were gonna get along hahhahah dont freak out though.

i feel that we could be really good friends in real life!anwyas girl have a fun weekend!

Sarah said...

Love the dress it's adorable. I've been looking for a knot bracelet like that lately. Where'd you find it?

Rosie said...

One day I will go to Governor's Island specifically for Jazz Day! I love what you wore even if it isn't quite 20's costume! I've been eying those shoes at target for months now and really should buy them...

Heather Yarnell said...

Beautiful dress. :)

xoxo Kellz* said...

u loook pretty awesome in dat dress

Aya Smith said...

It's awesome to see a little boy with long hair! My brother has always had long hair, my husband has long hair and my son has long hair... and even though it isn't quite as long as this cute "little man", I still get irritating remarks! Go boys with long hair! :D hehe!

Aya of Strawberry Koi

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