Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Wear: Topshop Jackets and Name-calling

Topshop Jacket
I have absolutely been so stoked to own this jacket since I broke down and bought it 2 weeks ago...and don't you hate that when you have an item you're dying to wear but weather just won't cooperate?  Welcome to my world!
(this will also happen in about a month when I jump the gun and get really really overly excited for the return of Autumn and I go crazy and start buying fall clothing, all the while still having to make it thru the last few weeks of August.)

The moment I put this on in Topshop I told myself to buy it.  It's not as if I needed another gray jacket, but something about the scrunched up sleeves I convinced myself it was different than the other 3 jackets of similar shading in my closet.  (Pretty sure looking back on it I could've just pushed up the sleeves on another one of my gray jackets and achieved the same effect.  But nah, who needs that?)

So great, back to weather-talk...BORING!  But indeed the weather was awesome today...I swear there wasn't an ounce of humidity in the air and there was a crisp breeze like no other!  Perfect for putting on a little boyfriend blazer if you ask me!
Now, on to the funny part of my day...
I've gotta ask you, be I look kind of masculine in this outfit or something?  I mean I thought for sure the bright pink heels and curvy-girl physique would make it obvious...but I'll swear, I'm 95% certain, oh hell yeah--this girl turned to her friend on the sidewalk at lunch and said, "holy shit I thought that girl was a man".  
And I looked around and I was the only other girl.  WTF?
I just shot her a furrowed brow of a glare, I'm sure she got the point...but seriously, how funny is that?
Maybe I am looking manly today, who knows.
I thought I looked plenty female, just I happened to be wearing what some refer to as a "boyfriend jacket".

Nevermind when I came back inside and took off my jacket, my coworker proceeded to constantly sing ridiculous Kid Rock songs in my direction.  It's something about white tank tops--they bring out the Kid Rock in all of us, it is rather unfortunate in this regard for sure!
*Gray silk blazer, Topshop
*White tank top, H&M
*Skinny jeans, Uniqlo
*Silver vintage necklace, Thrift Store
*Silver earrings, H&M
*Fuchsia heels, BCBGgirls
Yep, I suppose I was a little more stoked on wearing my new jacket than everyone else.  So much so I just must've overlooked the masculine quality it can lend to the outfit--but its not like I'm pulling a Paula Poundstone here.  What a day, being mistaken for a man and then being serenaded with Kid Rock songs.  I just don't know what to make of it.

Oh and freakin eh...I have the worst sore throat I've nearly ever had.  I don't usually get sore throats, especially in July!  And just in time for my Tom Petty concert on don't even know how angry I am about this one.
I mean afterall who, if anyone, has more right to yell at the top of her lungs during those famous lines of Last Dance with Mary Jane...pretty sure this Indiana girl has all the right to yell it out.  But damn this sore throat.  I can barely talk to tell you the truth.  Why do I always get sick for these concerts?


jesse.anne.o said...

A. You do not look like a man. That girl is either jealous or inane.

B. It's a nice jacket.

C. I am incredibly jealous you are seeing Tom Petty. I love him. When I used to work in a bar in Hoboken that had a music venue, I always had to defend his honor to my coworkers!

Little Ocean Annie said...

haha, I had to laugh at that, because you are SO NOT manly looking at all! Actually, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw these and before I read the text was, "Damn, she can wear the crap out of jeans!" Seriously. You look way hot.

I am married to the biggest Tom Petty fan in the world, and seeing him live is pretty awesome! Enjoy the show!

Charmalade said...

If you WERE to look like a man AT ALL it might be because you might resemble a transvestite who had a very successful surgery who was seen from the back on a rainy day by someone who was squinting. But otherwise-- what??? Looks like that girl really took "boyfriend jacket" seriously, silly thing.

But furreal, you look appropriately not-masculine and rockin'. :)

Toast with Charmalade

Holly said...

This outfit looks lovely, definitely not manly! Your skinny jeans are gorgeous - they really exentuate your feminine figure.

MariloƩ said...

I've featured you on my blog BLOG GOSSIP. check it out and follow me for daily posts of new blogs around the world.

the_ed said...

Well...these days a lot of boys look like maybe she thought you were a girly-looking boy from behind...or (judging by the strong degree of surprise) she thought you were a hot man, lol. I don't think it matters whether or not you look like a girl or boy, you look like an AWESOME gal in that outfit, as you always do. I actually mistook a gal with short hair for a guy yesterday. She was talking to another girl and i thought, "Oh they make an interesting couple." And as I glanced back, I realized that the one I thought was a guy was actually female. I was so embarrassed because it wasn't like I haven't had that happen to me (with my recently short hair). But yeah, don't worry about it. If you love your boyfriend blazer, you should wear it with pride!

those tricks said...

i love the jacket.

Swalvs said...

Oh no way! You look totally feminine!!! She should go to an eye doctor! Anyways, I have some sore throat too, I wish you feel better before the concert! You look very beautiful and I'm glad you've got this blazer, it's way too good and nice to have some weather to wear it!