Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: Fab Floral Fix

From the past photoshoots of Dusty Rose Vintage and the gals....
I give you a Fab Floral Fix of Vintage Lovelies.

I thought I'd dig around and present you with something I fell behind on posting--something from our shoot in Prospect Park/Park Slope a while back.

And Woah!  That's a lot of easter-looking, springtime flower power going on, isn't it?

Once again, this goes to show you how much fun it is to be a part of the Dusty Rose photoshoots.  I would probably never ever, EVER, find myself veering towards a frock like this.  But why not?  It's freakin feminine and well, just floraly!
Oh yes, that's why not...its probably way too girly for me to figure out what to do with it if left to my own devices. Yet, it's a good time to give a different look a-go, try something off-the-wall "not me at all" for a change.  I feel very KY Derby in this, or southern, or get it, its not me.

However, I'm certain there's somebody out there that these floral numbers are perfect for!  

Dusty Rose Vintage clad me in a 1980's Laura Ashley dress-for sale HERE
And Nikka (who's going to be on freakin' broadway!!!!  Congrats friend!) is wearing a 1980's Fishtail Dress
-for sale HERE
And Mel is wearing a Pastel Floral Babydoll Dress-for sale HERE

So as always, don't forget to check out Dusty Rose Vintage's Etsy shop for these dresses and other great vintage pieces
My lil' Side Note:

Wow!  What a difference 3 months can make....So many little things are different now, mostly just little things I see-no one else would notice so much.
(I.E. my hair is much fuller and a bit longer now, I've lost about 2lbs-haha 2lbs!, and I no longer live at this location--sad but true, I miss the old brownstone and its stoop sometimes-boohoo, weep weep).
Its just funny how many things can change in such a short period of time.  And its amazing just how fast time is flying, this photo seems like it was just yesterday-but in actuality I remember, it was May 1st!  Yep, time IS flying-yay, that means summer will be over soon!  Bring on the turtlenecks and boots please!


Stephanie said...

I love all 3 dresses from this photoshoot!

Isquisofrenia said...

that dresss your wearing is so lovely and flowery and very cute on you.
all this photoshoots are so cool i envy you. good job all the time
and yeah omg how exiceted i love when people tell me this things
yeah go for ceviche if you like fish and if you eat meat(fried beef & frenchfries) ask for lomo saltado
all my white friends dig it hahhahah.
but yeah have fun and tell me how that went.
love ya girl, have fun tonight!

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

yeah, time flies, huh? and nothing stays the same. funny to see those springy/eastery florals in the dead of summer. i can't believe it's more than half over!!! wah.

the_ed said...

These are all very gorgeous dresses; they remind me how much I love the spring. But I'm glad that fall is approaching, for it is the time when fashion is at its most interesting (and, of course, the humidity dies down, too). But if there's one thing I want from spring fashion to carry over into fall/winter, it's florals. I love the ones I have so much! I think the key is to have florals in more fall/winter colors, have the print/style be sophisticated rather than girlish or to have them in a piece with an interesting cut. What do you want from the summer/spring fashions to stay behind for fall?

thisgirlbeck said...

love it! thats why i never throw anything out.. you never know when it will come back in style... lol