Saturday, July 10, 2010

Style Crush: Erin Wasson of Course!

So I've been shopping like crazy lately, on the hunt for super slouchy tanks, skeezy looking style, and anything to elevate my look to that "she looks like she could maybe use a shower" level. 
(but of course I'm actually showering, rest assured).

This has all come about because I'm currently obsessing (like a lot of other girls, so this is nothing groundbreaking, surprising, or anything but obvious)over the Designer, Model, Muse, Stylist, all around awesome girl: 

Her style is gritty, very street, extremely comfortable looking, total badass, and all tinged with hints of Grunge!  What's not to love if you're a girl like me?

From the Blazers,

To the true Erin style, the Slouchy Tank!

And the cut-off jean shorts...

And her dark rimmed feline looking eyes and piles of rings and slender, long chain necklaces.

For two weeks now I've been wanting to give this look a-go.  I realized I had everything in my closet already EXCEPT for the quintessential slouchy tank.
How can you possibly take this look on without the tank?
So now I've been stocking up right and left, I'm currently at a count of 4 oversized tanks since I've become obsessed.  I could probably stop this look might fade out of my life in no time at all. However, for now, I'm going with my gut and what my gut is telling me at this very moment...
that being, "Nickie...dress like this NOW".

Ok, so now that I've got some tanks, I already had a pair of DIY cut-offs, but I thought I could use another pair.  So at 1:30am last night I cut up another pair...woohoo!
(I will wear them at some point this weekend)
The only thing I've got working against me when it comes to copping Erin's style is the fact that we are extremely different body types.
Most apparent is my ample chest, and her non-existent man-chest.
(sorry Erin, but yeah, your chest kinda creeps me out cause its hardly there)
So yes, this chest issue (oh and the fact that I'm not a former model with a lanky frame most likely coming in around 6ft tall)...
I've gotta play this look carefully, or else I could very well teeter on that edge of looking
"Spring Break 1994, Panama City Beach style"
Meaning I could just look like a piece of spring break garbage, and not Erin Wasson.
Oh wait, I'm never gonna look like Erin Wasson.
(oh those angular facial features!)

So onward to start my weekend and the days of Erin Wasson Style!

(PS-none of these photos are mine--duh, just gonna say it though so I feel better about stealing images. Thanks)


Alyson said...

Nickie, What are your thoughts on bra showing? Because I think you could pull off the slouchy tank with some careful and deliberate bra hanging out. Or your second option could be bandeau bras. But, I have this problem of the fact that my chest is a little big for my frame, and bandeau bras can make me look like a big sausage boob.

Um is it weird how much I am thinking about this? haha!

Viv said...

I want to look like Erin Wasson toooooo! I need:

slouchy tanks
sexier bras
longer stringier, dirtier hair that is less black
10 less lbs on my A$$ and thighs
cut offs that create a wedgie yet still look good

Hmmm, looks like all I have to work with is a blazer and it is WAY too hot to wear a blazer. I may need a new girl crush.

kellywanhainen said...

nickie..we have TONS of slouchy tanks at charlotte! it's all i wear! they're perfect to wear with skirts and whatever else, plus they're 2 for 10, so you should definitely check them out!

anna marie said...

Her lack of chest is really creepy. I didn't really notice it until you pointed it out, and promptly went back and looked at her boobs in every one. Thanks for that pervy moment!

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

ha, even before you said it, i was thinking "nickie's, um, chest, will look very different in some of these looks than erin's". but if anyone can pull it off, it would be you. and i have some crazy hot vintage bras and bustiers that would probably work. i'll find them after the move. xx

Lara said...

Yeah, no one would want to see me in a slouchy tank top like that. Not that I have big boobs, because I don't but because it would be really weird. I mean, you move the wrong way and....BOOB!

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