Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: She's Always a Woman to Me

"She Can Kill With a Smile, She Can Wound with Her Eyes
She Can Ruin Your Faith with Her Casual Lies
And She Only Reveals What She Wants You to See
She Hides Like a Child, but She's Always a Woman to Me"
yes yes, it's true...I'm always a woman, even when I do my best to be One of the Boys (which is nearly everyday of my life, right?) 

Luckily for me, at our most recent Dusty Rose Vintage photoshoot they did their best to dress me like a lady- all they really needed is to show you their wears, but apparently YES- a girl like me can clean up proper.  Who'd thought?
It makes it even better that the chosen color palatte for my lady-like self was the Burnt Orange/Black/Natural combo you see here.  And if you didn't know, this is ONE OF MY FAVES!
 FAVE color combo EVER!  I love putting those tobacco shades of brown with black--I think it pairs up so perfectly with wood accents.  Oh but enough about me and my taste for black and brown together as one, I'm supposed to be showcasing the clothes--not my preferred color schemes.

I'm wearing two particular items of noteworthy goodness:
*1950's Floral Print, Full-sweep Skirt (for sale HERE)
*1980's Ungaro Structured Handbag (for sale HERE)

and let me not forget to mention how much fun these photoshoots are.  I think I say it everytime, only because it's 100% TRUE!  I get to hang out with my girls, dress up like a lady, and be a part of my favorite color scheme...what's not to like?
PS-Sorry ladies, the cute scallop shorts on Idee_geniale are already GONE GONE GONE, snatched up by a lucky buyer like nobody's business.  Are we surprised-the scallop short is kinda RIGHT ON TREND! LUCKY gal whoever she was that bought those.


Isquisofrenia said...

serioulsy this whole outfit suits you very well. ive seen you in skirts and i think this one is my fav so far.
i dont know i think its the lenght or somethig
you look gorgeous. love the bag too
love the tobbaco color of the skirt!
i bet its really fun when you do this photoshoots!

Alexandra said...

"They did their best to dress me like a lady". Hahaha. You are too great. Already told Mel, but I love this rooftop setting. And I also love how your outfit colors go together. And your whole outfit, really.

Swalvs said...

Those shorts were so good but were just so gone!!! Well, that skirt is also very beautiful!!! I think I'll check that! The colors look very nice on you by the way, and you look totally girly and lovely!

Alecto said...

that skirt looks fantastic on you-- everything from the fit, to the movement, to the pattern. and i dig how you paired it with a black tank, it really brings the skirt to attention.

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

ha, you know i have to dress you like a lady sometime. but you know there will always be plenty more vamp and vixen to come! :) and i haven't posted the crochet looks yet!!!

those tricks said...

A wonderful skirt.
Lookin' good!
love me some lady-like dressing. :)

Carmen said...

Love this outfit, the skirt really suits youu!


Anonymous said...

The outfits here are awesome. Love everything.

And I really love that Billy Joel song. I occasionally forget about it, so thanks for the reminder!

Spacely Peniro said...