Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Wear: A New Skirt if I Must

Tada!  That's what I feel like saying when I see this peguin pose I'm sporting here.  WTF?

-Sorry guys, this is NOT a true representation of what I wore today.  Switch the skirt for some shorts, change the t-shirt to pale yellow, that's what I wore today.
-This here is actually what I wore last Thursday, I just realized I never told you about it.
It's a new skirt; one I'm pretty willing to bet money on that 99% of you forgot I had mentioned buying a new skirt at Zara.  Or wait, did I just tweet that one time?  I cannot even remember, that's why I'm for sure guessing you don't remember.   And if you do remember, I'm sorry...maybe you should get a hobby because this is NOT a good way to spend your leisure time.

-Yep, new skirt...Zara, on sale!  Zara is/was (not sure anymore) having a huge sale!  Actually funny story because a day or two after I bought this skirt, I went in to another Zara and they made me stop on the way out so they could peek into my bags.  Grrrrrr....why do I always look like the girl that's up to no good?  My whole life I get into these situations.  No worries, Mr. Security found NOTHING, because I stole NOTHING...do I look like the stealing kind?  (don't answer that).
New Skirt
Another thing I'm realizing from last Thursday's ensemble is how I really really need to get back into slathering on my FAVE RAVE of a LIPGLOSS!  It's the perfect sheer red color.  Oh Benetint, I do love you.  Looks like I need to pucker up some more, so I remember to slick it on some more.  Who doesn't love a good classic red--um me, but when it sheer like this, its way less intimidating and doesn't require the precision skills it takes to get red lipstick on.  Probably why I'm such a gloss girl, rarely a lipstick kitten.
*Blue tshirt, Target
*Scarf, Old Navy
*Khaki skirt, Zara
*Brown sandals, Target
And now, excuse me would ya...why I go melt in this disgusting thing called SUMMER...its so freakin hot.  Anyone else ready for October yet?  ME ME ME


Alexandra said...

Hahaha. I just love the face you're making in the picture right after the "Do I look like the stealing kind?"

You look so dainty and cute in this outfit! I loveeee that scarf!! I really wish I had some more super lightweight scarves for summer wearing, but all of mine seem SO heavy and aren't really tapered enough for my liking.

Swalvs said...

I loved your new skirt and the last photo looks so professional and beautiful!

Alyson said...

Um, why do you always get stopped for shop lifting? That is REALLY odd. Maybe the think you are wearing spanx or something underneath your skirt and you are stuffing stuff into your spanx. Yes, that's how people shop lift. Oh and I do remember you saying something about the skirt (mostly because I'm having to live vicariously through other people's shopping). I am very excited to see it and it looks GREAT on you.

Alyson said...

I can't quite remember the name of the mascot but, I will say that yes they do still have Free Soft Drinks and now Free Sunscreen. Did they also have a water park when it first opened? I'm sure they did. Now there is this ride called Pilgrim's Plunge, where they take you up elevator style to the type of this big water slide (you are in a little boat thing) and then you slide down it. And yes, I can't really get over how amazing it was. It was just so clean, and much much better than some other amusement parks I have been to.

Oh and if you start line dancing at Wild Horse Salloon, I'll be right beside you. When I lived in Texas we used to go 2 steppin' and line dancing all the time. I miss it.

merl said...

MAMA-i love that last photo. a lot. A LOT. can we talk about how exciting it is that I'm coming to NY?! I'm planning on not sleeping much, so start saving up your shut eye hours now.

Alexandra said...

Well YOU Manage to make me LAUGH with every comment you leave. Haha. I'm really considering putting fast boys in there now. Just for you. And hey, maybe I do like fast boys, ehh? But while we're on this subject... You're SINGLE interest is "Putting the ass in class"... Obviously even better than fast boys.

Feel free to jump into my pictures any time, they'd be glad to have you. One of these days we'll make some wild pictures of our own!!! (That sounded terribly romantic in a crazy, party girl kind of way... I think...)

missDTM said...

cuuuuuuute! i never go into zara but i love everything i see that other people wear from them...i might need to do that...