Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Rewind: Fourth of July Style!!!!

Ah, Fourth of July--perfect holiday for a perfect Weekend Rewind.
It's that time, when you're best off hanging with friends or family...
Drinking a little beer...
the one time it's completely acceptable to be completely cl-ASS-y.  (c'mon it's the trashiest of all American Holidays, don't deny it, it's when the real class acts come out to play--liquor and fireworks come together in horrible harmony almost every time, right?)
It's the time when its perfectly cool to get down with your inner rebel and rock the graffiti backdrop...
Or to just get down with your bad-ass dance shoes on a rooftop in Manhattan.
Oh the rooftops...would the Fourth of July be the same in NYC without access to one?  NO!
It's a MUST...or else how do you plan to see the fireworks?

(Oh wait, we were on the roof, yet we couldn't see was moreso just like we were reenacting the Revolutionary War, A little Star Spangled Banner style--complete with Rockets Red Glare, and Bombs Bursting in Air, but we didn't really get to view the actual show, we just kinda heard it going down.)
Nonetheless, Macy's Firework Extravaganza or not, we had some GRILLIN action on a rooftop and that makes everything A-OK.
(and of course I had some black snakes leftover from the Poconos, so we played with some fire too)
The Fourth of July Weekend Garb started out in a more rock n roll style, and then quickly drifted into the more urban cowgirl look.

Friday: July 2nd, 2010--
I opted to up the sleaze factor for drinks in Tribeca.  As soon as I stepped foot off the subway and into that neighborhood I felt as if I left my pants at home.  Ooopsie!

Friday night's outfit included:
*Jacket, H&M
*Tank "dress", H&M
*Booties, Rachel Rachel Roy
*Skinny Belt, F21
*Printed Scarf, F21
*Vintage owl necklace, Ebay
Out for drinks

Saturday: July 3rd, 2010--
The morning seemed a little cool when I was up and getting some coffee, so I thought it might be a nice, kinda breezy day.  I opted for a lightweight cardigan, but boy was I wrong!  By midday the sun was shining down and even something as thin as this cardi was way too much Heat for me to be packin'

Heat or not heat, I left it on for the "tough girl" graffiti shots.  That cardigan is anything but tough.  Funny because Mel and I had a laugh about it actually, as to why exactly I owned something like that, something so dainty that actually is more her style than mine.  Maybe I own it because I like to mix things up, like to switch it up once in a while, like to throw you all for a loop if possible.
Oh and I'm not going to lie and tell you I just wanted to wear these heels "just because" as if I really think they're the only shoe in my closet that would go with my outfit.  Actually I'll tell you the truth...Saturday I wanted to look as tall and lanky as I possibly could; sometimes I get a bit obsessed with being the tallest I can be.  And the only way I could achieve a somewhat "tall girl" stature was if I were to wear my cut-offs and act like really tall heeled shoes went fine and dandy with them.  Walk with confidence and no one will notice that its a wee bit (ok a lot bit) ridiculous to wear such shoes w/shorts for practical purposes such as walking all over god's creation.

Yep, very ridiculous indeed...most of what I do is very ridiculous.


Saturday's outfit included:
*Cardigan, BCBG
*Tank top, H&M
*DIY cut-off shorts, Gap
*Sandals, Target
*Necklace, Thrift Store
*Sunglasses, H&M
*Canvas bag, Gap
*Bracelet, Gift from BFF (thanks Amy!)
*Turquoise ring, F21
Saturday 7/3/10

Sunday: July 4th, 2010--
A ha, the aforementioned Urban Cowgirl look...besides the very patriotic effect I was trying to achieve, its very much also a "you can take the girl outta the country, but you can't take the country outta the girl" yeah, or I basically used The Fourth of July to dress as white trashy as possible, its the one day I can really go for it and do it all up just that way.  YEA!
The t-shirt, let's just call it at face value, call it what it is.
And by that, I mean A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Perfect for a hoosier girl way into her American roots and with a strong love of all things related to our country's history (Battle of Brooklyn and some Ben Franklin need to get schooled on it by chance?)
that's right, doin' it up Patriotic Par-Tay style!  The Boss and his "Born in the USA" would be so proud!

Sunday's festive attire included:
*T-shirt, H&M
*DIY cut-offs, Gap
*Boots, Steve Madden
*Leopard print scarf, H&M
Fourth of July

Oh what a holiday it was...too bad I was back at the office today while the majority of you friends were snoozing in late, catching up on some movie marathons, and overall enjoying whatever people do when they have the day off.
I hope the weekend was as good to you guys as it was to me!  Woot-Woot


Charmalade said...

Dare I say, I'm thinking your "urban cowgirl" look is yeeeehaw-awesome! Wow, that was cheesy. Or corny-- which fits, because us Hoosiers love our corn, right? I also really love your second to last photo. So bamf.

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anna marie said...

It makes me laugh you try to be as tall as possible. I'm 5'10, and just starting to embrace wearing heels. I was so intimidated of towering over everyone for the longest time!

Carrie said...

I love that you are wearing such a dainty cardigan! Not something I expect from your style, which makes it even more awesome.

Also, I am jealous that you're drinking Yuengling. It's driving me crazy that I can't get it since I moved to Ohio!

Lara said...

That huge necklace totally rocks! I want it! It looks like you had fun!

Alecto said...

YES to all of those. especially the black dress + heels. you look sassy.

Isquisofrenia said...

yes it was hotter than hell probalbly like 110 and now i loook more darker than before my legs are burnthahha
anyways girl, i dont even know where to start cuz you look so good in everyoutfit
seems like you had a fun 4of july hanging out with friends.
and i love love your necklace, i think its just so unique.

Anonymous said...

Throw those ankle cowboy booties out. Ew. Steve Madden?

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

I am OBSESSED with Friday and Saturday's outfits!! so so cute!!!!

Jana said...

Ok, that necklace (is it chinese characters?) is FREAKIN rad. I love it! You always find the best stuff. :)