Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm With the Band

Ok, that's a lie...I'm not really "with the band", more like just "following the band".  I've been a little preoccupied the past few days running here, there, everywhere--taking in 3 concerts in less than one week's time.  Phew!  I'm no rockstar like I wish it were, so needless to say I'm a little worn out.

First up, last Wednesday night I was at Madison Square Garden.  And what's not a lie is that
"She grew up in an Indiana town, had a good look'n mom never was around"
(ok that's a lie, my mom was always around)
Tom Petty
"But she grew up tall, and she grew up right...w/'em Indiana boys on 'em Indiana nights"
(true story, they do grow up pretty tall and right in Indiana...we're cornfed and European descent, what can I say?)
I'm guessing by now you might've figured who I saw at MSG.  Free Fallin'?  American Girl?  ummm...YES PLEASE!  Tom Petty and the Eff'n Heartbreakers!!!!!  (my friend just told me the other day that her boss said only white trash from the midwest like Tom Petty...fine by me, I'll be white trash and I'm completely MIDWEST  if that's what it takes because that was one good concert I'll tell you what!)

Friends 4-eva
Then, last Saturday, in case you missed our tweets--my friends and I headed to Prospect Park to claim our spot in line for an 8:40pm show...we're the REAL DEAL-considering we were there to be in line at 3:30pm!
Cristina and Nickie
And this is the only documentation of an outfit I have in over one week's time...and eeek!  That's No Outfit!  That's just me in my regular weekend attire these days, Cut-off shorts...
(silk dress-Urban Outfitters, DIY cut-offs-GAP, Vintage Owl Necklace-gift from Leprouse Vintage, vintage belt-Thrift Store)
Sonic Youth @ Prospect Park
But who cares about outfits when we're talking a FREE SONIC YOUTH show!!!  It was pretty rad and well worth the long long wait we endured in line.  We were probably about the 75th people to enter the stage area, so it was not too shabby of an idea that we parked our butts in the queue when we did.
Sonic Youth
And then last night, I rushed outta work-hit the subways-found myself somewhere in the middle of Brooklyn to take in a night of some of hip-hop's finest (and I'll admit, I'm such a white girl-laugh now, but least I wasn't called "Snowflake" like Mel was!  I'm sorry but it was pretty funny!)
slick rick
Another FREE concert--I'm so there!  And who wouldn't want to go to this if given the opportunity?  I got to see Slick Rick (evidence shown above--I bypassed the security so cunningly as I snuck my camera into the "no cameras allowed" concert-yeah!)
And when the night was goin' good...they brought out a "special treat" for us:
But girls...get ready for this one:
Are you ready....ready for this fierce little duo (because sadly, breaks my heart...but they're missing the cool one-Spinderella)?  SALT N PEPA!!!!!!!!!!
So tell me now who wouldn't seize this opportunity to see this show?
So yeah....I've been taking in the concerts, soaking up what it is to live in NYC during the summertime.  It's one fine place to live, I'll tell you that much....FREE CONCERTS GALORE-and those that aren't free are pretty bigtime dudes in the music industry, and well worth every penny!  So while I merely wish to claim,  "I'm with the Band" (sometimes Pamela Des Barres style), I can really just tell you I'm watching the band.  And I'm rather quite liking the view!

Outfit posts to resume shortly....like when summertime is over and my social agenda sucks.


Carrie said...

I'm from the South & I LOVE Tom Petty. So I think that logic is flawed. Though, I do live in the Midwest now...

Sounds like they were great shows!

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

Hey thanks for your "intro" on my little blog. :) You seem like a rockin' girl. A lot of fun to hang out with;)

BTW, my brother-in-law who's from CA...and still lives here...he's a big Tom Petty fan. So, white trash well maybe he is that...HA HA HA whatever!

No, I have not nixed NY in anyway...I've just started my studies...I studied a little while in Paris...and now I'm visiting my sister here...and I would love to be around her...but we'll see. Gotta make up my mind soon though.

So you're an evening wear designer. That's cool. Are you self employed or work for some company??
How long have you been in NY?

Nice meeting you. Your blog is fab. When I have more time I will dive into it. :)


Michelle Elaine said...

ahhh that concert must've been so bad ass!! jealous!


thisgirlbeck said...

i plan on seeing tom petty sometime this summer!!! i can't friggin wait.. i'm such a groupie :)


Miss May said...

Ahh! I'm so jealous of all the performers u got to see! I am pumped to stalk your blog too. And seriously: come visit us here in Wisco anytime, we can tailgate! Xoxo KT

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Love this post! So many great photos. Glad to hear you had a splendid time.

Alecto said...

i saw tom petty a few years ago. that dude can ROCK and salt n pepa?! whaaaaaat?! that is AWEsome.

Ashley said...

I'm from Boston and I love Tom Petty, he can break my heart annnnyyyytime he wants.

This post has made me ashamed of my lack of concert going this summer in nyc - the heat is getting to me. Why am I so lame??

xoxo, Ashley

paige said...

hi! it's paige from barefoot & vintage. is it weird for me to tell you that i was super excited to have a comment from you on my blog...? well i was! i've seen you name all over the blogesphere, but i've always felt too dorky to say something. eeep! so here i am, rambling. see?

how was TP? amazing i bet. :)


those tricks said...

Salt n Pepper?!!!
no way.
i would love to see them.
How were they?
Did the crowd lose their shit for push it?
(which I'll just assume they sang)

jesse.anne.o said...

I love Tom Petty so whatevs to the haters. I was away so I missed this stuff but listened to TP in the car on the road trip as an homage.