Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daily Wear: and Corinne McCormack eyewear

Tonight I skipped down the road from where I work and found myself at the Corinne McCormack party...she's launching the new season of eyewear and somehow yours truly was found in the sea of everyone else and invited to view the collection.  (this never happens to me--I'm not one of those bigtime bloggers that brands just invite to see way, I'm lame).
Corinne McCormack has some pretty great eyeglass frames for those wanting something a little more bold, unique, and not the run of the mill type frames.  Mostly I found her things were reading glasses, but I'm certain I was missing out on something-there's real eyewear frames in there too.
Some of her product shown above.
A mood board for her current line shown below.
Some of her feminine floral-y eyeglass cases below.
And of course, me showing off my SWAG BAG!  Who doesn't love free goodies????
I got some lens cleaner (which I might give to my new spectacle wearer, Idee_Geniale), and a fancy little chain to attach to my glasses (too bad I LIVE in my contacts 24/7...shhhh! don't tell my eye doctor that I almost always fall asleep in my contacts).
I actually didn't take my outfit photos at the party, don't think this woman's showroom is a dilapidated ol' stairwell like my backdrop is here.  Nope, that's just the crusty stairwell leading up to my roof-I've taken a liking to it for my outfit photos.
Today, knowing I had a little "outing" after work, I decided to wear something other than my typical "I'm going to be beading gowns and running around all day" uniform.  I opted for a dress I bought when I was in the Poconos over Memorial Day Weekend.  I don't wear it often, just once before...its so very prim and proper--really uncharacteristic for me actually.  However, I can tell you, when it comes summertime I do tend to dress a little more ladylike on occasion.  I think its just the weather, the heat plays tricks on my head and makes me believe I am a classy dame like that.  Not that this dress is a bad thing, but it kinda makes me laugh how this side of me comes out moreso during the summer rather than the cooler months.  No joke, I have a closet full of these ladylike dresses--and they're all summertime appropriate.  Bring on the 50degree temps and I resort to my skinny jeans, tshirts, and bomber jacket ALL THE TIME!
But yes, I felt the need to look like a lady considering I had an "event" to attend.  I didn't want/need to show up looking like a slob.  Yikes!  NO

So here I am....wearing:
*White floral print dress, Ann Taylor
*Black skinny belt, Ann Taylor
*Black kidskin sandals, Colin Stuart
Oh the best part of the evening, I completely almost forgot to mention it, was the psychic they had at the party.  I had a quick spiritual reading in which Sable (that was her name) read my energy and gave me some feedback on what she was channeling.
Supposedly I am very feminine in terms of relationships, as in I wear my heart on my sleeve and fall too  easily, but I wear a mask that shows the world one thing, like I'm smiling, when inside I'm really not happy whatsoever right now, I'm feeling "lost" (ok, pretty accurate--I do wear a mask 99% of the time...suckers, and you thought I was just always this unemotional, I just don't want everyone to know I have feelings all the time!  That's just WEAK!)
And supposedly I'm masculine in terms of how I deal with my occupation (true.  very much so, being dainty and girly and emotional in the workplace will get you NOWHERE)
And, best yet---supposedly she sees nothing wrong with me, other than I tend to get into longterm relationships that go nowhere, neither forward or backward...but within this year I will find what I am looking for and she sees Marriage (we'll leave out the part about how she sees a family in my near future...because UM-NO THANKS!).  But Marriage?  In a Year?  Am I going to get married in Vegas while being highly intoxicated or something?  As long as I get married by an Elvis-dude, I could probably deal...its my dad I'm not so sure about!  hahahaa.

She gave me her card, for a more indepth, longer reading...should I go back?  I've always been intrigued in this and I do believe in it (sorry mom, not so catholic of me I know).  Do you guys think this stuff is legit?  Or just hocus-pocus...vague-A$$ stuff, a way to flush your money down the drain?  I'm curious...would you seek out spiritual guidance from someone who can read your aura and energy?


kellywanhainen said...

i've been wanting to see a psychic all of my life!! i think now would be the perfect time..what with my future being completely open and all :) LOVE your shoes, by the way tstraps are so classic.

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

HA HA HA HA I loooove your sense of humor. You're FAB! And you look lovely. :)

Thank you so much for all the information today on my blog. And I'm definitely not nixing NY. I might study a year here in SF and then move on again. BLAH...I just don't know yet.

Can you tell me, how did you end up in NY...some sort of internship or you just took off and moved damnit??
Are you a head designer at A.M's or how do things work here in the US?

I hope you don't think I'm to nosy. I'm just starting off and it's sooo nice to hear and get to know designers and be mentored a little. "SMILE" I have actually a mentor in Paris, and he's so nice...and we have become friends now. He's more like my brother. :)

Thank you so much for stumbling in on my blog. You seem wonderful. :)


PS. sorry for rambling!

closet365 said...

That dress is beautiful on you. Love!

Psychics totally intrigue me. I got a reading once that was right on, but I also got totally bummed once, when I realized my favorite horoscope site was churning out repeat horoscopes. I'd say it's worth it if you think she's on to something, I just wouldn't let it be the end all be all of advice. Haha.

t said...

Super cute shoes!

Ashley said...

Firstly, I love your dress! The rose-watercolor pattern is lovely and yous shoes are adorable!

I kind of tend to be on the "psychics are BS" side of the fence, but to be honest if I were you and she had told me something that I had wanted to hear then I would probably secretly believe her while outwardly scoffing. Also, I think there's something to be said for self-fulfilling prophecies. And if you do get married within the year - just think of what a good story this will be!

xoxo, Ashley

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

"Putting the ass in class" ha ha ha ha You're sooo fabulous! I'm so happy to have met you. Thank you again for introducing yourself.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only last minute gal.

I hope you'll have a great TGIF. :)


PS. You'll hear from me this weekend. I hope that's ok?

Charmalade said...

Though I personally think the whole psychic business sounds more than shady (it's not really because of religion I say this, but more out of inherent skepticism in our modern times), but if you have the time, then why not? I think you just should take whatever she says with a grain of salt. We wouldn't want you hanging onto every word to the point where you're tinfoil hat-ing it. D:

That dress is DARLING I love the outfit and how the t-straps go with the belt! So so cute.

PS: I actually will be IN New York that weekend of your swap! I actually was all "oh geeeez can I even go?" as creepy as that sounds, and I don't think I even can, since I already have made plans and I have no idea how far away certain things in NYC are... I'm lame. But yes, I'd still want to go!

Toast with Charmalade

thisgirlbeck said...

beautiful dress! Right now I am totally rocking the homeless looking just rolled out of bed look... lol


The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

Have an awesome time this weekend you fab. gal you! ;)

Hopefully we'll get some great pics. soon from you again. :)


eat.sleep.wear. said...

aweeeeee. u look like such the little lady here! LOVE THIS LOOK GIRLLLLL.

and have a fun weekend playing with the bloggies :)) xo, Kim

Jana said...

That dress is gorgeous and you look awesome. I love it! (And of course I want those SHOES!)

the_ed said...

You don't wear dresses in fall you say? Well, I challenge you! Style one of your "summer" dresses for fall. (If you don't wanna do it, I don't really mind, but I'd like to not be the only one wearing girlish things this fall season.) The glasses look lovely (and I'm sure they're leaps and bounds out of my budget, too).

As for a, I'd rather invest in reiki (a healing art) or yoga sessions.

Is Ms. Sable specifically legit? I dunno...and I'm not certain how you can find out.But I doubt that there are many psychics who are legit, or at least don't exaggerate their readings or mask their limitations. And it's not necessarily because said people are "shady" or whatever. It's a part of selling the business. Would you shell out $$ for a psychic who says "well, actually I can't get a read on that...yeah, I'm kind of drawing a blank." or, to use your reading as an example, "You'll probably get married at some point in your life"? It is realistic but not as surprising or intriguing as "I see marriage in a year."

If you do get a full reading, just don't take it too seriously. There's no reason for any girl to spend all her energy trying to fulfill someone else's prediction...unless it involves saving the universe, of course. ;)

Becca said...

Love the look of all those glasses, I had to get some last year, so I just invested in some basic black ones. Now, I'm ready to get something a little more fun to work into my eyewear wardrobe.

Also, I'm not sure my thoughts on psychics, but I've heard some stories lately that have left me completely in awe. I'd be really interested in getting a reading.

Anonymous said...

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those tricks said...

you look lovely in your lady dress.

Alexandra said...

Totally believe in this kind of stuff. One of my dad's friends bought him an hour with a psychic for his 50th birthday, and I cannot even begin to tell you how crazy the things she said were... I mean like she knew things about him that I didn't even know, and it totally seemed legitimate. Now I'm really wanting to take a trip over to Ohio to meet this gal and see what she has to say, and whether or not she would make the connection between me and my dad.

And... can I just say that her description of you sounds EXACTLY like me??? Crazy!

Last but not least, I'm in love with your shoes.