Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Rewind: August 7th-8th, 2010

Lately these past few weekends have been so busy crazy, with me and all the concerts I'm going to :), I just can't keep up with this here ol' blog.  And I know for certain the Weekend Rewinds have been lacking.  As in--NON EXISTENT!

Well when your little bloggity blog friend comes to town (that's you ClydesRebirth!) sometimes these visits just call for a good friggin' time on the town.  And that just leads me to having a pretty darn fun Weekend Rewind.

Saturday: August 7th, 2010-
After a long rough night on Friday, we found ourselves back at it again come Saturday evening.  Not only did I get to run around with Merl in tow, I also got to meet up with a brand new face, Morgan over at Morgan and Lua
We spent the majority of the evening hours in the East Village.  Not so sure my choice of bars are up their alley, but nonetheless they seemed ok to kill some time at Cherry Tavern before hitting up the dancefloor around the corner.

(Merl and Morgan @ Cherry Tavern)
But before we could hit up the dive bar scene, or the dance floor at my little beloved rock n roll skeeze fest of a place (LIT), we had a Karaoke Birthday Party to attend.
And just tell me, what Karaoke Party would you NOT find a little '80s Hair Hotness, I mean Bon Jovi, blaring on the screen?  Yeah, that wouldn't be much of a karaoke shindig if there wasn't a little Jovi to heat things up!
(Cupcakes and Karaoke! Happy Birthday Jana!)
And just when I was pretty steamed up from the Bon Jovi, I freakin get an eyefull of sweaty abs and workout girls.  All the while hearing one of our peers, ok many of them (including myself), yell out a few lines of MJ's (woot woot, Indiana....Michael Jackson, HOOSIER PRIDE).  This is the stuff karaoke is made of!  I could watch these ridiculous "Made-for-Karaoke" videos nonstop--some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a long LONG time.
After Karaoke that's when we headed back downtown (because I'm soon to be a Downtown Doll--sorry, girl gang side project going on--whole other story), where I clearly had enough beers that it was time to accessorize the "super classy" denim cut-offs the best way possible, with yet another beer-and a super classy fine one at that.  Hipster-fest 2010, PBR in hand!  YIKES (ok not so Yikes, I've been drinking this stuff since about 1999)

I think I've touched on weekend clothing here in NYC before--the thing is, you go out in the afternoon (say 2pm) and you just DONT GO HOME until the sun comes back up!  So as it happens, I tend to be in my daytime jean short look a lot of the time, so much for getting dolled up for a night on the town...it just doesn't happen when you roll my way.  (Just wanted to explain why I always am dressed like a Saturday afternoon even when I claim its after midnight.  This explanation should be suitable)
Saturday's attire includes:
*Pink silk blouse, F21 (now thrown in the garbage because I stained the heck out of it with spilled drinks)
*DIY denim cut-offs, Gap
*Brown suede sandals, Target
*Pearl and chains necklace, Topshop
*vintage Cameo necklace, Thrift Store
**Best accessory yet (better than the PBR, but still along the same lines)...HUGE KNOT, aka SWOLLEN RIGHT KNEE--another name for "I fell and bruised my knee pretttt-y bad".  You just didn't notice 'till I pointed it out right?

Sunday: August 8th, 2010--
Obviously I slept in on Sunday, and when I did manage to get up and out of the house I took it uber casual.  I like to call this look my "Urban Cowgirl" attire.  I think its got lots of western undertones, but I'm here in the city with a city-set mind about me, so yeah...Urban Cowgirl seems about right.  (I was once called this by a man on the street about a year ago.  Ever since, I'm pretty certain he was right, and its fine by me).
Urban Cowgirl
I was due uptown at the Central Park Summerstage for another Free Concert (seriously, I'm crazy about these free concerts!  I'm going to them right and left this summer).  This time I was meeting my lil' possee to see the XX and Chairlift.  The line was much too long and there was no way of getting in with the loads of people that showed up so we just opted for the rocky bluff outside the gates.

Since we did a little impromptu rock climbing to get to our destination I was rather proud of myself for making a semi-sensible clothing decision.  I was pondering wearing a skirt and my sky-high wedges, and now in hindsight I'm 110% positive that just wouldn't have worked out well for me.  So yay Nickie--way to dress accordingly.
And on a completely different note, I planted my tripod in yet another area of my roof for these shots.  surprisingly no one was up there at 2pm on Sunday...note to self, "Maybe no one will be up there for my little clothes swap I'm having next Sat. at 2pm"-wanna come?
Not only am I finding my roof is full of wonderful locations to shoot, I'm also realizing its like my own personal WHITE SNAKE video!  Hello WIND MACHINE!  Enter Nickie's ROCK N ROLL DREAM--I'd love to have a wind machine follow me EVERYWHERE.  Not only for the obvious "effortless cool" a wind machine can offer, but c'mon--who wouldn't want a little extra breeze, say on the skeezy dance floor I mentioned above?  This girl totally wants that!
Back on track folks....
Sunday's attire included:
*Vintage plaid button-up, courtesy of ex bf (thanks, it doesn't fit you anymore anyway)
*Denim Shorts, F21
*Brown booties, Steven Madden
*Brown vintage Coach purse, Thrift Store
*Red necklace, F21
*Brown sunglasses, H&M
*** And Red Benefit Benetint lip gloss of course!  You know I love that stuff!

Ok kiddies...I have to admit, I've fallen asleep about 7 times trying to get thru this.  So as the ever so awesome song "1999" goes, "I was dreamin when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray" but I need to hit the hay.
Later friends!


Alexandra said...

I'm totally on board with this Urban Cowgirl concept. And... I can't wait 'til I finally make it up to NYC and can bar hop with you!!!!

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

HA HA HA ....I can only say 2 things...you're funny and hot...= super fab in my book.

I love the Cameo necklace....love love love...:)

Karaoke...ha ha I wouldn't dare to try...I'd probably burp trying to get a tone out of my mouth.

Glad to have "met" you...hope to meet you IRL some day! :)

Hope you're having a great week.


Jana said...

Oh, Nickie...I love you! I'm think I'm going to *just* miss the swap...how late are you going to go? Let me know.
PS. Thanks for making the karaoke party awesome!


Anonymous said...

So I always seem to end up back here but I never end up commenting... I'm sneaky like that.
I feel like I need to take a week off work to just read all your posts. But since I don't have that option, I will take it one day at a time... more or less.
I'm not really sure what I'm saying here. just a HELLOOOO

Ashley said...

Urban Cowgirl is sooo up my alley. I can never get enough plaid or enough of my cowboy boots. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend and I'm really excited for your swap! Still have to figure out what from my wardrobe I'm willing to part with...

xoxo, Ashley

Jenny (closet365) said...

LOVE! I'm a closet urban cowgirl for sure. I love the look but I rarely feel like I can work it.

Then again, those boots would totally be worth outing myself for. They're gorgeous.

Spacely Peniro said...

love the look

Anonymous said...

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