Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back with a Black-Tie Boom!!!

One eye-d Pirate
HOLLA Friends!  I'm back!  Back with some Black-Tie action for ya!

The only reason I kinda took a little time off from blog-land is because there's some total skeeze bag that finds the need to keep tabs on my friend and I via my blog...twitter, and all my other places of social activitiy reporting.  So F-that, you D-bag...yeah its a little annoying, but if its who I think it is, then that's just extra creepy.  So yep--its probably best to lie low and focus on the fashion, not so much my socializing and maybe he'll just get bored reading about my daily outfits.  And maybe he'll go back to the little hole he crawled out of and he'll stop "following" our every vaguely reported move.  (kinda scary, not gonna lie...but I think I got a handle on this).

So onward with the fashion-talk.
Here you've got my real classy, always well dressed, and very put-together coworker--BONNIE.  I've been meaning to do a little thing on her fashion for a while now, its completely 100% different than my own, but I admire that she never comes to work looking like a schleppy mess such as I do about 4 of the 5 days a week.
Ladies in Alberto Makali
Right about now you're probably saying to yourself, "damn...she's right, she usually doesn't dress like this...Nickie never is this put together."
Well, ladies (and a few gents--that's YOU creepy dude!)), we had a black tie event to attend on Saturday...my boss's daugther's batmitzvah.  And that means only one thing: WEAR SOME ALBERTO MAKALI AND PARTY LIKE ITS 1999!  (actually, there was no Prince played whatsoever--lots of Lady Gaga action though, and way too much to entertain myself with that I didn't once even make it to the dancefloor-can you believe that?)
Bonnie chose to wear an evening gown from our Spring 2010 collection.  Very signature AM-with its bright colors, and print print print!
I on the otherhand went with one of our more architectural feeling pieces from the new Fall 2010 evening collection (Being an evening designer pays off once in a blue moon when I actually have somewhere fancy to be!)
The DressIMG_0964
Maybe it was the all black, or the long silhouette, or the simplicity of the jersey gown, but I felt very TALL!  And we know how I'm obsessed with that!
And the beaded bands meant I didn't even have to wear jewelry!  While I was on the hunt for the past two weeks to find a very bold black cuff of sorts, I just eventually gave up and gave in and went sans jewels.
Good thing, because with some jewels, my Lady Gaga table place/card glasses might've been overkill!
So let's get on with this party coverage, shall we?

After getting our Lady Gaga glasses and table assignments, we made a bee-line for the cocktail hour and snacks.  "Snacks" as in this could've been dinner and being that I was starving I made good use of the available appetizers.
In fact, at 9pm (when we got there) I was so hungry we had to hold off on snapping pics w/our coworkers until we got some sushi, some carved meats, and other such goodness in our bellies.
But then we got down to camera-happy business.
The work girls
(Kimberly-on the right, is wearing another one of our evening dresses from the Spring '10 collection).

After munching on the food, we went to ogle the nearly naked painted ladies that lined the corridor.  These are not statues folks, oh no....they're very much alive!
Who am I to stand on the sidelines and not jump in on some posing action?
Painted Ladies.
A few hours later, much mingling into it, it was dinner time!  (1am)
We sat down to this delicious and beautiful starter course.  The spring roll was delicious!
The starter course
Then my main course, pistachio crusted chicken-veggies-and topped w/cranberries.  I could definitely go for some of that right about now!
My Dinner
Oh, and here's the table center piece--AH-MAZ-ING flower arrangements!  I'd love to wear a bustier of flowers...don't know where, but it would be rad.  I'd smell like spring!
The center pieces
After dinner, we got up and mingled some more...then I spotted the CANDY WALL!!!!!  I think the adults were more pleased with this than the children...you would not believe how many adults walked away with bags overflowing with sweets.
The Candy Wall
I opted for some "self-control" and went with just one Twizzler stick. (and my new pair of glasses I snagged from the children's party room----shhhh, don't tell!)
After I hit up the Candy Wall
OK, now onward to the most absurd part of my behavior all evening...
Thankfully , Bonnie finally coaxed me back inside to sample the numerous sugary confections....I would've been so angry with myself had I opted to continue socializing and not tried as many sweets as I did.

First up, I stopped at this woman's depot and snagged some chocolate pastry puff thingy from her hoop skirt.
Then I spent a good 30seconds figuring out if I wanted to try one of these from the Tower of Treats.
I told myself, "NO"--mainly because I was then whisked away by my short attention span when I saw some cute little pink iced chocolate looking bite-sized deserts (meaning I could eat them without getting it all over myself)
And its not like those pink things held my attention any longer than that tower of pastries when smack dab in front of me was just one of a few huge tables lined with cakes, pies, you name it!
-Needless to say I had a HUGE HUGE HUGE sugar high going once I finally left the desert area about 30min later.
More Deserts
Ah ha!  Leave one area of goodies, and you find another area of goodies....HOOKAH!  (and let me assure you this was very much LEGAL stuff going on here...just a little flavored tobacco and many puffs later).
Obviously a few puffs into it and I remembered how much better it would be if I whipped out my Gaga glasses.
And Bonnie joined in too...
What???? Bonnie!!!!
I could've sworn I started this blog post out by saying how classy and well put together she was, right?
ummmmm........there's a reason we get along!
And after about an hour w/the hookahs, it was time to call it a night and head off to sleep away all the fun that a night like this brings....
My boss seriously throws the best parties EVER!


kellywanhainen said...

looove your dress! and these pictures are great! AND THAT CANDY WALL! ahh i would die.

Charmalade said...

What the CRAP this is an amazing kickass party and dress and everything! I really like this black dress on you-- it's you but a more refined version than the everyday Wild Mink. And I mean this in a good way! of course. Yes. I probably would've went NUTS at this party, especially at the pastry section, my dear Lord.

Also, I think it goes clearly without saying that I would snatch one two three of those Gaga glasses up in a heartbeat.

Toast with Charmalade

Indy said...

Wow, you look GORGEOUS! Haha, and those Gaga glasses actually look sweet!

Looks like you had a blast! So much yummy food...mmm.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty amazing (minus the creepy dude)
I used to work for a video game company and they had the most amazing x-mas parties. too bad i didn't have a blog back then...
you were lookin finnnnnnne

Candycane said...

Wow - what a cool party!

Love yours and your coworkers dresses there divine!

Can't believe you didnt eat until so late though!!

Those "statue" women are sooo good!!

Sal xXx

Alyson said...

Oh man, I am so glad that no one recognized me covered in silver paint. (ahhh I WISH!)

I am some what shocked that no Prince was played at the party. I should get that record before you come visit.

Kim said...

From someone who has been to many a bar and bat mitzvah, I have to say this looks like the most awesome one ever in the history of Jews (and I'm a Jew so I'm a good source for this kind of thing). You looked spectacular and I'm excited that you've started posting again, especially since it's almost the most wonderful time of the year...FALL!!!

purelovefashion said...

Seriously, I loovvveee those glasses, a lot.

Pretty, interesting neck/chest detailing on the black dress.

Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

www.purelovefashionn.blogspot.com x

Huska said...

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